Internet Lifestyle Pros Review – Is Tim Chesonis a Fraud?

By Roy Goldstein

August 29, 2021

Internet Lifestyle Pros is an online business opportunity offered by Tim Chesonis. It’s the same guy who created Automated Wealth Network.

I have spent 6 hours going through and reviewing Internet Lifestyle Pros to see if it’s real or yet another attempt to take advantage of people looking to earn some extra income.

The first thing to check when you see any of these money-making opportunities is the product or service.

A legit training program or business opportunity will:

  • Teach you a relevant skill like lead generation, affiliate marketing, or PPC management
  • You will learn how to create, promote, and sell actual products or services
  • You will be able to look around and see that the business model works (e.g. selling on Amazon, lead flipping, etc.)

Unfortunately, Internet Lifestyle Pros doesn’t check any of these boxes. It sounds more like some flimflam.

Let’s start with a quick list of pros and cons.

Things I don’t like about Internet Lifestyle Pros:

It is pretty much a pyramid scheme where you will earn from getting other people to join Power Lead System

You are not going to learn anything that benefits you in the real world.

I don’t see much value in the product. Power Lead System is an ordinary platform. There are better options that you can market and earn affiliate commission from.

It’s a little confusing. You earn affiliate commission from Power Lead System and promote it with the Internet Lifestyle Pros system. This doesn’t make much sense. Makes sense for Tim Chesonis because he will also earn when someone joins through your link.

Even if you can manage to be profitable for some time, it will not sustain in the longer run. It’s not the kind of business you can bank on.

Things I like about Internet Lifestyle Pros:

The only thing good about Internet Lifestyle Pros is the simplicity.

You don’t have to learn much. It’s more like a lottery.

How does Internet Lifestyle Pros work?

You can start by setting up the system. It is a simple process where you will enter your affiliate ID. You can get the ID from the Power Lead System and then enter this into the Internet Lifestyle Pros system.

Next, you need to connect an auto-responder. There’s the option to choose from the built-in one or the ones by Getresponse or Aweber.

Traffic Generation – The Click Agency

This is where the actual expense comes from. You will have to get paid traffic. The Click Agency traffic can cost around $1 per click.

This is cheaper than Google or Facebook traffic but getting a click doesn’t mean anything. A visitor will not add anything to your bottom line. You might get some leads but that’s about it.

To be honest, it doesn’t look like a legit system. You are not working with real products or real clients. You are trying to get more and more people to sign up. You can’t even call it a business.

Can you?

The object of any pyramid scheme is to get your money upfront and then never pay you. Most of them get shut down after some time. Very few people on top make money because the new signees try to get their money back by roping in new ones.

I have seen worse MLM schemes than Internet Lifestyle Pro. You can say that there’s “some” value in the products and it’s not a 100% scam but it’s still not a viable business model.

What does the Internet Lifestyle Pro teach you?

I can’t answer this. The course is not teaching you anything except how to use the ILP system. Tim has created the program in a way that brings him more and more commission.

How much money can you make?

I’ll be happy if I sign up and manage to get my money back. That is how risky a pyramid scheme is. You are made to work hard and get many more people to buy the product (usually a crap one).

You might see some profits. But it’s not a reliable source of income like an affiliate website or a lead generation agency.

The people sitting on the top (like Tim) will be the ones making real money.

Is Internet Lifestyle Pro legit?

As I said, it’s not really a business opportunity. Remember you don’t only need people who sign up but people who sign up and invest. People are becoming smarter. Few people will fall for a pyramid scheme like Internet Lifestyle Pros. At least not after they’ve found a review like this.

What’s a better way to adapt to the Internet lifestyle?

The Internet has opened many doors and created many opportunities. You don’t need to go for shoddy tactics. There are plenty of real business opportunities that can help. Think long-term. It’s always better to build a business that will bring you passive income for a long time to come.

Lead generation agency is one such business. There’s an immense demand for lead generation specialists. And it will continue to increase as more and more businesses turn towards the Internet.

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