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Mike Barron’s Closer Academy Review – 5 Interesting Facts

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Jul 2, 2022

The sales landscape is littered with courses that aim to be The One that teaches you how to immediately generate six-figures with no prior experience and no “gimmicks” whatsoever. 

In this review, we’ll examine Mike Barron’s Closer Academy, which promises to train you in sales techniques that can net you half a million bucks annually within a year.

Sounds too good to be true, right?


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If you want to find out whether Mike Barron’s Closer Academy delivers what it promises or not, read on!

1. What is Mike Barron’s Closer Academy?

Mike Barron’s Closer Academy teaches you to become a professional seller of high-priced items. 

He is revealing the secrets and tools used by his team of coaches—he will show you how they generate hundreds of potential customers and close thousands of sales.

What will you learn inside Closer Academy?

It all starts with the phone call.  Mike Barron’s training begins with the basics: how to pick up the phone and make that initial call. 

He then goes on to explain how to handle the objections you will likely encounter (like “I don’t have any money,” or “I don’t believe in your product”). 

This is where Barron’s unique approach comes into play: he teaches that these objections are actually a good thing! 

If a potential customer says they don’t have any money, it shows that they are at least open to the idea of using it if they had some available funds. 

Once you have their attention, it becomes a matter of finding out what motivates them to buy your product—and this is where Mike takes things even further.

Mike doesn’t just teach you how to sell; he teaches you the psychology behind selling and what builds trust between buyer/seller relationships.

2. Who is Mike Barron?

Here’s a bit of Mike Barron’s background: 

Mike Barron was born into a tough neighborhood, with parents who had neither the time nor the money to support his education. His attitude of “never giving up” helped him make friends and excel in school. 

As a teenager, Barron dreamed of becoming successful enough to help out his family, friends, and community.

As it would happen, Mike’s life took an about-face when he had the luck of being accepted to university. After graduating with honors, he was offered a staff position at the university where he’d earned his degree.

Over time, the college recognized his noteworthy credentials, which prompted the administration to offer him a new, exalted position as director. 

But before this could be fulfilled, fate intervened and caused the school to shut down…leaving Mike penniless and destitute.

Call that luck or chance, but the result was this: He ended up working as the number one salesperson of Grant Cardone’s company.

Mike is the mastermind behind Closer Academy and Limelight Media, a company dedicated to helping Fitness professionals through Facebook marketing.


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3.Pros and cons of Mike Barron’s Closer Academy


  • Mike Barron’s Closer Academy is affordable

Mike’s training program costs less than $100, so it’s affordable for most people. 

Compared to some online courses that cost thousands of dollars, his course is a bargain.

  • Mike Barron’s sales techniques are valuable and up-to-date 

When it comes to sales, there are no shortcuts. 

Barron’s Closer Academy will not only teach you the fundamentals of a sale and help you tailor your approach to the sale you are currently on, but also enable you to learn faster than with any other training program out there.


  • You won’t be the owner of your own online business

If what you’re looking for is to learn about sales and start your own business, Mike Barron won’t help you. 

He can teach you a thing or two about selling, but his lessons won’t help you lift your OWN successful empire.

You’ll basically be working on commissions, and most of the money will go to Mike himself. 

So, if you dream about having your own online business, you can try one of these courses to get there.

  • You will always depend on another person

In Mike Barron ‘s Closer Academy, students learn how to use the best practices of salespeople to make money—but for someone else. 

As I’ve mentioned above, Barron ‘s approach doesn’t teach users to mount businesses of their own and sell through them.

Now, I know it is hard to find a good mentor and learn the techniques of someone who’s proven to be successful, like Mike. 

But my advice is that if you want to be successful in life, don’t ever depend on someone else to make you rich because you never know when they may leave.

  • The program has no money-back-guarantee

We’ve already said that programs that don’t usually offer a guarantee tend to be fraudulent, but that doesn’t mean this program is a scam. 

However, when it comes to speaking of Mike Barron’s money-back guarantee, Closer Academy doesn’t offer one.

4.Can you make real money with Mike Barron’s Closer Academy?

The thing is that there’s no magic formula here. You’ll need to learn how to sell effectively over the phone or via video chat. 

And if you’re not naturally outgoing and charismatic, it will take some time for you to get used to talking with strangers about the products they offer.

But if you’re willing to put in the effort and learn from your mistakes, then Mike Barron’s Closer Academy could be a great investment for your future career as a telemarketer or online marketer.

5.Bottom Line: Do I recommend Mike Barron’s Closer Academy?

As you’ve no doubt heard, the sales industry is a goldmine. And if you’re interested in becoming a more experienced salesperson, I highly recommend Mike Barron’s training.

The Closer Academy has a lot of great features:

You’ll learn how to write killer subject lines and how to craft both email and mobile messages that get opened. You’ll be able to use the same strategies Mike uses to sell his products.

Mike also gives you a little peek inside his own life. He shares a few stories about his own challenges with phone sales, and how he overcame them. He even talks about how he got started online.

In addition, you’ll see Mike’s own sales funnels and how he added value for his customers by giving away free ebooks, membership sites, and other products. 

However, there are some downsides. 

In a nutshell, to become a full-fledged closer, it will take time and practice. 

There are easier ways to make money online if you want to get started fast (you can check our top recommendation here)

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