Freedom Mentor Real Estate Training Program – Is Phil Pustejovsky a Scam?

By Roy Goldstein

September 21, 2020

Freedom Mentor Review – Is It A Worthy Real Estate Course?


 Phil Pustejovsky has decided to bring his success to others who need it by launching a mentoring program that assures to get away from all those low-risk scammers that have been promising us for years quick and easy money.

But to dabble into this new venture, you’ll need to fork over $3,000, plus a $197 per month membership fee, and then split the profits 50/50 with Phil… 

It sounds like a lot, right? 

So, the big question is,  is it worth spending that much to generate profit? Will you get your investment back?

Let’s take a dive into Freedom Mentor and see what it’s all about. 

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The Founder – Phil Pustejovsky



phil pustejovsky




Homeless and living out of a truck, the only way Phil had to regain some financial stability was by finding a mentor. Tom. God bless him. 


After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Phil found out that real work life had become somewhat difficult for him. His first real estate attempts were disastrous, and it wasn’t until he hit rock bottom that he decided to contact Tom. 


From then on, things started to go better for him. He made $ 50 million selling real estate and increased his client base little by little.


Now, completely financially free, Phil wants to mentor and help others in the same way that Tom helped him, but with a whole new method. 


He calls it “creative real estate investing”, and is the foundation of Freedom Mentor.



What is the Freedom Mentor Program?



freedom mentor training ad

Freedom Mentor is a mentorship program for getting started in real estate. 

It works under what he calls his “creative real estate” philosophy. 

Phil’s idea is to negotiate directly with sellers to avoid the competition that traditional investing brings. In Freedom Mentor, he establishes a 50/50 partnership with his apprentices, so besides learning and boosting your confidence, you get paid as well. 


How Do I Join Freedom Mentor?

To join Freedom Mentor, you have to go to its site and apply there. Once you do it, someone will contact you and if everything goes smoothly, you’ll then be scheduled for a call to see if you can fit into the program.


What is Included in Freedom Mentor Program?


If they give you the go-ahead, you’ll get:  

  • Two conference calls per week with your mentor (s)
  • Personalized investment plan
  • Continuous email support.
  • 3 coaching calls every month
  • Professional software to generate leads
  • Also, in his website you can find a free real estate course called Creative Real Estate Investing And Flipping Houses and a few of his step-by-step guides to get into real estate with little cash. 

freedom mentor real estate



Phil insists he needs motivated apprentices. He wants committed students who are dedicated to taking action and overcoming any challenges that come their way.


The program isn’t exactly the definition of cheap, though. $3,000 upfront plus a $197 per month membership fee. However, if you’re interested in real estate, this may be something you may want to check sometime. 


But, wait a second. How is a 50% return going to help you build wealth in the long run? Understanding this point is the key, because the thing is that this split is good if you want to start, but you can lose a lot of money.


What if the deals are in the millions, would you end up losing a big chunk each time? There is no point in paying such a large amount of money in training if we cannot triple it.


When we think of launching into online businesses, we want to do more with less. 


Conclusion – Does Freedom Mentor is a Scam or Legit



There are many positive reviews swarming the internet about Freedom Mentor, but there are also many negative ones that you may want to consider before jumping into the pool.

It is not only the significant amount that you have to invest in the program. 

I mean, what you want is to make money, right? You don’t want to actually give away half your earnings, right??

 And let’s not forget the constant workflow… real estate is hard.  

In the real estate world, it is not so easy to get offers, and definitely not every day will be payday.

The problem with this type of company is that it reaches a point where you don’t know if you are enriching yourself, or if you work to enrich another.

It’s easy to get stuck, and while some are content to watch their money grow little by little, isn’t that something totally different from becoming financially free?

There’s a mountain of information out there. If you really want to get up to speed with something, you can really have what you want. I don’t see a need to shell out thousands of dollars for a product which may/may not work. In the latter, it will be a total disaster considering the amount.

That’s why I believe lead generation with ads is better than Freedom Mentor.


We are in 2020, and we all agree that the Internet is a tide of companies thirsty for customers; companies that don’t  know very well how to reach their audience and generate the benefits they expect.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on training, or even spend anything on office or inventory if you already have a computer and a phone.

There is a kind of passive free-for-all to get businesses more business, and all you have to do is help them. Something like altruism made business. 

By getting customers ready to buy and directing them to these companies, you can earn       enough to replace your existing dead end 9-to-5 income, with just a few hours a week. Some companies are willing to pay even more, but the most important thing is that they will, in addition, pay you always. Without customers, there is no benefit. So, basically, without your help, there is no business.


Click here for our Officeless Agency training program, where we show you how to start generating those customers for them without too much effort, while achieving the lifestyle you’ve always imagined.   





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