Email income expert certification program – Is Jason Capital a Scam?

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Last updated Jan 4, 2022

Welcome to the review of the Email income expert certification program. Jason Capital promises to make you rich in 3 months by replacing “rat race income” with “laptop income”.

Such claims are common in most programs that teach you how to make money online. I don’t know why they feel the need to make such tall claims. You don’t see colleges or universities making these claims. Any program that is teaching you some skill will focus more on the skill and what you are going to learn, instead of making flowery promises. Here’s one such program that teaches lead flipping. You don’t need any convincing to know that lead generation is an in-demand skill.

And now, back to the review:

Email income expert certification – The overview:

You will learn how to build an email list in this course. It will also teach you how to turn leads into clients. There’s a chapter about conversions through email marketing. Interesting thing is, you won’t have to be a copywriter or seasoned marketer to take advantage of these ideas.

You’ll obtain a certification when you’re done.

Problem is, all this sounds like you’ll start receiving money as soon as you copy paste the emails and hit the send button. That’s not how real businesses work.

The course tends to focus mostly on writing. Writing won’t work as a magic spell to convert someone who opens and reads it. You need to do more than just writing the right email to succeed in email marketing.

Let’s have a look at the course contents:

How to become an email income expert

It is an intensive training program that runs on a week to week schedule. Jason will answer your questions via a live call at the end of every week.

Week 1:

You will learn how to write emails during the first week. He will show you how to write emails without being irritating and repetitive. Afterward, we learn how to get your clients’ attention.

grabbing client's attention

Week 2:

What are your clients thinking? Is it possible to find out? Jason will teach how to do this. The course teaches how to identify the problems and pain points of clients. The tactic turns cold clients into loyal customers.

Week 3:

How important is it to write high-quality emails to increase sales? In week three, we will learn that email marketing is not really about writing, but rather about knowing how clients think.

Ironic, since most of the course deals with nothing but writing.

Week 4:

Do you have a hard time writing? In the fourth week, you’ll learn the secrets to making your clients addicted to your emails. Once you have the right methodology, you will have less trouble with writer’s block.

Week 5:

Jason, very generously, shares with you the templates he has used to generate 31 million dollars in sales in a few years. It boggles my mind that someone making such a ridiculous amount of money would come up with the idea of selling and promoting a course. Is it all for a few students?

promoting a course

Week 6:

This week, you get to put your newly acquired skills to the test. With Jason’s guidance, you will craft and send real-world emails together. The reactions will surprise you.

Week 7:

At the end of the course, you will have real clients who are willing to pay you. One pay is more than what you need to get into the program. If you perform well, Jason will introduce you to his friends and colleagues who will pay a handsome amount for your services.

Is Jason Capital legit?

Jason Capital is an entrepreneur, author, and coach. According to him, he launched his first business in his dorm room and struggled for six months before making a sale.

The situation changed quite a bit later on. Over the course of nine months, Jason went from being broke to becoming a millionaire. Before the age of 30, he became the first person to sell more than one million dollars online in different industries.

Almost every online coach and mentor has a similar story. And nearly all of them are difficult to verify.

Jason also claims that he’s been named one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs by the White House. He has also been referred to as the best dating coach in the world, which is probably for the book titled Conversation God.

Jason Capital is not a scam. He certainly has coached many students and some of them have had a fair bit of success. That doesn’t mean enrolling into the Email income expert program is guaranteed to make you a millionaire. It’s actually the opposite.


These coaches sell dreams. The real question is if this course gives you enough to manifest your dreams into reality.

Jason Capital email income expert review:

5 things I like about the course:

You will have access to Jason and the other coaches through the private Facebook group when you sign up for the Email income expert program. This is important because you need some kind of support, regardless of how good the course is.

Jason holds weekly live group Zoom calls with students. If you have any questions, he will answer them to make sure you know everything.

You will learn a valuable skill. Recurring business is generated by email marketing, and it’s free. And yet, very few businesses take advantage because they do not know how. You can sell them your services. The skill is easy to learn.

You will get the plan to get your first few paying clients. You can charge a fair price for your services. This won’t make you a millionaire but this is still going to be a good monthly income.

There are a number of bonuses. You will get a free ticket to his yearly event. You will be introduced to his contacts and it can result in a business opportunity. You will make some good connections through a private FB group.

You will get a free copy of his best-seller book, Higher Status. Some copywriting secret is also mentioned as a bonus, though I am not sure why it is a bonus and not a part of the course.

You are also going to get some SMS marketing plan that he and his students have used to get new clients.
Last but not least, you’ll get lifetime updates (even if these courses are rarely updated).

Things I don’t like:

The sales page states that he has more than $1,000,000 saved by the time Jason reaches 25. I am not saying that it is not possible but it has nothing to do with the course. Learning and doing email marketing is certainly not going to make you a billionaire.


How much does it cost:

The course is sold at $2495 at the moment. It is a reasonable price. According to the website, the price will soon exceed $6000. This group is meant to be a case study group, hence the discount.

A Money-back guarantee is included with the course. You need to prove, however, that you have followed all instructions and that you haven’t made 5x the price of the course.


If you’re looking for a way to work as an email marketer, this certification program may be worth considering. The training will help your emails look professional and ensure you get some conversions. However, this is not something that can help you earn a six-figure income.

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