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Last updated Jan 4, 2022

There is no need to introduce Dan Lok because he’s very famous on YouTube as the “King of high-ticket sales”, has been featured on Forbes, Jet Set Magazine, Entrepreneur and has appeared in 2 Tedx talks.

So, if you’re someone interested in online marketing and business, I bet you know who I’m talking about.

However, his personality is not enough to judge whether High-Income Copywriter by Dan Lok is worth your money or time.

To help you make a reasonable decision, I’ve researched deeply about this copywriting program. Ready to learn about what I found? Let’s dive in.

High-Income Copywriter Course Overview

The High Income Copywriter course was launched by Dan Lok with the aim to educate budding copywriters on how to write effective and persuasive sales letters that are bound to get approved by prospects.

Tailored for beginners and experts alike, the course features various lectures on professional writing skills for copywriting success. Starting with the basics, the course covers topics such as product development, research and planning.

High Income Copywriter also explores content creation, sales page conversion and more topics that will help you make a mark in the industry. To polish your skills further, you can create your own sales pages during the time in-between lectures. This allows you to apply what you have learned through practical learning.

Once you complete the course, you can expect to be ready to start your career as a freelance copywriter offering your services to clients who appreciate your skills and dole out handsome salary packages for your work.

What’s inside the High-Income Copywriter Course?

This eight-week course comprises lectures with an average of 5 to 6 hours. Every module features the material specifically designed for honing your skills. In addition, you also get an opportunity to have a weekly live chat session with Dan.

Week 1

The mindset secrets help you attract huge success as a high-income copywriter.

During the first week, Dan focuses on changing your mindset and the way you view life. He emphasizes a point that a skillset lacking in mindset results in upset. You can only achieve financial success after mastering the mindset and working on the skillset.


Week 2

Psychology secrets of sales and copywriting that teaches why and how people buy. In the 2nd week, you learn about writing by hand and sales psychology.

Dan puts a particular emphasis on creating hand copy ads and sales letters by hand. According to him, in this way, a copywriter internalizes the ads and learns copywriting skills subconsciously.

While teaching the psychology of marketing, Dan suggests that you should be in the market to understand the basic needs of your clients. This is the psychological hack that Dan has learned from his tutor, Lan Jacques.

Week 3

This course teaches you how you can read the mind of your prospect and design amazing marketing strategies. This week focuses mainly on marketing strategies. Dan suggests going for some niche where there is only very little competition for maximizing the chances of success, and he suggests using his ocean blue strategy

In this phase, you learn to use Google Analytics, SimilarWeb, Google Keyword Planner, Facebook audience insight, etc., to check the demographics and needs of your prospects so that you can cater to their needs in a better way.

Afterward, Dan teaches you the basics of Psychographics, where you learn about the films or books your demographics may be interested in. In this way, you can use their enthusiasm for the movie or book to create a compelling advertisement that targets them.

Week 4

This week focuses on providing a guide on creating irresistible offers that sell like crazy. Dan helps you make use of all the skills you have learned during the first three weeks and put these skills into practice.

copywriting skills

By the end of week 4, you get an opportunity to pitch a copy to Dan by following the 5-form pitching method by Dan, which includes the following.

  • Hook
  • Primary Promise
  • Price and terms
  • Bonuses
  • Guarantee

This week also teaches you how to get rid of your lower self-esteem, procrastination, and related habits.

Week 5

This week focuses on assembling amazing landing pages and copy for emails. Dan teaches you the main building blocks, i.e., Headline, Call to Action, and Bullet, required for a high-quality landing page.

In addition, this week, Dan also focuses on teaching how to capture attention by writing copies in different ways.

  1. “How to”
  2. “Secret to”
  3. “What”
  4. “Right…Wrong”
  5. “Number”

More than ten such golden nuggets are a part of this week’s training. Dan also teaches different Call-to-Actions, which he classifies into three types.

  • A simple call to action
  • A second person call focusing on you
  • The first-person call to action that focuses on the reader’s sense of self, i.e., me

Week 6

Without making exaggerated claims and writing hyped-up content, learn to write a worthy scalable copy.

When writing ads for social media posts, it is very important to write a scalable copy, an important concept in ad writing. In short, a scalable copy is a write up that is in accordance with the various social networking sites and helps the client’s business grow faster.

Week 7

In this week, Dan focuses on teaching the ways of turning high-income copywriting skills into a sustainable 6-figure income. You will find a niche that helps you make your copywriting career and helps you sell your skills.

profitable business

Week 8

This week’s lessons include informing you about the copywriting mistakes that most writers make and how their chances of success vanish away even before they get a start. This is a bonus lecture where he teaches these points,

  • Not doing what got you good in the first place
  • Out of structure learning.
  • Believe in saying instead of doing.
  • Forget about consistency
  • Feeling lower self-esteem
  • Dig the well only upon thirst
  • No reliable feedback loop
  • Extra) Only focus on copywriting

The pros of High Income Copywriter

  • An opportunity to learn from the most sought-after guru in the world of digital marketing and online business.
  • Learn copywriting from a person with a fortune in copywriting.
  • Dan provides you with a new way to deal with challenges.
  • Learn a complete copywriting skill set.

The cons of High Income Copywriter

  • Only focus on Facebook ads and no SEO techniques covered.
  • Portrayed overestimated potential of a copywriter.
  • Does not mention the intensity of competition in the market.
  • The lecture videos are recorded webinars having slides on top.

The Bottom Line: Is Dan Lok’ course a Scam?

The High-Income Copywriter course by Dan Lok isn’t a scam. Dan is a renowned and sensible guy, always looking for ways to deliver value to his audience, even though I understand that the registration fee of the course can make you think twice ($2497).

All in all, if you are looking forward to adopting copywriting as a full-time job skill, then you should go for it. However, if you are looking for some side-hustle, there are better opportunities for you out there.

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