Panasonic J10

Panasonic has launched Letsnote J10 netbook with 10.1-inch display in the Japanese market.  There will be two models. The high end model, J10Q sports the new Core i5-480M 2.66GHz processor, 128GB solid state drive, 2GB RAM (up to 6GB supported) and runs Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. Coming to the ports, it has 3x USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, 802.11n Wi-Fi, HDMI, WiMax, HDMI, mini D-SUB and an SDXC slot.


You get the enhanced 1366 x 768 pixel display which will give you a bit more pixels to work with, compared to the typical WSVGA (1366 x 768) displays being used in the majority of 10-inch netbooks. Panasonic claims around 12 hours of runtime which is a pretty bold claim considering the netbook (with battery installed) weighs just 1.2kg! Now, that is what I call magical. It will retail at 2200 dollars (180,000 Yen).


The low end model (which is still pretty pricey), J10Q comes with a Core i3-380M 2.53GHz processor, 160GB hard disk (instead of SSD) and a smaller battery (~7.5 hours runtime). Rest of the specs are same as the high end model. The J10Q will retail for around 1770 dollars (145,000 yen). [product page] (official, Japanese)

[via pcwatch]

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