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Last updated Jan 23, 2022

Getting started with your online business is the hardest part, isn’t it? You start researching, learning from books and articles… and then you just get tired of all the work.

Of course, there are easier ways to make some money online.

In today’s post, I’ll be reviewing the Automated Daily Income system. Its creators claim that you can earn $379 per day following an automated system that is fully transparent and simple.

Is it really as easy as they say? Let’s see.

Automated Daily Income Review: An Overview

The Automated Daily Income (ADI) is probably one of the strangest money making schemes out there. It was launched by Matt Lloyd, founder of My Online Business Education (MOBE), and it’s basically a cover-up for his pyramid scheme.

People pay for MOBE memberships in order to learn how to earn money online. But more often than not, people pay their money only to realize that the only way to make money with this company is recruiting more members.

It’s an expensive scam that has been around for years.

You have probably heard about MOBE back in 2020 when the FTC shut it down, but it seems the Automated Daily Income program keeps pointing you to it.

The ADI website says: “We’re bringing together the best of both worlds with our new business opportunity. You can now work from home, set your own hours, and create the income you want while building your own business.”

What exactly does that mean? Basically, you spend $49 or more a month on the Automated Daily Income membership program and in return, you get access to all sorts of e-books and training videos that supposedly show you how to make money online.

6 reasons to avoid

  • It’s a pyramid scheme in disguise.
  • This course doesn’t teach you anything new, which means you won’t be able to make any extra income from automated ecommerces
  • Everything about them comes with a huge lack of transparency. 
  • This course’s price range is pretty expensive (up to $5,000)
  • In order to run a successful automated ecommerce business, you’ll need huge capital upfront (besides what you’ll need to pay for this course)
  • There’s not enough social proof about this course’s results.

What exactly does Automated Daily Income cover?

So, here’s the thing:

The Automated Daily Income’s website claims that by signing into their plan for $49, you can get access to various products that include:

  • Instant access to their 21 steps.
  • Done-For-You-Product-Sales (This mean, you won’t need to create anything in order to sell)
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Done-For-You-Merchant-Processing
  • Access to a personal mentor
  • An automated staff of 150 people doing the tasks for you.

Now, it seems pretty good that on signing up for $49, you gain access to so many things and have an opportunity to earn up to $379 a day.

Still, there is no clear indication of what product is being promoted and how you will earn with their business model.


There’s a big lack of information about what they’re really offering, so this leave us with a lot of unsolved questions:

  • What are the 21 steps, and what are these steps promoting?
  • What sales are being made for you? What is the product?
  • What would the personal trainer teach you?
  • What would the team of 150 people be doing for you?

They make it sound like you’re paying for some kind of e-commerce business they’ll take care of (after taking your money). However, again, there’s nothing clear about the Automated Daily Income system.

All these questions indicate red flags as you could be spending those $49 for totally vague reasons.

How does Automated Daily Income really work?

When the hype is taken off, the Automated Daily Income turns out to be a marketing funnel that pushes people to drive leads through their main program: “My Top-Tier Business”.

This is a 21-days training plan for people without prior business experience where they’ll basically teach you how to promote their MOBE (My Business Education) products.

The MOBE is a product lineup business promoted by people who purchase it’s tickets to make money through multi-level marketing.

So, it turns out that while you could have purchased Automated Daily Income to get a passive income online, you’ll be pressured to recruit others and sell their products in order to succeed.

Many people who have already bought it have complained about this.


They said that once they got the course, the guys behind Automated Daily Income approached them with a new offer (which has nothing to do with what they have already bought), which is to recruit other people into the same system for $500.

This way, the company can keep on raking in new cash from new recruits.

The MOBE Scheme

Basically, MOBE works like this: You pay to join MOBE, which includes some training and marketing materials — but MOBE’s main product is the opportunity to sell more memberships.

The cost depends on what you buy, ranging from $49 per month for a basic package to $5,000 for an exclusive VIP membership.

This is a high-pressure sales pitch with lots of hype about how much money you can make with the MOBE program. And many people do make money — on the backs of other people who join under them.

Pyramid schemes like MOBE are illegal in the U.S. and you should never invest in them. But even if they weren’t, investing money with the hope of making it back quickly just doesn’t work out in real life.

Is Automated Daily Income a pyramid scheme?

The Automated Daily Income isn’t a genuine opportunity — it’s merely a cover for MOBE’s multi-level marketing scheme that involves recruiting new people while selling them expensive memberships.

Prospective members who aren’t aware of the scheme may assume they’re signing up for a legitimate opportunity instead of a pyramid scheme, so be careful!

Is Automated Daily Income A Scam?

The automated daily income is definitely a scam.

As I mentioned above, the thing about Automated Daily Income is that it’s a scam disguised as a multi-level marketing program. It gets you to join by making you think it’s a legit way to earn an income online. But there are no real products for sale and no real sales, so it really just leads you on the pyramid scheme ladder into MOBE.

You will be required to invest a huge amount and effort to make money that would be less than your investment in the product.

So, genuinely, I would avoid any investment like Automated Daily Income. Consider that you’ll be basically paying those $49 to join an illegal pyramid scheme.

Verdict: Don’t Join Automated Daily Income

Automated Daily Income is one of many dodgy money-making programs that do nothing more than bankroll their owners with your hard-earned cash.

Don’t be sucked in; it’s a scam designed to make you part with a $47 fee that unlocks the secret of getting paid to get friends and family to sign up too.

This is what we call a classic pyramid scheme, one that at its peak will collapse without new gullible members willing to pay the fee. Don’t go there!

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