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Homerunoffer.com Reviews: Is It Legit Or Another Property Flipping Scam? (5 Red Flags)

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Last updated Aug 13, 2022

HomerunOffer.com looks like one of the best property flipping sites out there on the internet. 

They claim to be the cheap solution you need to sell your home quickly…

But is this really true? 


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Are they legitimate or are they simply looking to steal your hard earned money? 

In this Homerunoffer.com review, I will answer these questions and point out the 4 red flags you should be aware of before joining them. 

Read on!

What is Homerunoffer.com?

HomerunOffer.com is a property flipping site that claims to be the cheap solution you need to sell your home quickly in Las Vegas.

Not only do they claim to help you sell your home, but they also claim that they will help you buy other properties as well.

The website has been around since 2010 and has helped thousands of homeowners sell their homes through short sales or foreclosures at affordable rates. 

This means that even if you don’t have enough money for repairs, HomerunOffer claim it will still buy your house from you and then resell it for more money than what they paid for it.

How Does Homerunoffer.com Work?

According to their website, to get started with HomerunOffer you need to fill out some basic information about yourself and your property, including how much it costs and what condition it’s in. 

Then they send over an inspector who will give your home a quick once-over to make sure everything is up to code and safe for prospective buyers. 

You also need to provide photos of the inside and outside of the property as well as any amenities it has (like a pool or guest house).

Once everything is good to go, they’ll give you a quote and the rest is up to you. 

Is Homerun Offer a scam? 5 Red Flags

The way I see it, Homerunoffer.com is one of those “too good to be true” real estate flippers that has been rearing its head and luring in real estate newbies. 

After a thorough research and investigation, I discovered a couple of things that may indicate that Homerunoffer.com is a potential scam. 

These can be summarized into these 4 red flags:

Red Flag #1 – Claims regarding their customer support

The reviews for HomerunOffer’s customer support are overwhelmingly negative with only a few positive ones mixed in here and there. 

This is always a red flag when it comes to scams, because scammers will often use fake testimonials and reviews in order to trick people into buying their products or services so that they can make a quick buck off them (before scamming them out of all their money).

Red Flag #2 – Their offers are not binding or guaranteed

There are spelling errors all over their site and there are multiple broken links throughout their site (e.g., if you click on “Contact Us,” it takes you to another page that says “404 Error – Page Not Found!”). 


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This isn’t something someone would do if they were trying to create a professional image; they probably just copied and pasted everything from somewhere else without bothering to proofread it first or check for broken links

Red Flag #3 – Their offers are not binding or guaranteed

This was one of the biggest red flags for me. 

If you don’t know what “binding” means, it simply means that the buyer has an obligation to purchase your home if they accept your offer. 

At Homerun Offer, this is not the case. 

They will make you an offer but that doesn’t mean that it will be accepted by them, or even if they do accept it, it doesn’t mean that you will get paid for your house.

The only way to ensure that you get paid for your house is if you sign a contract with them and then go through their escrow process which can take up to 60 day

Red Flag #4 – No Money Down 

The third red flag is the fact that HomerunOffer doesn’t list any fees on their site at all. 

They claim that they charge absolutely nothing but instead take money out of your sales proceeds once your property sells — which is illegal in most states!

Red Flag #5 – Bold claims

Homerun Offer claims to be able to sell your home in 3 days or less but offers no proof of this claim aside from some fake before and after photos.

The company promises to provide a service that is “quick and easy”, but the process it takes to get a buyer for your home is anything but quick and easy.

It doesn’t stop there either. 

The company also makes some pretty bold claims about the number of “exclusive” listings it has available, which means they can sell your home quickly, but again offers no proof of this claim.

Is flipping houses a profitable business in 2022?

So, in case you don’t know, house flipping means that you can buy a house for cheap and sell it for more than you paid. You can then use the profits from the sale of your first deal to buy another one, and so on.

There are some people who have made money with Homerunoffer.com, but there are also many people who have lost money or even gone bankrupt because of this company.

If you are looking to get into the business of flipping houses, then you should know that this is a very risky venture. 

You have to have the capital, the time and the expertise to be able to make it work for you. This can take years for some people and for others it could take months or even weeks.

Bottom Line – I Don’t Think You Should Use Homrunoffer.com’s Service

As funny as it might sound, I’m sure there are a few of those who fall victim to the spell that Homerunoffer.com casts, but in my opinion, they are just not one of the good ones. 


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A real estate project with ample returns is what every investor aspires for, but only someone around Homerunoffer.com can tell you if it’s worth the risk of losing your hard-earned money or not. 

However, investing in property or flipping is a long-term strategy that has proven historically to be reliable, so I strongly suggest you think about your strategy before going gung-ho into flipping a “set of property” from Homerunoffer.com.

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