In-Depth eCom Hacks Review – Is it 100% legit?

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Last updated Jun 25, 2022

If you’re at all interested in dropshipping, or in finding out what that is, then eCom Hacks is one of the most popular courses on the market.

Created by eCommerce guru Jared Goetz, this course promises to fast-track you to make money through dropshipping.

To find out whether the course really works to learn about dropshipping and make money, I created this completely unbiased eCom Hacks review to find out if it’s worth the price tag.


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What is eCom Hacks?


In short, eCom Hacks is an eCommerce dropshipping course -though it claims to train for something called drop surfing instead of dropshipping.

Drop surfing is basically the same thing as dropshipping, except it’s supposed to be specifically with products that are super hot on the market…

But because one of the most basic strategies to make money using dropshipping is to select products that are selling fast on the market, I’m still not quite sure what the distinction is.

Who Is Jared Goetz?

Originally Jared Goetz made a name for himself in the eCommerce space back in 2017.

Now, that’s not that long ago in years, but in the world of eCommerce that’s like an entire generation ago.

Nonetheless, his achievement was pretty impressive. His store on Shopify was second only to Kylie Jenner’s.

Gadget Snob, the store, made $5 million in a single year at its peak.

who is Jared Goetz

Not too shabby, right?

And while he didn’t repeat the success of Gadget Snob again, he has repeatedly had other highly successful eCommerce ventures since, also with 7-figure incomes.

He’s also been featured in some legit publications like Entrepreneur Magazine.

Now, just because he’s had past success in eCommerce doesn’t guarantee that his course will be any good.

Although, before I get into that, there’s another important question to answer:

What Will You Learn in The Course?

Overall the course is focused on creating and running a Shopify store and using Facebook ads to promote it. You’ll learn:

  • All the info about setting up your first store
  • Conversion techniques
  • Where to look for products and how to select them
  • All about order fulfillment
  • How to deal with supplier
  • How to advertise and scale
  • How to handle customer service


eCom Hacks Course Breakdown

The course itself is broken into four different modules.

Module One: Structure

In this module, you’re introduced to how eCommerce works, all the basics. Specific topics covered include:

  • Getting a domain name
  • Signing up for the free 21-day trial of Shopify
  • Linking site to Shopify
  • Setting up payments with PayPal and Shopify
  • Getting a 1-800 number and setting up a call center
  • Getting a business email
  • Basic SEO meta descriptions

This is all great information for the beginner. It really is all the basics they’ll need to get started.

For those with some experience in this area though, there’s not going to be a lot of value here.

Module Two: Setting Up Your Store and Conversions

Specific topics in this module include how to:

  • Set up a FAQs page
  • Send abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Add a free shipping bar
  • Minimize images (for social media sharing and SEO)
  • Make one-click upsells
  • Create and utilize tracking pixels
  • Handle customer reviews

This module also includes:

  • Jared Goetz personal theme that netted him the $5,000,000
  • Videos on how to raise conversion rates
  • An in-depth guide to setting up the theme

Module Three: Products

In this module, Goetz covers:

  • Where to find products
  • How to select the right products
  • Handling suppliers
  • Adding products to your store
  • Order fulfillment

Module Four: Advertising

This module covers:

  • Setting up your Facebook page
  • Setting up a Facebook advertising account
  • Structuring an ad campaign
  • Ad set up
  • Testing methods for ads including the 3 x method
  • Scaling strategies
  • Bidding strategies
  • Facebook pixel setup

Inside eCom Hacks – In-Depth Review

1. Structure

As mentioned above, this section is great for the complete beginner.

He brings you behind the scenes into his own set up for a store, and really does a good job of showing all the basics.

The video starts with an overview of the whole course. That’s when he lets you behind the scenes in one of his stores.

Then as he runs through the preliminaries of setting up a store and structuring it, he demonstrates it himself, going through each of the steps in real time.

For a true novice, this information is gold. Just what you need to start to make money.

The section of this module that makes the course unique is that it includes the set-up of a 1-800 number as well as an explanation as to why that’s so important.

This whole section of the course runs less than an hour total.

2. Store Set-Up and Conversions

Conversions are critical to making money in the world of eCommerce.

Goetz breaks down the numbers, explaining that a rate of 2-3% is what’s needed by most eCommerce businesses. He distinguishes between what’s needed to break even and what you should actually be aiming for.

One great thing about this module is the way he covers apps, once again including the behind-the-scenes tour as well as an explanation as to which to use and why.

The apps he recommends include:

  • Emails
  • FAQs
  • Image minimizer
  • Upsell systems
  • Trackers
  • Reviews

In this section, Goetz completely covers setting up the theme. This is broken down into seven separate videos.

That “5,000,000 theme” included in this section can be purchased separately, direct from the website for $167 for a single store license or for $597 for ten licenses.

3. Products

This section is actually shorter than the other ones, but it goes over one of the most topics, products. And it is in fact this topic that covers dropshipping, which is what Goetz claims sets his courses apart from the rest.

A lot of the focus here is on what you should be looking for as you select different products.

He explains how to look for things that are trending and monitor Facebook ads.

To be honest, one of his main strategies for choosing products seems to be to see what is working for someone else and then copy it.

While I can see the logic to this, it seems a bit risky as trends fade so fast, and by copying you’ll always be behind the trend.

The eCom Hacks system also gives you access to a proprietary tool that is supposed to help pick products that will sell exceedingly well.

This tool is useful because it shows you where to buy the products which are constantly being updated. This can help to get the best margins.

This section also includes some really valuable information on order fulfillment.

4. Advertising

This module is the most packed with information and has the longest total running time (except for the bonuses).

This makes sense, because, at the end of the day, advertising is what building an eCommerce business is all about.

Facebook ads

This section includes an in-depth Facebook ads video as well as extensive information about how to run a campaign.

Running a campaign is key to success with Facebook ads so it makes sense this is the main focus of the section.

Rather than using haphazard trial and error to find the right audience to draw people to your stores, eCom Hacks lays out the right ways to test what’s working and what’s not.

One thing that bothers me about eCom Hacks is that it’s completely Facebook Ads or bust.

That is literally the only form of advertising covered. There is no mention of Google ads, Pinterest, bots, or even Instagram which is connected to Facebook.

If you really want to focus solely on Facebook ads, this definitely has the most in-depth coverage of that.

It also includes Goetz bidding strategy, which is gutsy and won’t be for everyone.

5. Bonuses and Supplements

There are some truly helpful materials here, but it is a bit of a jumble.

There are PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, and websites you can just copy and paste right into your store’s site.

One of the most useful things I found in the bonuses was the 20 Hacks included.

Additionally, there are entire other courses that run many hours. Some of these were extremely helpful. Others less so. It was interesting how much the video quality varied.


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How Much Does eCom Hacks Cost?


The course is definitely not cheap. Prices range from $997 to $1997.

What Do You Get With The Course?

When you sign up for the eCom Hacks course you get a lot of bonuses as well. These include:

  • Themes, hacks, plug-in, and features to maximize conversions
  • A formula to help choose ‘viral’ products
  • Advanced Facebook ad training course
  • A video course for achieving $1,000/day in two weeks
  • Mentorship from experts and a community Livestream

The Bonuses Included in the eCom Hacks Course

Oddly enough, the bonuses included videos that run much, much longer than the actual course.

Over 18 hours, as opposed to under 6 hours in the regular course.

Bonus materials include:

  • Several independent video courses, including by other instructors
  • Information on how to set up a call center with a 1-800 number
  • Instructions for using virtual assistants for customer service
  • 20 Conversion Hacks (PDF)
  • Abandoned cart email template

Who is eCom Hacks For?

The course promises to be accessible to complete beginners, including those with no business experience. It also claims to be valuable to those already familiar with eCommerce and dropshipping.

Is eCom Hacks Legit?

I’d say yes, eCom Hacks is legit.

Especially if you’re a beginner, there’s some really helpful information here that can get you started on the path to make money in the world of dropshipping.

But just because it’s legit doesn’t mean I necessarily recommend it. There is that high price tag to consider . . .

Final Verdict: Can You Make Money With eCom Hacks?

Overall eCom Hacks does have the information and tools to get you set up and started with making money with eCommerce and dropshipping, or ahem, dropshipping.

And it might be the right choice for someone who truly stands for Justin Goetz. But overall I didn’t find the information within the course that’s different from what he offers for free on YouTube.

Certainly not enough to justify a $1,000 price tag. And from my perspective, I think there’s nothing here that justifies how much more expensive it is than some of the alternative programs.

It’s a good course for sure, but compared to eCom Hacks alternatives it’s really not worth the price.

Look, if your heart is dead set on making a quick buck sending orders to sketchy warehouses and throwing money on ads down the drain…

Be my guest.

But, if you actually want to make some real money then you need to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Check out my #1 recommended lead flipping course to learn how to do this!

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