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GetClients Com Review – Is Dan Henry a Scam?

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Last updated Jun 22, 2022

Do you want to know if GetClients by Dan henry is a scam or a legit training program? You will get the answer in this review.

Dan is the author of The Digital Millionaire Secrets Book. He is the host of The Dan Henry Show, a popular podcast for entrepreneurs.

Here’s what I think about his training program.


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6 good things about GetClients.com:

  1. Dan Henry has a good online presence, unlike most other coaches I have reviewed on this website. He is actually considered an authority on the subject.
  2. The best thing about Dan Henry courses is that he keeps coming up with a new one on a regular basis. This “inconsistency” might sound like a bad thing. But it’s not. What used to work a year ago will not work now. And what’s working now will not work after a few months. That is how fast-paced the Internet is.
  3. They have an active community with more than 1000 successful entrepreneurs. You will have plenty of help and motivation. You will also get a lot of inspiration and ideas for your next venture. This is probably the best part. You will learn how a successful entrepreneur operates.
  4. Dan is easily approachable. You can get in touch with him via social media accounts. Yet another sign that he is not a scam.
  5. The course comes with 4 weekly coaching calls. You can interact and ask questions from the coaches.
  6. The training is quick and to the point. You will get actionable information with ready-to-implement systems.

4 bad things about GetCients.com:

  1. The course is not for beginners. It’s better to have a good idea of digital businesses or entrepreneurship before you join.
  2. The course will not teach you a specific method. Instead, it will help you make the most of your existing idea. It’s not one of those courses that teach you everything from start to finish. If you are not even sure what you want to do, you should make your mind first.
  3. The price is quite high. There’s the course fee and then there’s the cost of running your business. It’s not for people looking to start a business with zero investment.
  4. You will be better off starting from the basics. You need to get your hands dirty before joining such high-ticket programs.

Is Dan Henry a Scam?

dan henry fraud

No, he isn’t.

If you have been searching for ways to make money online or start an online business. There is a good chance you have heard about him. Thanks to all those courses or training programs he has been offering for the past couple of years. He is a very successful entrepreneur himself.

He promises to mentor Get Clients students until they reach the “$10K per month”. He has done it for himself. He can surely do it for you? The thing is, not all great players make great coaches.

Dan’s story has inspired many people to enroll in his course. If you are reading this review, you can relate to his story. Dan did not come from a wealthy family. He was a college dropout and used to deliver pizza to pay his bills.

His professional career began with a job selling pots. During that time (and those were the times), he learned web design and SEO basics. He used these skills to start his first SEO and content marketing agency. This story is believable. Learning SEO and starting your own successful agencies used to be simply a few years ago.

It isn’t that simple anymore.

How he came up with the idea of launching this Training:

business coaching

Many people contacted Dan and asked for his advice on how to start and grow a business. This is why he created courses like the 30-day challenge or Sold Out courses. Both those courses have their fair share of success. GetClients is the most recent one. Let’s see what you are going to learn.

What is GetClients coaching program?

GetClients is a training platform for entrepreneurs. It promises to help them build and grow a profitable online business. Most courses by Dan Henry revolve around Facebook Ads and Getclients is no different.

You will learn how to create the perfect product or service or how to improve an existing one. You will work with their tried and tested 8-figure system. You will learn how to get 5 or 10X results from paid advertising. The course shares the exact sales strategies Dan used to make millions of dollars.

How to get started?

If you are looking to join, you can reach via Facebook group or email support.

They have an extensive screening process. You can get in touch and introduce yourself and your business. This will help them determine if you are a good match. This is good because they are likely to turn you down if you are not a good fit. After submitting your application, you will have to choose a time and date. You will pay the fee if your application is accepted. Onboarding is fairly quick and simple. You will get an account manager who will create a customized training plan for you to get started.


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What do you get?

You will get training videos that are short and simple. This will help you get started in next to no time. You can watch more detailed videos if something is not clear or you are interested in mastering the art. Next, you can use their pre-built systems based on the information in the coaching videos.
These systems include many different types of funnels. You will also get top-notch support. There are four coaching calls every week. These calls are for groups but you can speak one-on-one with the tutors. Everyone gets the answer they need every time.

Final Verdict:

Getclients.com is a good training program for entrepreneurs. But it is quite expensive and it doesn’t teach you a new skill or method to make money online. If you are looking to start your first online business, you shouldn’t go for such costly pieces of training.

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