Global Dream Builders Review – Is it a Scam?

By Roy Goldstein

January 7, 2021

Global Dream Builders 2021 Review – A High-Ticket Scam?


global dream builders scam

Global Dream Builders is an online marketing platform that was founded by Adam Wenig. 

He teaches you how to earn money online by creating simple websites that pay $1,000-$5,000 a month.

adam wenig scam

Global Dream Builders is a website which is actually a Sales Funnel to the products they promote online as well as to their members and potential members.

The thing here is that Global Dream Builders costs around $2,400-$8,000 per year. 

That’s crazy if you ask me. 

It’s a platform that claims to say he can help you build a website that will make you 3K a month, when really all it is just a sales funnel period…

I will be talking about this program, Global Dream Builders and how much it costs.

I really hate these kinds of scams, just because I fell into a lot like this one before finding the best business model out therelocal lead generation. I’m still living by my own rules and generating a steady flow of passive income thanks to it!

But I can’t sleep well if I don’t try, at least, to show you all the truth behind this type of program. 

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. 

So, here you have. 

The whole truth about Global Dream Builders.

What is Global Dream Builders?

global dream builders review

This platform is another website promising income-generating opportunities that are quickly gaining momentum among internet marketers, especially the youth. 

I’m not a part of GDB; the only purpose of this article is to explain the truth about the company and other scams online. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been scammed by this guy!

Global dream builders teach people how to build websites that actually funnel pages in order to sell a product. 

Now, funnel pages are not websites. 

It is similar to a campaign. A campaign always has to be changed, just like an ad.

The platform is basically taking these funnel pages and advertising them by email or around social media. 

You basically take the funnel pages and create Facebook advertisements.

Facebook ads can get traffic, but it can be expensive because it doesn’t always work.

Also, Adam’s training is not cheap. 

The cost of Global Dream Builders training is around $2,400-$8,000 per year!

This isn’t an effective way to market, especially for those who are beginners and are on a tight budget.

What do you learn in the course?

Well, Adam teaches you how to build funnel pages.

However, he doesn’t teach how to build a website. 

His promise is about creating a website that will generate thousands of dollars online. 

The reality here is, he just teaches you how to build a sales funnel.

Also, the good news is you do learn how to build a sales funnel in 5 minutes from his webinar.

But, again: it won’t earn you thousands of dollars online.

Sales funnels are created by using a program called ClickFunnels.

build sales funnel

You make a whole bunch of different funnels and add affiliate links. 

This then allows you to earn money once people click on whatever you are selling.

So, to sum up: 

Adam Wenig, the founder of Global Dream Builders, promises to teach you how to earn money online by creating simple websites that pay $1,000 – $5,000 a month. 

And that’s NOT true. 

Everything Adam teaches is focused on sales funnels, not a website. 

His promise is not guaranteed. This way of marketing won’t make you $3,000 a day.

Fact is, there is no get rich quick scheme.

Online marketing takes time to learn. It’s possible to succeed from Adam’s teaching, but it is not promised.

I saw Adam’s webinar of how he teaches to build a website and to be honest, I was dissatisfied. 

His way of marketing is not new.

I honestly thought it would be new and easy. 

Trust me, his program is not worth your time or energy and it is not worth your money.


How does it work? 

You will create sales funnel pages and add affiliate links to them, then next you will advertise these around social media.

The sales funnel pages will also consist of content and videos regarding the Global Dream Builder system. 

The videos may be a testimonial of how well the system works and how it can earn you lots of money.

After the pages are all set up, you will add affiliate links to all your funnels that will track back to Adam Wenig’s Global Dream Builders page.

Ask yourself, why are you creating all these sales funnel pages that lead back to Adam’s system???

To put this in one simple sentence folks, you are Adam’s advertiser. 

You are promoting the stuff for him, because you are the one who is making all the ads and talking. 

This is not a way to build your own business folks!

What Are You Doing With His System?

You are selling the program and lying to others that they can get the same results and earn money fast.

This is something I would personally not want to participate in.

Everything here is misleading information. 

Adam says it is a website and in reality it is just a bunch of sales funnels.

Once you use ClickFunnels, it costs money, and of course, he will get a commission when you sign up. 

There is nothing wrong with this process. 

It is affiliate marketing, but it should not be done this way.

I will admit when I first saw Adam’s advertisement I thought this was going to be a new way to earn money online, but it isn’t.

 And it is really risky.

How Much Does Global Dream Builders Cost:


Silver Membership:

  • Installment plan is $800 for 3months, totaling to a possible $2,400
  • GDB Online Academy
  • Live Q&A on Weekly Webinars
  • Facebook Inner Circle


Gold Membership:

  • One Time fee of $5000
  • Installment plan-2,000 for 3months, totaling $6,000
  • GDB Online Academy
  • Live Q&A on Weekly Webinars
  • Facebook Inner Circle


Platinum Membership

  • $8,000 one time payment
  • Payment plan- $3,200 for 3 months, totaling $9,600
  • 12 full months one on one mentorship via Voxer
  • Free ticket to 1 live Global Dream Builders Workshop Event
  • GBD Online Academy
  • Live Q&A on Weekly Webinars
  • Facebook Inner Circle


Global Dream Builders does have some success, but honestly it isn’t promised.

 And all it is a bunch of sales funnels. 

Adam Wenig’s marketing tool worked for him, but that doesn’t promise it will work for you 100%.

So don’t bother, it is a waste of time and money. 

A much better way to invest your money and time is by developing skills to make a difference in the market.

Do you want to learn how to use ClickFunnel? There are thousands of videos on YouTube that can teach you, FREE!

There are many resources on the internet for you to learn how to handle Facebook ads, although you always have to keep in mind that it’s paid traffic.

That means that you won’t be able to generate a 100% profit for yourself, since you will have to continue paying for the ads and in the long run you will generate less and less or have just enough to pay for those ads.

Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

In my opinion, the best thing is to learn how to generate traffic and leads with free traffic.

If you succeed, you’ll be able to generate a steady flow of long-term passive income …

And that’s what’s all about, right?

This lead generation coaching program teaches you everything you need to know about free traffic to create your online business and generate traffic (and money) for other businesses. It’s the business model I chose years ago, and to this day I still think that the day I did it, I chose freedom.

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