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How To Make Money With ClickBank Using Twitter

By Netbooks Review

Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to promote your products or services by selling them on social media sites? It might seem difficult, but one of the most powerful social media sites is Twitter.

In this post, let’s go over how to use Twitter to make money with ClickBank.


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How to make money with ClickBank using Twitter: Step-by-step breakdown

If you’re not familiar with how ClickBank (CB) works, it’s an online marketplace that specializes in digital products and physical products. Affiliates earn commissions by promoting these products to the site’s visitors.

To be clear, you have two main ways to make money on ClickBank using Twitter:

1. Twitter email subscribers – You can run an email list through your Twitter account. When someone signs up for your list, they’ll automatically receive emails from you when you post CB’s products they might like.

2. Twitter feed – If you’re using ClickBank, then it’s pretty easy to set up an affiliate link on your own feed. All you have to do is paste in the link into some text or a graphic like any other affiliate link would go and voila! You’ve made money!

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options:

Promoting via Email Subscribers

Step 1: Use Twitter to build an email list related to the CB niche you want to promote.

Here’s how:

  1. Find related hashtags/keywords. You can use SEO tools or Twitter itself to find relevant hashtags. You can also just search on Google for your niche and add the word “twitter” in front of it.
  2. Tweet out a few times. The first tweets should be with the hashtag. Make sure you leave some thought-provoking content in these tweets so that people will want to learn more about the topic you’re tweeting about.
  3. Mention other accounts in your tweets. You can use this method to grow your account as well, but it’s not the main purpose of this exercise. This way, you’ll be able to see who follows those accounts, especially those that are interested in your niche.
  4. Reach out to people who follow these accounts by following them back and sending a direct message inviting them to a freebie you’re promoting (one that you’ve created using PLR, for example).
  5. Leave a link in all of your tweets leading to your freebie (the one from step 4). All you have to do is tweet it out several times a day and link to it.

Step 2: Set up a tutorial series with ClickBank upsells to your niche.

Tutorial series are great because they help you build your credibility and they get people to trust you, which makes it easier to sell them other products in the future.

So, now that you’ve built your email list through Twitter, there are a few different ways to structure your tutorial series.

The most common way though, is to do free videos/tutorials that teach people the basics, then offer them the paid ClickBank’s product.

This is a great way to build trust with your audience and get them used to buying from you.

Tutorial series work best when the content is high quality and actionable (ie: teaches people how to do something). This is what separates it from an info-product like an ebook or a downloadable PDF guide; with those, you’re just giving people information, rather than teaching them how to actually take action and do something.

A lot of times, these types of tutorials are also really easy for you to make, because there’s typically lots of material online already about whatever topic you want to teach

Step 3: Automate your email campaign

If you want your email campaigns to be successful, you’ll need autoresponders.

What are autoresponders? They’re automated email messages that get sent out to your subscribers on a schedule that you decide.

Autoresponders are powerful ways to get people interested in your products and services. They’re not pushy and they’re not spammy.

All you have to do is set up the initial autoresponder, and then let it run its course.


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Promoting via Twitter’s feed

In short, all you need to do is post links to the products that interest you in your tweets.

That in itself is going to get your followers interested in what you’re tweeting about. If they click on the link, they’ll be taken directly to the product page on ClickBank for that product.

That’s pretty much all there is to it! Here’s a quick rundown of the main steps:

Step 1: Build a following

While the best way to build your following is through great content, the follow/unfollow method is a good route to take if you are just starting out.

This strategy involves following other Twitter users, and then unfollowing them once they don’t follow you back. This process is also a good way to find relevant hashtags to use in your tweets.

Just keep in mind that Twitter doesn’t like this spammy behavior and can ban you if they find out you are using it.

(On the bright side, this method works really quickly, usually within a week or longer depending on your niche)

Step 2: Do some research on the CB niche you want to promote.

Find out what questions people are asking on Twitter about your CB’s niche, and what problems they are experiencing. Create some tweets that answer these questions and help solve their problems.

Step 3: Reply to these tweets using a call-to-action

(CTA) that tells them exactly what happens next and where they need to go in order for you to provide this information. The CTA should be something like “Click here” or “Visit my website.” Make sure you include a link for your website in the tweet, so people can easily go there by clicking on the link.

Step 4: Promote your ClickBank products on Twitter

The next step is to promote your products. One of the best things you can do is post pictures of your product and include a link in the caption.

You can also use Twitter’s “card” feature, which allows you to have a picture next to a description of the item. This helps with searchability.

You want people to click on your links and visit your website, so make sure that you have good, descriptive product titles. If you’re selling a shirt, use the shirt’s name as the title (i.e “Most Interesting Man In The World Shirt”). Make sure that your descriptions are detailed and clear. Include size information, materials used, and color options when possible.

Also, don’t forget to tailor your Tweets to your audience by including hashtags related to the topic or industry of your products.

Sum Up: Can I Really Make Money With ClickBank Using Twitter?

In the end, making money with Twitter and ClickBank can be a fun experiment. If you have a Twitter account just for fun, why not give it a try?

If you’re already on ClickBank, it’s not like selling something is hard. Just put together an affiliate list of products that are relevant to your Twitter followers (watch out for things they like!), and start tweeting away.

The key to using Twitter is just to remember that you’re in the business of building relationships. That’s why Twitter is so powerful, and why it can be so lucrative.

Get a few people to follow you, and get them to follow you back, and pretty soon you’ve got a small network. That’s where the money comes in!

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