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Black Digital Blueprint Review – 7 Reasons To Avoid It

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Last updated Dec 22, 2022

So, you’re interested in starting your own online business? You’re not alone—more and more people are interested in making money online these days. 

Many of them are even looking for courses to help them achieve it. 

Unfortunately, there are many courses out there that are promising wins but just offer excuses instead of results.

Black Digital Blueprint is one of them, so in today’s review we’ll point out the 7 main reasons why you should avoid it at all cost. 


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If you’ve been thinking of joining them, read this review first!  

Let’s dive right in. 

Black Digital Blueprint Review: Course Summary

The Black Digital Blueprint program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small e-commerce store owners who are struggling with growing their audience and generating sales on social media.

The program promises to show you the best ways to build your audience on social media – and then convert those followers into loyal customers to generate profits. 

How does it work? 

Once you join the program, you are given access to a membership site where there are 6 modules. Each module contains content in the form of video lessons and PDFs.

Black Digital Blueprint: Module 1

The first module helps you get to know your target market and the best way to reach them. 

You learn about their interests, hobbies, and what makes them tick.

Black Digital Blueprint: Module 2

In the second module, they cover the emotional considerations that people make when buying products. 

Before you think about the cost of a product, you will consider whether it meets your needs and whether it creates a need to buy more of the same type.

Black Digital Blueprint: Module 3

The third Black Digital Blueprint module shows you how to develop the text of an ad. You’ll see examples of the founder’s own ads and how they’ve earned her five-digit income every month. 

You’ll also see how large brands use ads to attract as many clients as possible.

Black Digital Blueprint: Module 4

Module 4 teaches you how to advertise on Facebook. 


Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

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  • Recurring Income
  • Live Bootcamp
  • 80% of the Work Done for you
  • Proven Experts


After watching the videos, you’ll have an overview of the business administration panel, plus a complete step-by-step example of how to create a Facebook ad campaign from start to finish. You’ll also have an Instagram ad ready to go.

Black Digital Blueprint: Module 5

Module 5 of Black Digital Blueprint focuses on the data and strategy you need for advertising on social media.

Black Digital Blueprint: Module 6

In the last module, you’ll learn how to manage your e-commerce store more efficiently. 

It will teach you the ins and outs of outsourcing, and why it’s a great idea to hire people to help you with parts of your business.

7 reasons to avoid Black Digital Blueprint

1- It’s a very expensive training program.

Black Digital Blueprint is not affordable for everyone. It’s ridiculously expensive -it costs $5,000!

They know the price is too high, so they offer different methods of payment:

  • Option 1: $875 a month for 6 months.
  • Option 2: $850 every 2 weeks for 3 months
  • Option 3: $2,000 upfront and then $650 a month for 5 months
  • Option 4: $2,500 upfront and then $525 every week for 2 months

2- It has very basic and vague training materials.

The training videos on Black Digital Blueprint are extremely short, and they give priority to Facebook ads, even though creating an e-commerce store involves more than just Facebook ads.

You’ll need to learn about emails, sales funnels, social media posts, writing product descriptions, and more.

So, what’s the point of buying a course that barely scratches the surface of what you need to know?

3- It doesn’t provide a money-back-guarantee.

Black Digital Blueprint doesn’t offer a money-back-guarantee. 

And considering you need to pay $5,000 to join them… it’s too much to pay for something you’re not even sure if it works, right?

So, the way I see it, it’s pretty clear:

Almost all the legitimate e-commerce courses that you find on the Internet come with a guarantee—a way to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied. 

The creator of this course, however, doesn’t want to give anyone a way to ask for their money back.

4- It doesn’t have testimonials from former students.

Although Black Digital Blueprint may sound like an investment worth making, it’s important to keep in mind that there are no verifiable success stories associated with the program.

This means there is no clear evidence that the course works -while legitimate courses link to testimonials.

5- Almost all the information offered by Black Digital Blueprint is free online.

On YouTube and some blogs, you can find out for yourself that Digital Blueprint’s content is nearly the same as everybody else’s, with the difference that they charge a lot of money for it. And you can find it free on YouTube and other places.

6- The $10k per month guarantee is misleading and false.

The sales video makes it seem like anyone who buys this course will be guaranteed to make $10k per month. But that’s not how it works in real life.

This is a classic bait-and-switch tactic and it’s completely unethical. It’s also a good reason to avoid the Black Digital Blueprint course.

7- E-commerce isn’t the best business model for new entrepreneurs. 

E-commerce is one of the most popular business models used by aspiring entrepreneurs, but it’s not always the best model to use if you’re just getting started.

You can definitely build a successful e-commerce business, but it takes more than knowing how to set up a Shopify store and run some Facebook ads. 

You also have to be ready to deal with customer service issues, fraudulent orders, product returns, refunds, and so on.

When you’re just starting out, lead generation is a much easier business model to start with. 

You don’t have to worry about inventory or fulfillment and you can get your first sale within days instead of spending months trying to find winning products and making enough sales to cover your ad costs.

Verdict: Is Black Digital Blueprint a high-ticket scam?

This course is too expensive. The only way you can afford this course is if you are already making money out of it. So, if you are a newbie then please don’t waste your money on this and search for other courses.

So, we’ve presented all the evidence you need to know that this Black Digital Blueprint training is a scam high-ticket program. 

The content inside the training course is not enough to get you anywhere. You will need more than that to succeed both in the digital marketing and the e-commerce business. 

The only thing Black Digital Blueprint does well is sell dreams to potential students by dangling carrots in front of your eyes, using marketing techniques that are highly deceptive and unethical. 

So, if you value your time and money, don’t join them. They will take your money and give you nothing in return. 

Instead, search for other legitimate and cheaper courses (there are tons out there!)

You can always go through our top recommendations or check our guides for better business models

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