Joshua Earp SEO course Review – Outdated and Obsolete

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Last updated Jan 23, 2022

Can Joshua Earp SEO course teach you the fundamental of search engine optimization? Or it is that old wine in a new bottle. Is it even a real course or just another scam?

There is an ever-increasing demand for SEO specialists. It can be the most important skill you can have if you are looking to make money online. Because PPC is getting more and more expensive. You can get invaluable traffic by ranking in the top 5 on platforms like Google, Bing, or even YouTube.

Let’s find out if SEO Mastery Course can teach you anything at all.

Who is Joshua Earp?

who is Joshua Earp?

Joshua Earp is an SEO expert who has been working in the SEO industry for almost a decade. He is currently the chairman of Aesthetic Advertising. The LinkedIn page states that he has appeared on TV channels like ABC, Fox, or NBC. But all I could find was a show with Brian Tracy.

Having said that, Joshua Earp has a reasonable online presence but not as much as some known SEO coaches. Some sources suggest that he is the co-founder of RIO Vista University. A company that has worked with celebrities like Nicki Minaj or Tupac. I wasn’t able to find anything about the company too.

What does he teach in SEO Mastery Course?

The course will teach you the basics of SEO. Here’s what the course covers:

  • A basic introduction to SEO. How do the search engines work? How can you rank your website?
  • How to use specific tools and software to save some time and make your life easier?
  • How to rank and get free traffic for your affiliate website?
  • How to rank your videos on YouTube, the second-largest search engine.
  • How to rank for keywords with commercial intent and get traffic for your eCommerce store?
  • How to start your own SEO consultancy business and help other businesses?
  • How to rank your products on Amazon?

As you can see, the course is not focused only on Google, which is a good thing. The only problem is, pretty much all of this information is available for free. They have mentioned some “secrets” and “hacks” but you can’t hack Google. And this is coming from someone who has spent more than a decade learning and practicing SEO.

SEO Mastery course contents:

Let’s go through the modules.

Module 1:

You will learn about the Google Algorithm and how it ranks the websites. You will get an introduction about the tools like Moz, Majestic, or PR checker.

Module 2:

The second module explains market research. You will learn how to analyze your competitors and see what’s working for them.

Module 3:

The third module talks about creating a website. You will get to know about hosting or money site creation. Not sure how that fits into SEO mastery.

Module 4:

The fourth module talks about laying down a strong foundation with on-page techniques. You will learn about SEO tags and internal linking.

Module 5:

The fifth module is the most important one because it talks about off-page optimization. Link building is the most important ranking factor. But the course is teaching a lot of shoddy tactics like PBNs or press releases. Most of these tactics are either a waste of time or counterproductive.


Module 6 :


The sixth module explains how to get SEO clients for your agency. You will learn how to create a sales video or proposal.

The course ends with bonuses like “Niche traffic hacks” or secrets to ranking on Amazon or YouTube.

Pros and Cons


  • Joshua Earp has over a decade of experience with SEO. 


  • This course hasn’t been updated for years -and when it comes to SEO, you need a program that’s updated every 3-4 months. 
  • The course covers some low-quality, outdated SEO practices that won’t help you get anywhere in today’s market.
  • There’s no mention of relevant SEO tools, such as SEMRush or Ahrefs. 
  • There are some lessons that have nothing to do with SEO, such as hosting.
  • Most of the info you’ll get on the course is available for free on the internet.

Can you learn SEO yourself?

Yes, you can. It’s not too difficult.

seo learn yourself

There are a lot of free courses or blog posts out there. They seem to take forever to read because they are so boring and poorly written.

But if you plow through them, you should have decent knowledge after some time.

The best way is to learn by doing. Take a real website. You might not want to use your own, but there are plenty of sites looking for SEO help that you can practice on.

Try to optimize them using the best practices and techniques available today. This will give you the experience you need and allow you to make mistakes safely too.

Conclusion: Is Joshua Earp a scam?

Joshua Earp is not a scam. He is an SEO veteran but I will not recommend taking this course.

The course looks outdated. The module about tools and software mentions Moz or Majestic. These tools used to be the best available tools more than 5 years ago. The fact that they haven’t mentioned SEMrush or Ahrefs shows that the course is not updated for years.

It encourages you to use press releases or PBNs for link building, which will not take you very far. You might manage to rank one or two sites with these tactics but they will fall flat 9 times out of 10.

SEO is changing on almost a daily basis now. An SEO course that is not updated every 3 – 4 months is nothing but a waste of time. Joshua Earp SEO course is not what I will recommend to someone looking to learn SEO.

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