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Last updated Jan 6, 2022

Hero Consulting Academy is an email marketing course by Alex Becker.

Alex Becker is a business coach with an impressive following. His YouTube channel has more than 700k subscribers, and more than 240k followers are on Instagram.

Hero Consulting accelerator is not his only project. He has been offering many different pieces of training and tools for online entrepreneurs. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Source Wave University:

This course was all about teaching SEO and how to get SEO clients. Alex co-authored this course with Stephen Floyd and Gregory Ortiz.

H-Com 2020:

I have recently done a detailed review of the H-com 3030 course. This course will teach you everything you need to start an online store using drop shippers. I have also done another post about the merits and demerits of dropshipping.

I like the idea of starting an online store, but I am not a big fan.

As a drop shipper, you don’t control anything besides the content on your website. You can’t manage the packaging or labelinshippingg of your product, and this can be a disadvantage. You have no control over your inventory.


Many dropshippers offer discounts on high-volume sales. It is because they have to compete with the likes of Amazon. In a lot of cases, you get what you pay for. If someone is offering their product at meager rates, their margins are more than likely tight. It means the quality of the product may not be as good as someone who isn’t offering such discounts.

The Black File:

It sounds like a classified course with lots of secrets. But it is more like a swipe file with lots of landing pages or ad copies that Alex has used. You can use these to create our funnels regardless of what you are trying to sell.

These are not the only programs. Alex Becker has plenty of other tools and courses. It can be a good thing because it shows he is on top of his game. It would help if you had an all-rounder coach who can teach you different aspects of online marketing. But it also means that the coach will find it hard to update and improve all these courses.

Market Hero:

Market Hero is an email marketing and conversion tracking tool. It’s focused on sales or conversions, unlike some other email marketing tools with broader purposes. The focus makes it a favorite of online marketers who are more interested in getting new clients or sales. It has a sleek design and UI. But it lacks advanced features.

It’s the same site where he promotes the Hero Consulting Academy training program.

What is Hero Consulting Academy?

what is hero consulting

It is a short email marketing course designed to help you get new clients. The students will get three months of free access to Market Hero. There are resources like templates, pre-made funnels, and sales scripts. You can also join a Facebook group with bi-monthly Q/A sessions.

Alex Becker provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And now, let’s go through the course contents.

Week 1:

It starts with a crash course that will teach you everything about Email marketing.

Week 2:

The next chapter shows how to get the clients’ results.

Week 3:

The third week or chapter is all about creating the funnels. I like that it is called the client trap.

Week 4:

The fourth week will guide you on following up, nurturing leads, and closing the deal.

Week 5:

The fifth chapter shares some advanced techniques for getting new clients.

Week 6:

In the sixth week, you will learn about using paid traffic to get clients.

Hero Consulting Academy Cost:

The Hero Consulting Academy costs $997. There are two payment plans available. You can either make a one-time payment to get lifetime access or make four payments of $336. The installment plan will cost you $1344 in total. As earlier mentioned, it comes with a 30-day refundable guarantee.

profit with dropshipping

  • It’s a good course, but I wouldn’t say I like focusing entirely on email marketing for lead generation.
  • Lots of emails sent end up in SPAM folders and consequently end up missing the target audience.
  • Customers are flooded with emails. They ignore your mail or mark it as SPAM with no second thought.
  • HTML based email marketing is not readable on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Storing data becomes an arduous task for marketers and managing those contacts requires a hefty amount of time and money.

It is not to say that email marketing is useless. It’s the opposite. Emails are still one of the best ways to follow up and convert a subscriber into a customer.

A better way to generate leads and get new clients?

Google search Ads are unarguably the best way to get sales-ready leads. These are people searching for a product or service that you are trying to sell. Getting such targeted traffic means your job is half done. You will have to do considerably less work to convert them.

Facebook Ads are the second-best option to generate leads. The lead ads make it possible to get customers’ contact information right there and then. You do not have to create sales funnels or landing pages.

These tactics are explained and taught in detail in this course, something I recommend for people looking to make money online.

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