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Best 4 Affiliate Programs to Get Paid Daily

By Netbooks Review

Last updated Jul 2, 2022

Best Daily Pay Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular monetization models online.


So, today I’m gonna show you the top four affiliate programs that pay daily.


You know the problem?


Most affiliate programs out there are scams.


I took my time to test out the best affiliate programs that’ll “fetch” your income quickly.


But it’d be bad if I don’t tell you the truth.


Well, I’m grateful for the money I’ve earned with some of these programs, but honestly, I had to invest more than what I actually end up earning.


It’s always been like that for me with affiliate marketing.

And this is one of the reasons why, instead, I gave a try to lead generation (always my top recommendation!).


What happened?


Let the hundreds of dollars in my pockets tell you:


“The best decision of my life!”


But in the end it’s not only the money but also the time, the FREEDOM that I’ve earned.


Working less than 4 hours a week and earning so much is a dream that has come true thanks to lead generation!


But I’m not distracting you anymore (although you should think about it …)


Let’s dive into the best affiliate programs that pay you daily!



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ClickMagick affiliate program effectively tracks the rate at which clicks are made on online marketers’ websites.


Customers who want ad conversion rates and even keyword performance testify for this tool.


This product is highly impressive, dazzling and enchanting.


Google, and Bing search engines became their customers.


Let alone, you’ll enjoy massive commission rates immediately your audience buys from them. You’ll earn up to 35% recurring commissions.


Asides that, ClickMagick serves marketers an ultimate friendly interface.


According to the testimonials I saw, almost all customers are happy to have them.


Meanwhile, as aligned by terms, the ClickMagick affiliate program pays daily via PayPal.




Mobidea Affiliate program is another enchanting avenue to make money referring.


They’re uniquely known for their superior tracker abilities.


For now, depending on which mobile source of traffic you’re leveraging, MobIdea is still one of the best to consider.


Specifically, for mobile phone users, Mobidea highly gives converting CPA ads, which as a result will increase your web traffic.


In fact, Neil Patel testified to this affiliate marketing program that pays daily. It’s an impressive online marketing tool that will pay you at least a $30 commission rate.


Luckily, your payment rate is bound to be higher than that, depending.


Fortunately, MobIdea’s Support is available 24/7 to attend to you. According to them, you’ll be responded to in less than a minute.


CPA Leads


CPA Leads is another affiliate program for bloggers or whoever is interested.


It isn’t popular for its size. It’s about the speed of operations. With no special rules, you’d get things done easily.


It’s beginner friendly and it’s easy to use the platform!


CPA Lead’s team provides early payment i.e. daily remuneration.


They also offer other payment periods, like weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.


They offer banners, pop-under ads, interstitials, self-serve PPCs and more.




SEOClerks is a marketplace where you buy and sell micro freelancing services related to SEO.


As an affiliate, you earn 10% of everything your referred users buy or sell. You can also complete micro jobs and get paid daily.


As you refer more customers or complete more jobs, you’ll get the payout threshold lowered to $5.


Once you hit the withdraw button, you get your payment into your PayPal account in approximately four minutes.


The withdrawal minimum via Payoneer is $20.


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These are tested and confirmed programs that so far proved the credibility of how affiliate marketing works.


Every of these affiliate programs you’ve just looked at already remunerates millions of online marketers.


In fact, some of them have paid over billions of dollars.


They are 100% legitimate apart from the fact they have thousands of positive feedbacks online.


Importantly, all these affiliate networks allow you to join on freemium.


So, if they’re that good…


What else do I have to say?


Actually, I’d like to think about something.


Okay, you can get some money with these affiliate marketing programs.


But is affiliate marketing really for you?


I mean, there are many ways to make money online.


You can sell a product, get into publishing, build apps for smartphones, consult on your particular field.


Or, like me, do lead generation.


What’s so appealing about this type of online business model is that, when done properly, it can deliver the ‘internet lifestyle’ many entrepreneurs dream of.


That is to say, you can be generating revenue while you sleep, on your (many) days off, and even while you travel the world.


If the thought of a four hour work week, as espoused by Timothy Ferriss, makes you weak at the knees, then CLICK HERE.


Lead generation might just be your cup of tea!

Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

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