Digital Agent Mastery – A Review

By Roy Goldstein

August 29, 2021

Digital agent mastery sounds like a course that will teach you how to be an online real estate agent. It’s not that.

The course teaches you how to generate real estate leads online.

The tagline says that the course will help you take control back from services like Zillow or Realtor. So, before we talk about the course, let’s see how Zillow or Realtor works. It will help you make your mind about the Digital Agent Mastery course.

How Zillow works:

Zillow is a real estate marketplace. It gets more than 220 million visitors a month. You can sign up for Zillow premier agent program to get leads. These are customers who are searching for someone to sell their house or find them another home. You can also use it as a PPC platform by placing your ads and getting target visitors on your landing page.

How works: is like Zillow but it works in a 2-tier model. Realtors have to pay to list their listing and they will get leads from the website. A realtor who paid for premium membership can also pay the extra money and his/her listings will appear on top. This ensures more leads.

Why leads are important for real estate agents:

Clients won’t come to you, you have to go out there and get them. The simplest way of getting leads is by door-knocking. But it takes an enormous amount of time which results in a lack of sleep or even missing your kids’ soccer game. Instead of going the hard way, real estate agents prefer to use the Internet. Because digital marketing is easy and cheap.

It is the future of every business.

Digital Agent Mastery vs. Zillow or Realtors:

You might be thinking if Zillow or Realtors are doing their job, why to waste your time learning to do it yourself. It is a legit question, especially when you can end up with a course that is nothing but a waste of time.

The biggest drawback of using Zillow is that you have to pay a high price when people click on your ad. Remember that it is an auction model where every click has a price tag. You can end up paying more than what you can afford or bargained for.

Sites like Realtors are becoming outdated. More people will search on Google than Realtor. So, it’s better to focus on Google instead of limiting yourself to just one or two platforms.

Is Digital Agent Mastery the answer to these problems?

Unfortunately not.

As I said, when people are looking to buy, sell, or rent a real estate property, they search on Google, not Facebook. This means you need to have an online presence in search results. A course that can teach you how to do that will be worth it. Digital Agent Mastery doesn’t do that.

It focuses entirely on Facebook Ads.

What’s inside the Digital Agent Mastery course?

  • You will get instructions on how to run Facebook Lead campaigns for your real estate agency
  • You will get more than 20 videos with more than 2.5 hours of training
  • You will get some Facebook Lead Campaigns that are promised to bring results
  • Get the Ad copy, images, and landing pages proven to generate results
  • You will also get the email templates or follow up messages for lead nurturing
  • Weekly Coaching Calls

This is more like a Facebook Ads course with a focus on generating leads for a real estate business.

Things I don’t like about the training:

Facebook lead ads were great when they were first introduced more than 5 years ago. Businesses realize that Facebook lead ads are the most cost-effective method to get leads. This is when a hundred different courses were launched.

Digital Agent Mastery simply tells you how to use Facebook leads ads. I am not saying that Facebook Lead Ads do not work. But they are not as inexpensive as they used to be.

As more and more businesses start to bid for leads ads, the cost went up.

The course is not updated. Any digital marketing course that is not updated will have outdated information. Because that is how fast things change in the online world.

Why I don’t like or prefer Facebook leads ads:

All leads are not equal. You can target people based on their age, gender, or income level. But a big part of your advertising dollars will be going towards people who are not in search of a real estate agent. Some of them will still end up submitting their contact information. But these are not sales-ready leads.

This is not the case with Google search ads. Your ads will only show when someone searches for a real estate agent.

It’s hard to identify if a lead will convert or not which means you cannot build a good sales funnel. Unlike Google Ads where you can show ads only to those people who are searching for them.

How to generate leads for real estate business online:

If these courses or platforms like Zillow or are not good, then what is the best way?

real estate lead generation

I’d suggest going for a 360-degree marketing model. A lead generation system that uses both Google and Facebook Ads. I will recommend you go for a course like Modern Millionaires. Modern Millionaires will save you a lot of time and it will also teach you another skill i.e. lead flipping.

If you’re a real estate agent or thinking about becoming one, it’s important to understand how people think and make decisions. Does this mean understanding why they might be interested in your services? What their concerns are as they go through this process?

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