Dan Dasilva: Biggest Scammer Ever? Ecom Dudes Review

By Roy Goldstein

Last updated Sep 14, 2021

Dan Dasilva: Ecom Dudes Academy Course Review


Ecom Dudes Academy course by Dan Dasilvas has given people a lot to talk about lately.

The course is about dropshipping, so if you’re interested in learning about it, this course may be of help.

But I’m not really sure you should join it.

Or maybe yes.

That’s something you’ll find out once you’ve finished reading the review.

For now, what I can tell you is that drop shipping wasn’t what made me rich.

It was local lead generation, my #1 recommendation. It’s the only online business model that can pay you for the life of your dreams…

And a lot of money! Like a 7-figures monthly salary.

Sounds good, right?

Can you earn the same with drop shipping?

And, if yes, the real question is:

Can you really learn how to do it with Dan Dasilva’s course?

Let’s find out!

Who is Dan Dasilva’s?


Dan Dasilva is an entrepreneur who started dropshipping like many a few years ago, and through his YouTube channel he shares his knowledge and experience in dropshipping.

It’s currently one of the largest drop shipping channels on YouTube with 135,000 subscribers and frequent uploads.

He also shares other ways to make money and ideas that are not often seen in the dropshipping world.

What can you find in Ecom Dudes Course?


His course is focused on guiding you through the entire process that’s necessary to be successful in dropshipping.

The course has training content with videos, documents and lots of information to read about it.

It starts with creating a store, choosing a niche and searching for a product.





The way he teaches to get traffic is with Facebook advertising, as is usual in dropshipping.

With the basics and a little more depth on how to create profitable ads.

It also focuses on automating processes, to be more effective and waste as little time as possible on the initial steps of store creation and other things.

The course contains a Facebook group, which creates a community where you can share strategies, tips and everything related to dropshipping.

Apart from this, every week there is a question and answer with Dan Dasilva where he can help you solve your problems or in what you have the most difficulty.

For group members, they can access some tools completely free of charge, that without the course they would have to pay to use them.

They are shopify plugins for metrics, upsells and times. The tools that come are:

  • ShopiMetrics: a tool to measure shopify metrics better and improve with the information you get.
  • Upsell Amplifier Pro: An application to use upsells in your store and increase the value of each customer by making them buy more.
  • Timer Scarcity Elite: The typical Counter watch that creates a feeling of scarcity in the customer.



The course is very economically priced considering the prices that are usually in the market.

Many times there is fear of paying + $100 for a course that you don’t know if it will provide you with enough value or knowledge.

In this case, for $7 you can access all the content and if you see that you aren’t convinced to stop paying.

If instead, you manage to take advantage of what you learn, you can continue to pay and have updated information, access to the community and questions and answers.

The negative part is that it isn’t a very in-depth course where you are going to learn highly technical content…

So if you start to be successful you will have to look for other somewhat more advanced courses.

Despite this, for beginners who want to start and have a good base, with free tools, it can be useful.

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I think it is necessary to educate yourself, but if you are going to spend time and money …

Make it in something worthwhile, right?

Something like lead generation.

The only business model that allows you to sleep and earn money at the same time.

What does it consist of?

All businesses that exist need customers to survive.

Since there is no money without customers, they spend a fortune on useless marketing strategies to get enough business to stay afloat.

Now, what if you had the key so that they were always receiving potential clients 24/7?

How much do you think they would pay you?

A lot, right?

You’re right.

I have had clients for years who still pay me more than 6 figures a month.

And to start I only spent $10 and a couple of hours of my life!

Do you want to try it too?

So, click here now and don’t waste any more time!

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