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Millionaire Millennial Course Review – 6 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend It

By Netbooks Review

Last updated Dec 22, 2022

Amazon FBA is a popular starting point for people looking to set up an online business, because of its simplicity, low start-up cost and high earning potential. 

As such there are many courses out there claiming they can teach you how to make money with it.

Now, lots of these courses are scams ’cause they give no real value and use tactics that break Amazon’s terms of service, which can lead to your account getting suspended or closed.

Unlike those, the Millionaire Millennial says it will teach you the real tactics of people who have already built businesses in Amazon FBA, and give you the support and tools you need to succeed…

But can you trust these guys? Is the Millionaire Millennial program legit?

In this review I’ll take a closer look at the course and share six reasons to help you decide if the Millionaire Millennial course is right for you or not.

Let’s get started. 


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Summary of Millionaire Millennial

In short, Millionaire Millennial is a training course for Amazon FBA that teaches you how to search the site and see what hot products are doing. 

It’s all about finding those products and reselling them.

find product to sell

The program consists of 4 different video modules:

Module 1: Retail Arbitrage

In case you don’t know, retail arbitrage is the act of purchasing products from a retailer and then selling those same products online at a higher price. This is what the first module of Millionaire Millennials is all about. 

They will teach you how to choose the best retailers products and increase sales of your products. You will also learn how to stay competitive in the market.

Module 2: Online Arbitrage

The second training module covers online arbitrage. They’ll show you how to find the best deals and discover grouped products, which will get you more profitability. 

You’ll also learn how to unlock brands that aren’t in your account so you can sell them on your Amazon seller page.

Module 3: Private Label

In the module you’ll learn to find profitable niches, investigate your market using secondary data and primary sources, and avoid patent infringement—all while creating a nice list of products that you can sell through PPC.

Module 4: Wholesale

In this last module, we will focus on identifying great companies and negotiating a profitable agreement, taking advantage of events and trade fairs to establish contacts and create an intelligent marketing plan.

6 reasons why I don’t recommend Millionaire Millennial 

1) A lot of its information is taken from the Internet

Basically, Millionaire Millennial is made up of the different strategies that have already been used by others for online courses. 

You will learn how they managed to succeed with their Amazon stores and what they did well. You’ll also find out what they did wrong and how you can use their experiences to effectively build your own business empire….

However, these strategies are not unique.  That means you can easily find them in other training programs, YouTube or online. 

2) There’s not in-depth PPC training

It should be noted that this training program doesn’t cover the benefits of using Facebook Ads or other PPC platforms to promote your Amazon store -and without them, you won’t succeed.

There is a short module on Facebook advertising and how to use it to promote your products, but it’s fairly basic and doesn’t go in-depth enough. 

This is unfortunate because, again, you need to know how to use Facebook Ads correctly if you want to succeed. 

The only way to properly learn is to spend a lot of time testing and learning from your mistakes -something that can be very expensive.

3) This training program promises you’ll get rich overnight

They make unrealistic promises that will keep you from being successful in the long run.

When it comes to making money, it’s not realistic to think that you can jump into something and start earning thousands of dollars right away. 

It takes time and hard work to make money with Amazon FBA.

4) Amazon FBA is a really competitive industry

Amazon FBA is a really competitive industry that is not easy to get into. When you think about it, the beauty of Amazon is that you can buy anything and everything under the sun from this one platform. 

In your first year as an Amazon seller, you will be competing with millions of other sellers, large and small. Even though the barrier to entry is low, as I mentioned previously, it’s not easy to make money through Amazon FBA. 

If you’re going to make money by selling stuff on Amazon, then you need to differentiate your products from everyone else’s in some way. 

This could be by offering a product that doesn’t already exist on Amazon or is a niche product that only a few people are looking for. Or it could be by sourcing your products from somewhere nobody else has thought of before. 

The problem with Millionaire Millennial’s course is that it doesn’t teach you how to do any of these things

5) Millionaire Millennial has a high price tag 

Millionaire Millennial’s pricing plans look like this: 

  • You make a one-time payment of $697
  • You can make two payments of $420 each
  • You can make three payments of $300 each 

The way I see it, these prices are NOT fair. 

Millionaire Millennial’s program is incomplete and it’s one of the most expensive one out there, when it’s mainly the same stuff you can find for free on the Internet.

6) Their money-back-guarantee is a scam

Millionaire Millennial claims that if you’re not satisfied with the content of the program, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

But if you jump on the internet and look for some reviews of Millionaire Millennial’s former students, you’ll see that this simply isn’t true. Many people asked for a refund, but they haven’t been given one. 

This means Millionaire Millennial may be using deceptive marketing to attract people and leave their money knowing that they’re unlikely to get it back again.


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Final Thoughts on Millionaire Millennial: Scam or not?

The Millionaire Millennial program is not a scam. The course includes some good information that can be helpful while building your Amazon store…

But I don’t recommend you to join this program if you have other options. 


Well, there is a lot of information about this program on the Internet that you can easily find and learn from. The internet has so much good information about making money online out there already that if you want to do it, you don’t need to spend money on something like Millionaire Millennial. 

If you want to use the information in Millionaire Millennial to make extra cash, go ahead, but if you’re hoping to use this program as your ticket out of poverty, I’m afraid it’s just not going to happen.

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