Is This Amazon Course Worthy? Just One Dime Review

by | Jan 7, 2021

Is This Amazon Course Worthy?  Just One Dime Review

It’s likely that you have come across Just One Dime through an email list, on social media or got it recommended by a friend or family member.

First and foremost I must commend you for actually doing a bit of extra research before committing to purchasing or joining Just One Dime. 

For all you could have known, Just One Dime may very well be a scam and steal all of your money, so this review could help you find anything peculiar about it.

To be honest with you, I haven’t used Just One Dime.

So I can assure you that I won’t try to sell you on it unless it’s worth investing in.

But before diving into it, let me tell you a bit about my story…

Hi, dude! My name is Roy Goldstein

A while ago I was what you would call a loser, but in 2014 I did this course and with the help of people who were already doing 6-figures a month, I became who I am now.

A freelance guy, successful entrepreneur and blogger who can help you do the same.

I went from being a depressed and lost graduate to owning an apartment in Florida and working from my sofa.

What did I do?


Create websites and ads to rank and generate leads for small business websites.

This business model is the best thing out there!

What Is Just One Dime?

Just One Dime is an amazon FBA course developed by Seth Kniep and is claimed to be one of if not the best Amazon FBA course on the market.

The course itself contains multiple different training programs and coaching including Amazon FBA Mastery, Amazon Arbitrage Mastery, and Build an Amazon Brand.

In short, it’s not too different from other FBA courses, at least in terms of the core contents however, JOD is different because it picks out Seth’s methods in making the business work, which seems to have worked out really well considering where he is now.

In regards to his back story, it’s a pretty typical rag to riches story, he had a job that he really didn’t like and wanted to find a way to make money in order to quit. 

So eventually Seth came across amazon FBA in which he started by simply “doubling his dime”.

He even started making 6 figures to eventually begin where he is right now, with a 7 figure store. 

The story itself is certainly inspirational but inspiration doesn’t always mean results. 

Therefore, in order to get people results he created JOD to help individuals like himself escape the rat race through Amazon FBA.

How does it work?

The course itself is split into 3 main sections which include:

  • Amazon FBA Coaching
  • Amazon Arbitrage Marketing
  • Building An Amazon Brand

The first section of the course is probably the main reason the majority would look into it.

It is actually very big with well over 200 videos and 500 slides included within.

Of course, a large amount of content doesn’t necessarily mean that a course is set to be amazing…

Therefore, just to give you a solid impression of what you’ll find within it, I’ll break down its contents for you.


1. Amazon FBA Coaching


1.1 Course 1Establish Your Business and Brand

The first course covers how to establish your brand within amazon, starting from scratch. 

This section will also cover mindset trading, how to trademark your brand, and how to find suppliers that are worth working with.


1.2 Course 2 – Master the Market

This section covers topics regarding how to find the hottest products in the market right now through research. 

It’ll help you understand how to list items on amazon along with the terms and services that you should pay attention to, how to stand out from other competitors, branching out into other niches and platforms, etc.

1.3 Course 3 – Manufacture Your Product

Course 3 goes over how to find the best suppliers that will ultimately make you larger profits and hopefully help you stand out against competitors.

It’ll further delve into the process of listing items, whether as bundles, in different variations, etc, how to ship products to amazon’s fulfillment centers, how to take images of your products, and so on.


1.4 Course 4 – Launch Your Brand

This section will go over the process of launching your products, discussing methods to get reviews on your store, how to get your first sales using Amazon and Facebook PPC ads, and how to improve your conversions and rankings.

Course 4 is likely going to be one of the most important courses throughout this program.


1.5 Course 5 – Expand Your Reach

The final course within the normal coaching program will go over:

  • How to be great with your customer service. 
  • How to deal with any kind of refunds. 
  • Implementing feedback from customers to further improve your store.
  • How to deal with blackhat competitors and so on.


2. Amazon Arbitrage Marketing

This section covers 60 training videos and slides, multiple shared-screen tutorials, and a Q&A session every week, a training video on how to increase your profits along with a half-hour training with one of Just One Dime’s coaches.

Keep in mind that this section does actually cost quite a lot being $83/month ($997 per year)


3. Build An Amazon Brand

As the name of this section would suggest Seth provides you with videos going over how to go about creating a profitable Amazon store using a very strong brand.

This will cost $97/month


How much does it cost?

JOD is actually one of the more expensive FBA courses that I’ve come across…

As it’ll set individuals back $1997 as a one-time payment with the inclusion of 1 “hot product” supplied to you by Seth and his team.

Of course, this hot product has no guarantee of actually working out for you but, it’s not a bad thing to include.

Individuals could also opt to pay 3 payments of $597 ($1791) but taking this route doss means you’ll lose out on a couple of features, which in this case is the monthly product ideas and the list of suppliers.

The other 2 elements of the course, as in the Amazon Arbitrage marketing and the Build an amazon brand will set individuals back a further $83/month and $97/month respectively.

In short, getting access to everything provided within JOD will be extremely expensive even if the contents provided are pretty solid at the $4k+ mark (not including the potential monthly costs) for the lot.

Having been able to build my own lead generation business for less than $10… 

Well, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. 


Cons of Just One Dime 


The Course Is Quite Expensive

The amazon biz itself is very expensive as it will require a fairly hefty budget to get started with.

We’re talking around $3k – $5k to test whether products will make it in the market, to pay for ads, and hopefully find hot products that consumers are actually willing to buy.

In fact, there is a good chance it could cost a lot more.

So adding an extra $2k – $4k in the form of training to help you achieve your goals is asking for quite a lot, especially when you consider there are other competitors that provide courses that are similar in quality but for a lot less money.


Pros of Just One Dime


Good Content

The course has a ton of content within it with regular webinars being pumped out every week.

So, the course itself is actually quite well done and more than likely will help a lot of people (if they can handle the costs of this biz and are patient) succeed.


Seth Seems Legit

Seth seems to know what he’s talking about, so that’s another positive in my opinion even if it is just a minor one.


Is It A Scam?

No Just One Dime is not a scam, it’s a legitimate Amazon FBA course with a lot of valuable content and nuggets to offer to its customers.

However, it is still a very expensive program, which will probably be the main reason why I’d not go out of my way to recommend JOD. 

However, if you believe it’s still worth it at the $4k price for everything, I wouldn’t say it’s the worst decision you could make.

The Best Alternative: Lead Generation

I’d suggest you check out my top recommendation if you still want to make money online.

So what is this method that I’m talking about?

This method I’m talking about is lead generation. 

– expectations toward success are a lot more grounded

– it’s a PROVEN method that has been working consistently and continues to grow as more businesses want individuals to generate leads for them.

– it’s a very scalable business

– and because it’s less than $10, no unnecessarily large start-up funds are needed.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding JOD, feel free to do so in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have your own thoughts about JOD and would like to talk about it, again feel free to do so in the comments below!