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Automation Riches Honest Review: Here’s Why It Is a Scam

By Netbooks Review

Jul 2, 2022

Have you heard of Automation Riches? 

There’s a lot of controversy around this company, so if you’ve been looking for a clear answer to the question “is Automation Riches a scam?”, you’re at the right place. 

In today’s review, we’ll break down the Automation Riches program and list the reasons why we think it may be a potential scam. 

Let’s jump right in. 


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Automation Riches Review: General Description

What is Automation Riches?

Automation Riches is a new program that claims to teach you how to make $5,000 per month while automating everything. 

This means that once you set it up, it will run on its own and make money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

However, this isn’t quite accurate.

While it’s true that the program will show you how to automate your business, it won’t actually teach you how to make money from home. 

Instead, it teaches how to outsource what would normally be considered “work” and make money off of other people doing the work for you instead.

What does it offer?

The program has been around since 2016, and it hasn’t gained much traction. It’s still available for purchase, however, so we decided to take a look at what it had to offer.

Now, the Automation Riches website is a confusing mess. It’s not immediately clear what their system is about, or what the company offers.

There are two main things we’ve been able to gather from their site:

  1. They offer a wide range of products and services including courses on how to make money online through FB Ads, how to get into affiliate marketing or how to sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle, and then automating the business.
  2. They also run an affiliate program where you can earn commissions by promoting their products and services.

The site also claims that they will give you all the tools you need to get started, which is nice. However, it’s not clear exactly what these tools are.

Pros & Cons of Automation Riches


  1. No experience needed – The Automation Riches program doesn’t require any previous experience in marketing or sales. This means that anyone can use the program and get results. 
  2. Automated income – This product claims to automate your income so that you do not have to work anymore. You simply have to set up the system once and then sit back and watch as it brings in profits for you day after day.


  1. Automation Riches is a very vague product. There’s a huge lack of information about their offering on the Internet
  2. The website has a lot of hype and promises, but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing about the program that makes us believe it can deliver on those promises.

Is Automation Riches a scam? 6 Red Flags

Let me cut to the chase here:

Yes. Automation Riches is a scam. Here are some red flags that make us think this program is a potential scam

1.There’s no proof it works.

The first thing that needs to be said about Automation Riches is that there is no proof whatsoever that anyone has been able to do this yet or even tried doing this yet. 

There are no testimonials or case studies provided by the creators of the program at all – just empty promises about how great it’s going to be if you sign up for it today.

2.The site has no contact information. 

The site has no contact information other than an email address. There’s no way to get in touch with them or find out more about how their system works. They also don’t provide any information about who runs the company or where they’re based out of.

3.Bold claims.

All they offer are bold claims, but ones that they’re not exactly backing up with any proof or evidence. 

In fact, the only thing they offer is a video that shows their supposed “customer” making $5,000 per month in ad revenue, which looks like it could have been faked with a simple screen recorder and some text overlays.

4.They’re not transparent at all. 

It’s not transparent about how much money you can expect to earn. The website doesn’t tell you how much money people have made, or even what percentage of people who join make money. 

It just says that “many” people have made thousands of dollars in their first month. 

But there’s no way to know if those “many” people were getting paid based on their work or because they were recruiting new members into the program (which would be illegal).


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5.They claim you can make money overnight.

Automation Riches says that you can earn money with their system in as little as three days. 

This is clearly impossible and is designed to fool you into thinking that it’s easy to make money with their system when it isn’t. 

You need to keep in mind that it takes time and effort to make money online and there’s no shortcut or trick that will make it happen overnight.

6.Unbelievable compensation plan

Another red flag is the compensation plan for their affiliate marketing program, which is full of holes, especially when you try to calculate the amount of money you will make from joining this program. 

The compensation plan is extremely complicated and vague in many ways so it’s difficult for an average person to understand how much money they will really be making from this program!

Bottom Line: Are there any alternatives to Automation Riches?

To sum up, the Automation Riches program is just another pyramid scheme with high-pressure sales tactics and false promises of “quick” success. 

So, if you are looking for legitimate ways to make money online, check out our top recommendations instead: lead generation. 

Lead generation is the most popular way to make money online and it’s still going strong this 2022. There are plenty of companies out there who will pay you for each lead that you provide them with. 

In other words, they need someone to get their sales team in touch with potential customers in order for them to make sales – so why not get paid for it?

Here’s a free guide for beginners that will help you take your first steps into the business.

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