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JBW Online Income: 7 Reasons Why It’s A Complete Scam

By Netbooks Review

Jul 12, 2022

When you’re looking for an automated system that can supercharge your direct sales business, how much money are you willing to spend in finding out if it will work?

We’re not going to expand on the credibility of JBW Online Income and what they offer. 

In other words, we’ve moved beyond the rhetoric and want to share with you exactly why the program is a complete scam.


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Want to find out?

Read on our JBW Online Income review. 

What exactly is the JBW Online Income program?

JBW Online Income is an online business program that claims to teach the most powerful direct sales automated system on the planet.

Even though it doesn’t specify exactly what it teaches or offers, you can get a pretty good idea by going through their sales funnel.

JBW Online Income seems to be a program focused on assisting people who are interested in starting their own online business.

It teaches them how to find products with high demand and low competition, and then build affiliate websites around those products.

They also provide some useful tools like software and analytics tools which help you track your traffic and conversions.

What’s inside JBW Online Income?

Now, here’s the thing:

There is no product list, price list, or sales page. 

In reality, JBW Online Income seems to be just an MLM sales funnel that claims to be a “high-ticket affiliate program.”

If you go through the funnel, you get introduced to a random guy (we don’t know if he’s the founder or just part of the JBW Online Income team), who says that if you just join and buy ads you’ll get checks in the mail. 

The program never gets more specific than that, other than mentioning you’ll get some training to build an online business.

But it’s impossible to know exactly what they’re selling or what kind of training they’ll be providing -which makes me think this JBW program is just a front for a recruiting scheme.

So, is JBW Online Income a Scam?

You can see how this might sound like a scam, right?

It doesn’t take much digging to figure out that it’s not real.

The way I see it, the JBW Online Income sales funnel is just a pyramid scheme. It’s a trick to get you to sign up for their “affiliate program” and pay them money.


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Here are a few reasons why you should think twice before joining them:

7 Red Flags

1.There’s no real product behind JBW Online Income

There is no product or service being sold by this program at all. It’s just another MLM scam/pyramid scheme designed to make money for its creator(s) off of new recruits joining the program. 

The first sign of a pyramid scheme is when there’s no product or service being sold at all — just recruitment into a downline. This company doesn’t even tell you what it is that you’ll supposedly be selling as an affiliate marketer for them!

So, whoever is behind this scam is attempting to sell you nothing but hope and dreams – the reality is, if enough people join their program then they too can become rich without having to create or sell any real products or services. 

2. JBW Online Income doesn’t provide real success stories or proven results

There’s another red flag about this company that should make any potential affiliate think twice before investing: there are no testimonials from real customers or clients anywhere.

Here’s an example:

The first thing you see on the JBW Online Income funnel is a video of a guy talking about how he made $100,000 in six months with this program. 

He says he’s been making money online for 20 years, but doesn’t say what he was doing before or what his qualifications are. And he never mentions the name of the JBW Online Income program or how it works.

3. JBW Online Income is heavily focused on recruiting 

This is a classic sign of a money game or pyramid scheme. 

You have to sell other people on joining before they will pay you anything more than membership fees and commissions on their own sales. 

And the profits you’ll get from that are small compared to what you’ll need to spend on advertising with JBW Online Income…

So if we’re talking numbers, there are no real benefits for you in this business model.

4.JBW Online Income doesn’t offer customer support

The website has no contact details listed anywhere on — not even an email address where you can send your questions. 

This is a very suspicious sign in my opinion because most legitimate companies want to communicate with their potential customers, right?

The site uses an auto-responder system for its contact form (the only way to reach someone) which means that people who submit inquiries are likely not getting responses from real people.

5.There’s huge lack of transparency around JBW Online Income’s program

Another red flag is that there’s no information about the founder of this program available on its website or anywhere else online. 

This means that we have no way of knowing who owns or runs this program or if they’re even real people at all.

6.JBW Online Income doesn’t offer any affiliate marketing training.

The “program” doesn’t seem to have any sort of affiliate marketing training component at all, even though that’s exactly what they claim. 

There are no videos, no webinars, no PDFs, nothing that would show you how to build an online business with their help — just vague promises of checks in the mail if you buy ads from them.

7.JBW Online Income doesn’t have any social media presence 

They have no social media presence anywhere online and no one seems to have heard of them before (including myself) until recently, when they started spamming people with emails trying to sell their product.

This leads me to believe they are clearly not well established or reputable within the industry.

Bottom Line – Don’t Join JBW Online Income

There are plenty of online money making schemes that aren’t scams. In fact, there are over tons of legitimate ways to make money online

But JBW Online Income isn’t one of them.

In reality, it’s just another MLM recruitment scam. The only thing you can earn by joining JBW Online Income is more members under your downline. Nothing else.

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