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Last updated Feb 24, 2022

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve heard some pretty promising stories about Jordan Benford’s latest venture — The Millionaires Group (MIG).

There are thousands of review sites on the Internet buzzing about this “club”, most of which are nothing but affiliate shills inflate statistics and mislead visitors.

This article is going to be different though.

I’ve thoroughly researched Jordan Benford’s Millionaires Group and I’m about to show you why you should never invest in this business.

Let’s dive right in.

First, what’s The Millionaires Group?

Jordan Benford’s The Millionaires Group is a binary options trading system that is based on the concept that it is possible to make money with binary options even if you don’t have any experience in this type of field.

Millionaires Group option trading

They are claiming that you can make $2,000 or more each day with their system and all you need to do is invest $250 into the broker account that they recommend.

In a nutshell, The Millionaires Group promises you’ll:

– Get access to the best signals possible
– Use the best software available on the market
– Work with a team of analysts and trading experts who are committed to helping you succeed
– Build wealth fast with their guidance and just a few clicks of the mouse
– Start making money as soon as you join

Now, to be honest, I’m not sure why everyone seems to believe this is true because it’s obviously scamish. If there was some magical way for anyone and everyone to get rich with their software, then everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t have any poor people in the world!

So, let me just say this right now: if you want to make money online, don’t do it with Jordan Benford’s Millionaire Group (which is nothing but a scam).

Here’s why:

5 Reasons NOT to Invest in The Millionaires Group

   1- The Millionaires Group may not be telling you the whole truth about binary options

The thing about scams like The Millionaires Group is that they are always trying to get you to believe that trading binary options is easy and that anyone can do it. The truth, however, is completely different.

scam alert

Binary options trading can be very profitable, but only if you have enough experience and know what you are doing when placing trades. It’s something that requires dedication and hard work if you want to become really good at it.

There are no shortcuts here!

   2- The Millionaires Group is making a lot of claims that have no basis or evidence.

The Millionaires Group website is full of promotional videos featuring Jordan sitting in a helicopter at sunset proclaiming how great his system is, or driving around in fancy sports cars while ranting about how much money he makes every second of every day – but there’s no real evidence that any of this is true.

All we see are empty promises and big words that mean nothing.

This is a clear scam tactic used by fake services and products. If you cannot prove something then do not make such bold claims!

   3- The Millionaires Group uses a lot of fake testimonials

Most of the testimonials that I found about The Millionaires Group are just a bunch of made-up stories. They don’t look or sound real at all…and it’s clear that they were written by some sales copywriter.

copywriting skills

Have you watched the video on their sales page?

It’s a bunch of testimonials from people who got rich overnight by using this system. But unfortunately, none of these testimonials are real.

The Millionaires Group has hired a bunch of actors to read some lines and say that they got rich quickly by using this system.

   4- There’s a huge lack of information about their system

There is literally no information about the company or the owners -the Jordan Benford we see in their sales video is, as I mentioned above, probably a paid actor.

The Millionaires Group website is a long sales letter with a few pictures and testimonials from people who have supposedly made huge profits from the service, and it doesn’t tell you anything about what kind of work you have to do inside the program.

This makes me think that there are going to be some nasty surprises when you sign up for this system and find out what it’s really all about.

Also, The Millionaires Group fails to provide any contact details on the website aside from an email address and a phone number (which we doubt is even in use). This makes it difficult for anyone hoping to contact them, ask questions or make complaints.

This type of activity is typically associated with scam trading systems that only operate online without any reputable license or regulation.

   5- They will entice you to invest your hard-earned cash into unregulated binary brokers

In order for a broker to be licensed, they must meet a certain level of financial requirements and also pass a series of tests in order to prove that they are capable of handling other people’s money.

The Millionaires Group does not provide any proof that the brokers they recommend are licensed and regulated, which means there is no evidence that you can trust them with your hard-earned cash.

So, investing your money with them is clearly a very risky thing to do -typically these unregulated brokers will scam people out of their money as they do not have any rules and regulations to adhere to.

Bottom Line

Trading binary options isn’t as easy as clicking your mouse however many times. It takes skill and experience in order to understand the market and make a profit from it, so if you do decide to sign up with The Millionaires Group, we suggest you don’t pin all your hopes on it working out for you.

It’s very clear that the people who created The Millionaires Group aren’t actually in it to help you make money. They are in it to make money for themselves, and they don’t care how they do it. If you sign up with them, you’re just going to get ripped off.

Look; there are plenty of legit binary options programs out there which can help you generate an income online, but The Millionaires Group is most certainly not one of them.

If you want to avoid being scammed, I highly recommend that you stay away from this system!

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