Internet Mastery Academy – Scam or Not?

By Roy Goldstein

August 29, 2021

Internet Mastery Academy is a training course for Amazon sellers.

The first thing you read on the landing page is that it is the best Amazon course. It also says that with Internet Mastery Academy, you have “finally” found a complete system.

Almost every single Amazon FBA course promises the same. Amazon FBA training courses are a dime a dozen. I have come across more than 25 in just a few months and I am sure there will be more.

Is Internet Mastery Academy a scam?

It’s too easy to call all these so-called “gurus” and “coaches” a scam and move on. Most of the time it’s not wrong. Especially the way these are promoted or sold is pretty much how con artists operate. I m not saying Adam Ginsberg is one of them.

Who is Adam Ginsberg?

Adam Ginsberg is an online business expert cum motivational speaker. I have said motivational speaker because he can certainly make you sit up and pay attention. He makes a lot of sense when he is talking about entrepreneurship.

He has been providing coaching programs for many years. First, it was domain flipping, then selling on eBay, then some other stuff, and now he has settled with Amazon. There’s nothing wrong with changing ships. Something that used to work a couple of years ago will not work. Because it has been replaced with a better option. For example, Amazon has replaced eBay as the best platform to sell online. You can’t get fixated on a platform or method. You have to change with the wind.

If you are starting to think about earning online income, you will get some good motivation. And it will be followed by a compelling sales pitch.

The course or software he sells is not something I will recommend. Amazon indeed provides an excellent platform but it is not as simple as they make it sound.

Is selling on Amazon worth it?

sell on amazon

Many people ask this question, and the answer is usually yes or no. Not black or white. I’ve made a lot of money selling on Amazon with less than 4 hours of work. But some people have wasted 4 months without getting any profit.

Earning from Amazon has become a lot more difficult. The prices have increased. You are competing against an ever-increasing number of sellers. Because as little as a few hundred dollars can buy their way in.

How does Internet Mastery Academy work?

You cannot directly buy or sign up for the course. You will have to come through his workshops or summits. It is an invite-only program.

Once inside, you will get access to a tool called SpyRivals. This is a data mining tool that will help you gauge competition and pick the right products to sell. You will get 6 weekly live coaching sessions and access to plenty of recorded material.

You will also become a part of the community. There you can ask questions and learn from the other Amazon sellers.

All this sounds like a good deal, except when you look at the cost.

Internet Mastery Academy Price:

The course starts at $2999 and you will have to pay $299 per month. You might also have to pay for some of his VIP seminars or workshops.

The price is not ridiculously high. I have seen courses that cost a lot more and offer much less. But keep in mind that this is not the only cost. You will have to spend on buying inventory when you are looking to get started with Amazon FBA.

Can you expect a good return on all this money?

internet mastery academy cost

I don’t think so. Here’s why:

The information is not groundbreaking.

One of the biggest problems with most of these Amazon courses is that they promise to give you a “secret”. They will make you think that they have decoded the system and you can just follow their steps to reach a six-figure or seven-figure revenue.

This is not true. If it was that easy to get to this level on Amazon, these coaches will be multiplying their income instead of wasting time on courses.

I am not saying that you cannot be successful on Amazon. I am sure that a small percentage of their students will manage to earn well. And that is all they need. Even if they get 2 or 3 success stories out of 10, they can use it to sell to a few more.

Some of these coaches buy the profitable Amazon stores from students who want to sell. This is a win-win situation for them but not for the students.

What do you need to be a successful Amazon seller?

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time – it depends. It depends on many factors and variables: how many hours a day do you want to work? How much money are you willing to invest? Where are your products sourced from? How often do you want to reinvest in your business?

If you are looking for the “secrets” or some “magic wand” in these courses, you are not going to find any.

Some of these secret tricks will be stuff like “buying” reviews or underselling. I am not talking about the Internet Mastery Academy but Amazon courses in general. I don’t recommend any of this because you cannot build a long-term business with shoddy tactics.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Amazon is the increasing competition. Every day, hundreds and thousands of new sellers sign up. A big majority of them are using the same tools or tricks proposed in these courses.

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