I Hate My Job: Here’s What To Do Now (Should You Quit?)

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Last updated Jun 23, 2022

Should I Quit My Job?


You know THAT feeling.

That when you’re living the best of your life, and just like that…


Weekend. Gone.

Back to the rat-race.

Do you belong to the 76% of the population that lives paycheck to paycheck and will face serious problems if they suddenly lose their jobs?

I probably don’t have to tell you that it’s a life-sucking loop.

You hate it, right?

You hate it so bad you want to quit, but…

Things are bad out there, you think.

It’s hard to find a quality job in the current job market.

If so many people are underemployed and unemployed, what can you do?

Here’s the thing:

I escaped the rat-race two years ago.

I basically went from zero to hero thanks to lead generation.

(High-five, guys! Check out my #1 online business recommendation if you’re looking for some 6-figures job ideas)

So I’m going to break down all of your options right now.


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The Breaking Point


A 2016 study by the Conference Board found that more than half of the Americans aren’t happy at their jobs.


I was part of that 50%

Two years ago I quit a night shift manufacturing sector job before without having another job lined up.

It was killing my mental health and I would have breakdowns before work.

It wasn’t just about the schedule.

But also:

How I absolutely dreaded going in.

How I couldn’t sleep in fear of that godforsaken workplace.

How rampant toxicity had been driving me nuts for the last couple of years.

You get me, right?

I mean:

I hated it.

I really hated my job.

People talking about retirement.

I didn’t even know if I was going to make it another week.

If this sounds familiar to you, then:

You may not want to read this, but here we go…

Things are going to change.

Things NEED to change.


I Don’t Want To Work Anymore, What Are My Options?


1. Stay The Same Way and Lie To Yourself

Working at something you really hate is a life problem.

You stay since the sun rises in the morning until it falls in the afternoon, doing things you hate.

Wasting your life on a job that you hate.

Pressured to pay bills, leave some personal goals behind.

Dreaming of living above your income and, with time…

Falling into the trap.

Imagine this:

A world where most people have a job that’s meaningful in some way for them.

People would be more productive, happier.

You wouldn’t find so many long faces and scowls on the street.

They’d enjoy doing what they like best, and at the same time they would go in search of what they want to achieve.

Of course it sounds like a utopia, right?

But I’m optimistic, and I hope you (and many other people) can see it the way I do.

Meanwhile, you can start with yourself.

You can find a job that you love, and give more meaning to what you do.

For me, it was helping small business owners grow their business with lead generation.

You can find something worth your time out there, just…


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2. Quit Your Job And Find Something Better

This is the first BIG step you have to take.

Quit your job.

Really, do it.

It’s a simple but very powerful formula

Find a job that’s exciting and provides you with a deeper meaning and purpose, and…

You’ll never have to work again.

Well, I know it’s not that easy to find, right?

But at least you should try.


Now, here’s the truth:

The reasons why people seek to leave our jobs are endless:

  • A complicated boss
  • Too much workloads
  • Few opportunities for professional growth
  • Low salary
  • Bad relationships with co-workers, etc.

We all have reasons to want to quit our job, yet many times we stay at it for fear of not finding something better.

On the other hand, there are those who leave their job without questioning much if their reasons for doing so are valid enough.

Red flag:

Sometimes, we unconsciously sabotage ourselves.

One way to do it is through giving up what we are doing, be it a project, a job, a relationship, etc.

So, before doing anything, ask yourself:

  • 1. Is my job really so bad?

As I said before, sometimes we do things to sabotage ourselves.

We’re afraid, so we unconsciously do it.

It’s worth thinking objectively if our job is really as bad as we think…

Or if we tend to exaggerate.

Really think about it.

There’s no need to rush.

Is your job really so bad that the only solution is to quit?


  • 2. What exactly frustrates me about my job?

List everything you don’t like about your job.

Your relationship with your boss, your relationship with your colleagues, your workload, the schedule, the distance from your home to your office, etc.

The important thing is that you are clear why you want to leave your job and recognize if the reasons really are weighty.

  • 3. What do I enjoy about my job?

List everything that you love about your work.

Think about your activities, your colleagues, the proximity to your home, the relationship with your boss, the place where you work, benefits, your salary, etc.

Is nothing you love really worth enough to stay in your job?

  • 4. Have I done everything in my power to improve my situation in my workplace?

It’s important to do everything in our power to solve our problems.

That way, you can’t regret it later.

At least you tried, right?

If you did and it didn’t work, then it just wasn’t for you.

  • 5. What am I looking for or expecting from my professional career, where do I want to go?

If you don’t know what you want from your professional life, then probably you’re gonna make the wrong decisions.

So, first things first:

Think about what are the goals you want to achieve.


Working doesn’t have to be a problem, quite the opposite.

The key is to discover the answers to questions like these:

  • What are you passionate about doing?
  • What comes naturally to you?
  • If you could be recognized for something, what would it be?
  • About what, would you like people to thank you for helping them?
  • What is your goal for the next few years?
  • How do you see yourself in that future?

As you can see, the foundations of an AWESOME job are based on who you are, and in the way you want and can help others.

That’s the best way to receive money without having to work:

Enjoying the process and not just the reward.

In fact, doing work that fulfills you is a reward in itself.

Your strengths, passions, goals, knowledge, needs, experiences, and purposes are the ingredients that make up the career, or job of your dreams.

If you take these aspects into account when looking for a job, a profession, or for the creation of a project, then you will be on the right path.


Let’s Take A Look At What I Did

Doing a job that you don’t like and don’t care about has two basic repercussions:

  1. You waste your talents and your life.
  2. You show your worst face to the world; you don’t give what you are capable of giving.

It’s like you’re Michael Jackson trying to hit a basket like Michael Jordan, or Michael Jordan trying to do great dance moves like Michael Jackson.

not suitable for a job

They were both talented, but each in the field in which they had more passion and skill.

The pampering happens with you.

If you want to do your best and become the person you want to be, then you must choose based on your talents, passions, abilities, and strengths.

Don’t try to be a turtle climbing a tree, or a cat swimming on the bottom of the sea.

You can’t shine if you just follow the trend.

You need to become the purple cow.

Here’s How I Quit My Job and Built a 6-Figures Business

So, what’s my story?

Right out of college I thought I had landed my dream job.

I was ecstatic, but it quickly unfolded into a nightmare.

I spent almost two years there with a director who was intelligent and competent, but was an absolute bully.

He would belittle, berate, and embarrass.

Was prone to blow up and punish.

He had a knack for kissing the asses of the board, and would take credit for just about anything good we ever did.

That job basically destroyed my soul.

I worked crazy hours to earn a shameful salary.

Had no time for family and relationships.

Not enough money to leave my parents’ house.

That being said, it was an incredible learning opportunity.

Made me realize what I value in a workplace and what I wanted to do with my life.

Would lead to me starting my own lead generation business, which would have never happened without the experiences that I learned in hell.


Imagine I own a restaurant.

I want customers.

Now imagine you have a list of hungry people.

You could sell me that list, and I could then send those hungry people advertisements, coupons, samples, etc.


You’re in the lead generation business.

A “lead” is not advertising.

It’s information about a potential customer that shows you that this customer is in need of a (xyz) particular service.

If you’re into that service, then isn’t it worth the effort of getting your sales pitch to them?

They’re probably gonna end up buying it, right?

If you were a carpet cleaning company, then you would love to know if someone spills juice on the floor.

I mean:

It’s of critical importance for a business to get leads.

No lead = No sales

You don’t have to be good at math to know what happens next, right?

No sales = No business

So, my job is to generate leads for these small business owners so they can keep open and growing.

In turn, they pay me HUGE amounts of money because I’m basically fueling their business with more business.

They see the value in me, and I’m helping them.

Sounds totally different from my last job, right?

I’m glad I made the decision to quit.

Now, the job that I have:

  1. Inspires me to be a better version of myself everyday.
  2. Motivates me to challenge myself and keep growing.
  3. Allows me to live by my own rules
  4. Gives me the time and the money to do so.

How YOU Can Quit


Back in 2019, I got hooked up on this amazing online training program.

I met people that were doing $100k, $400k, $600k…. a month, doing lead generation.

The best part?

I learned the secrets they had been using for big deals, the most profitable funnels and niches, and how to make that much money working less than 20, 10 or even 5 hours a week.


If you hate your job, then there’s not much to think about.

I’m not saying quit right now and jump off a cliff.

What I recommend is that you start a plan to leave your job in the best possible way.

But do it now!

Rediscover your dreams, define your goals, and take action.

Whichever option you choose, I want to know.

Let me know in the comments what your experience is.

I’m with you!

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