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Last updated Jan 23, 2022

These days, people are always looking for ways to make easy money. That’s probably why MLMs like Herbalife and L-Thrive are so popular.

The reason I think they are popular, though, is because most of them are well-covered pyramid schemes.

So, when I came up with the nail polish company, Color Street, I thought to myself, “Roy, you don’t know anything about nails. But you know a hell of a lot about MLMs and pyramid schemes. So why don’t you go investigate? And then report back to all your lovely readers.”

And that’s what I’ll be doing in this post. Curious about what I found out?

Read on!

What is an MLM (multi-level marketing) business?

First things first. You may already know this, but let’s go through it really quickly. What’s an MLM?

MLM businesses are sometimes called “network marketing” companies, because they use a network of salespeople to make sales.

Let’s say you’re a company owner, and it’s your job to recruit new people into your business.

So, you find a bunch of friends and family to sell under you. You pay a fee for the products they will need to be able to sell. They then recruit more people under them, and those people do the same thing.

And every time someone works hard to recruit more people under them, they get a cut off of whatever those people purchase from the company as well as whatever they make from their own sales.

This is what makes it work. The main idea is that you’ll make money from whatever your recruits make from their recruits and so on until you have a whole army of people working for you.

So, Is Color Street an MLM?

That’s right. Color Street is an American MLM (multi-level marketing) company based in Los Angeles, California. They sell real, professional quality nail strips without all the hassle of salon polish.

You can join them as a Color Street Stylist and earn commissions while building your dream business “just” by selling Color Street products.

Who’s behind it?

who is Fa park?

The man behind this MLM is Fa Park. Ever heard about him?

It all began in the 80s. One day on a bus, he watched through the window as an elderly woman shaped her nails. That gave him an idea that would change his life: Color Street.

After 30 years of development and hard-work, Fa Park managed to boost the Color Street company in 2019, and they’re currently at over $120 million in revenue.

Color Street MLM – Products

Color Street products are very simple, yet also very wide-ranging. The core product of Color Street is nail polish strips.

Nail polish strips are basically pre-cut, pre-formed nail polishes. You simply peel off the backing (it’s like a sticker) and apply it to your nail, filing off any excess with a file or nail clippers. Voila, you have a manicure!


Things I like & Things I don’t like

Things I like

  • Color Street is a legit multi-level marketing company.
  • It has a wide range of good products.
  • Their compensation plan is pretty easy to understand and full of rewards.
  • You can start this business while working part-time
  • You don’t need to have any technical or marketing skills to get started.

Things I don’t like

  • It’s not realistic to expect to make a full-income out of Color Street’s business -it’ll take too much work and time. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Now, how much does it cost to join Color Street? Here’s the answer:

Color Street Starter Kit

The start-up fee for this business is $129 and includes everything you need to get up and running.

With manicure strips, pedicure strips, testers, remover pads, and opportunity brochures, you’ll be ready for customers in no time.

How Much Money Can You Make With Color Street?

How much money do you want to make? That’s really up to you!

You can make money with Color Street by selling products, recruiting new stylists, sponsoring stylists, getting customers to sign up for recurring subscriptions, hosting parties, recruiting party hosts or referring customers to your downline.

Let’s take a closer look at Color Street’s compensation plan:

Color Street Compensation Plan

Color Street allows you to earn commissions in ten ways. At the same time, you don’t have to work in all of them.

Jump Start Bonuses

  • Sales Bonuses

This program is designed to help you start your journey with Color Street, so if during your first 35 days with them, you sell at least $1000, you’ll get $50.

There are other two options: sell $2,500 on your first 65 days and get $75 product credit, or double that amount in 95 days and get $150.

  • Enrolling Bonuses

These are the first commissions you get if you recruit an Stylist. If you do it within 35 days from starting with Color Street, you’ll get $50; if instead it takes you longer -up to 65 days and at least 3 enrolled Stylists, then they’ll pay you $75.

  • Team Leader Promotion Bonus

If you get promoted within your first 4 commission periods, that’s an extra $100 to your bank account. Within the first 3, $200.

  • Enroller Matching Jump Start Bonuses

You’ll get the same reward your Stylist gets if you happen to meet the requirements at the same time.

Base Retail Commissions

Base commissions don’t get much simpler than this. You start earning 25% of your Personal Volume (PV) when you become a Qualified Representative (or salesperson)

Enhanced Retail Commissions

This type of commission is paid on a monthly basis. It goes like this:

  • Selling between $600 and $1,199, you’ll get 3% commission.
  • Selling between $1,200 and $1,799, you’ll get 5% commission.
  • Selling between $1,800 and $2,399, you’ll get 7% commission.
  • If you exceed $2,400, then commission goes up to 10%

The Executive Phase

side hustle

By the time you’re in the Executive Phase, your track record will speak for itself. You’ll have proven that you have what it takes to succeed.

As a Mentor, you are the light at the top of our pyramid. You will be rewarded for sharing your wisdom with other emerging leaders.

This is what you get:

  • Team Bonuses
  • Generation Bonuses
  • Car/Lifestyle Bonuses

Is Color Street a Legit MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Color Street is a legit, successful and growing MLM company. They offer a wide variety of nail polish and other beauty products and you can choose your own path and how much effort and time you want to put into their business opportunity. They have a great compensation plan that’s easy to understand and they’re constantly adding new products.

Look, there is a difference between a genuine MLM business and a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is an illegal scam where people earn money off of recruiting others to make a profit, whereas a MLM company sells real things and makes money from their sales.

The problem with MLM schemes is that you can rarely make money from retailing the products as most people want to do the scheme to make money from recruiting others. But that’s now what happens with Color Street.

Your earnings are determined by your efforts, not someone else’s downline.

Final Thoughts – Is Color Street Worth Joining?

Color Street is a great brand. The polish is high quality, the colors are vibrant, and the designs are beautiful. Products are reasonably priced with good variety. It’s an easy way to get into direct sales.

The compensation plan is ongoing, so even if you don’t build a downline or recruit anyone you can still earn commissions from your personal sales.

I think Color Street is a good business for those who want to make a little extra money on the side. It’s also an excellent opportunity for stay-at-home moms and dads who want to set their own hours and work around their children’s schedules.

Now, if you’re someone looking to make huge money on the internet, this is what you have to be learning about.

Let me know how it goes. I’ll keep an eye on the comments!

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