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Modern Millionaires Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

The most efficient way to sell online is with lead generation and that is what The Modern Millionaires promises to teach you.

Is Modern Millionaires a scam or legit training program that delivers on its promises?

Let’s find out:

Lead generation or lead flipping is a simple yet powerful business. You are working as THE middleman and putting them together with potential clients.

Those who want to listen to them.

People who want to buy their product or service.

Most businesses will grab the opportunity with both hands. They will be waiting for the moment to open their wallet and take out the money to purchase leads from your agency.


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The Modern Millionaires Review:

Disclaimer:This Modern Millionaires review is based on extensive research and reviews found online. My research was based on publicly available information and testimonials. The conclusions I draw are all my own.

Modern Millionaires is a training program that offers a unique opportunity for those looking for a completely different way to create passive income.

modern millionaires scam logo

It helps you build an online lead generation agency.

Basically, they show you how to set up the business, find clients, and flip leads to them.

None of the other courses do that. That is just one of many reasons I like this course.

It’s the fastest way to make maximum money from the minimum effort in 2021, and I’m gonna break down their whole program for you.

I wish I knew all of this in high school, really.

You’re going to love what you see.

1. When I first heard Modern Millionaires?

The first time I heard about Modern Millionaire I was at Vancouver International Airport on my way to London.
I had come from South Africa and was on a mission to find a new place to call home.

My pockets were crying before I set foot on the ground

The cost of living in a first-world country can be insane, guys.

And all my earning power was based on a Tim Hortons Cafe gift card with $30 loaded on it.

The backstory to this situation was that I regretfully bought some pricey Canadian “herbs”, then sold them onto a host from couchsurfing.com who paid me with this gift card.

I really needed the cash for when I landed in London.

But people were only giving me strange looks like I was some sort of bum. I tried selling stuff on Amazon

Except for one guy. Joey.

Joey and I got into a conversation and he told me that he had just finished filming at a live event called Modern Millionaire.

Apparently, people were learning how to start internet marketing businesses and live out their dreams.

To be honest, my first thought was, “oh no, not another one of these dumb make-money-from-home pitches. These frigging internet marketers are out of control!” I checked the program’s ratings at BBB and Trust Pilot and saw some really good reviews. Nobody called them a scam. Yes, there were some disgruntled users, but the Modern Millionaires team has responded to all negative reviews and addressed any concerns.

modern millionaires quotes

And besides, who was I to judge?

I was the bum who just tried to resell a Tim Horton’s gift card!

I had had some experience with online marketing and fantasized about living the digital nomad lifestyle during my undergraduate years, but could never find a business model that felt right.

I knew the theory behind sales funnels, writing catchy headlines, running Google Ads, and was even making some money from managing a company’s YouTube Channel.

But I had no idea how to grow into a more successful business.

My only plan was to find a job.

Even a 9-to-5 job that made me crawl to the office in the morning.

As long as I could pay bills, anything was fine.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation with Joey and what he told me about the Modern Millionaires course and starting my own officeless agency.

Also, it was the worst time in history to enter the London job market.

The final Brexit decision was to be made in March and many businesses were waiting before hiring new staff.

The only work I found was able to find was a part-time job at a kosher butcher.

And I was vegan.

Side note:

If at this point you’re thinking I was a loser, I don’t blame you

It was a pretty tough situation and something needed to change.

After a few weeks, I went back to the Modern Millionaire website.

I watched all of their available video content and read all the reviews I could find.

If I was going to take a leap of faith, these guys had better be the real deal and get their students some real results.


Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

  • Semi-Passive
  • Recurring Income
  • Live Bootcamp
  • 80% of the Work Done for you
  • Proven Experts


2. What’s Inside Modern millionaires course?

I scheduled a call with Abdul’s brother, Wahaj – the guy from the Bum To Boss series. Someone I could relate to!

I told Wahaj this exact same story that I’ve told here.

He laughed.

Then we discussed the program but the real question on my mind was “how much is this going to cost?”

It wasn’t cheap.

Actually, it’s probably one of the biggest investments I’ve made.

And when I think about it, committing to something with a high price tag changes the game.

I’ve received premium training programs from various sources in the past for “free”. I’ve also paid for some.

Call it karma, but it’s always the ones that I’ve paid for that yielded the best results.

Like a mutual flow of value.

Making the investment got me to commit 100% and play it all out.

However, don’t panic. Modern Millionaires gives you three options for your subscription, based on what you need and can afford:

1) DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) Package 

If you are a hands-on kind of person, this is the perfect option for you. You will get all of the essential tools and resources that you need to start your own ad agency without having to invest in any additional equipment or resources. 

What’s included?

  • Access to 4 weeks of the training academy
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook community page
  • Daily live coaching calls (Monday – Friday) 
  • Step-by-Step video tutorials and worksheets
  • The Modern Millionaires automated system & funnels blueprint 
  • 24/7 customer support from the team

2) DONE-WITH-YOU (DWY) Package

The Done-With-You package is for people who have already started or are looking to start an agency and just need some help. 

The coaching in this option is mostly focused on the implementation of the systems that are taught in the 90-day boot camp, as well as helping you get over any hurdles that may be preventing you from scaling your business. 

What’s included?

  • Everything included in the DIY Package
  • 3 months of the Modern Millionaires Agency Bootcamp
  • Weekly 1-on-1 calls with an assigned coach
  • Full customized support and mentorship from their team 

3) DONE-FOR-YOU (DFY) Package

Creating a successful agency takes a lot of time and effort. With this DFY package, the Modern Millionaires team helps you start your own digital marketing agency from scratch. 

You won’t have to learn anything about digital marketing or struggle to find clients for your new business.

If you go for this option, they’ll handle every aspect of building your agency and set up everything for you. 

What’s included?

  • Agency website development
  • Branding
  • Choose a niche (within the local business industry)
  • Build a marketing platform to attract customers
  • Run customer acquisition system (CAS)
  • Landing first client
  • Fulfillment system 

3. Is Modern millionaires a Scam?

It is definitely not a scam. In fact, it is the best Google and Facebook Ads training for local businesses.

So probably you’ll learn a thing or three with them.

It is a course created to teach you the techniques that led its creators to achieve the economic freedom that we all want.

They call their method “lead flipping”.

what is lead flipping

I think we can just call it THE method.

Through very complete modules, they’ll not only teach you step-by-step how to “flip leads” to business owners by applying their 7-figure-making methods.

But they’ll also give you loads of resources created by them so that you can make a difference. Scammers don’t do this, huh?

4. Who are Abdul & Chance?

Abdul & Chance are the two guys who created Modern Millionaires. They’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and business insider

Their story starts at some marketing event in Las Vegas a few years ago.

Chance bumped into Abdul who had recently quit his job, traveled the world, and bought his parents a bunch of nice things they wanted but could never afford.

After deciding to work together, they quickly got down to business and not only did they make a ton of money along the way, they mapped out everything they did and built the Modern Millionaires course.

The two of them have made millions of dollars from the exact system taught in the Modern Millionaires course

That’s very impressive.

So if you’re looking for legit mentors who have actually made millions, Abdul & Chance talk the talk….

…and walk the walk.

Chance & Abdul are two very smart individuals who genuinely do their best to ensure their students have the highest chance of success with Modern Millionaires.

They have created a community full of hustlers, go-getters, and people who have successfully built their own freedom machines.

5. An Overview of the Course Modules:

Here’s what you are going to get:

Module 1: The Foundation

Everything you need to do, is laid out step-by-step.

What you expect from this course is to generate money for the local business owners you work with.

They get hooked and pay you month-after-month.


Especially because they seem to know all the ways to do it.

There are over 20+ hours of exclusive content that completely removes all the guesswork.

You’ll find a lot of useful content early on, like how to turn your time into dollars, manage your income, find your niche, and nail the job.

modern millionaires module 1

Module 2: Prospecting & Clients

Almost every business owner out there wants you to flip leads to them.

Who wouldn’t want to be sent leads?

They’ll show you 120+ types of niches & business owners that are desperately looking for someone to flip leads to them.

It’s a simple formula:

They make money = you make money

In this module they’ll teach you some techniques to market yourself out there the right way:

You’ll be trained in cold email marketing, they’ll show you how to build a stunning portfolio and nail that Linkedin profile.

But you’ll also learn things like the art of deal-making or how to set up payment processors.

modern millionaires module 2

Module 3A: Driving Traffic With Google Ads

The third module is all about getting traffic and is broken down into three parts so you can learn all the ways to do it.

In this first part, you’ll get to know everything you need to know about Google Ads.


From how to set up and optimize your campaign, how to be the best at keyword research and how to set a budget, to how to integrate useful software that’ll help you take your campaign to another level and track it along the way.

module 3a modern millionaires

Module 3B: Driving Traffic With Facebook

So, I know there are many other courses focused on Facebook Ads.

But this one far exceeds their content.

You won’t only learn how to create a FB campaign from scratch, but also everything about optimizing and scaling it.

There’s also a bonus you can find really helpful if you’re starting out, and that’s about AdSpy and how to nail your research.

Like in all of the other parts of module 3, you get a checklist so you don’t miss any of the steps!

module 3b modern millionaires

Module 3C: Driving Traffic With Lead Nurturing

If you’re not familiar with the lead nurturing concept, don’t worry.

They make it quite easy for you.

They’ll teach you all about setting a lead nurturing campaign, FB leads ad integration and how to add clients and employees to CRM, just like a real boss.

modern millionaires 3c module

Module 4: Creating an AutoPilot System

Here’s the honey from the honeycomb.

Abdul and Chance will show you exactly how they made their money machine work by itself.

Without much work from you.

That’s the power of automation!

You’ll also get to know some tips to smooth your team’s communication and they’ll show you top-software you can use to grow your business from day one.

module 4 modern millionaires

Access to Live Workshops

Time for a reality check:

Network is equal to your net worth.

Modern Millionaires offers you weekly coaching calls from their top students, making over-sharing EXACTLY what they’re doing RIGHT NOW.

You can also check their Facebook Group daily workshops -they are gold.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Every Wednesday at 7 pm EST you’ll enjoy a video call with the founders.

This is where you can ask questions directly, get ideas, and feel inspired to set and hit your next goals.

There will also be other filthy rich students to tell you HOW they did it.

Take out a notebook and take notes.

This isn’t something you can learn elsewhere.

6. Can you make money with Modern Millionaires?

How are you doing with your degree?

Do you have time to study while you sew the hole in your pockets?

So many syllabus and subjects to spend your life paying for training that teaches you how to go through hell on Monday mornings.

Instead, what these guys teach you focuses on learning two skills:

Just two.

  1. Make businesses’ phones ring dollars
  2. Create an automated “client-getting-machine” to work as little as possible.

Basically, all they ask you to do is take your laptop, leave that LoL ranked for another moment, and create a small “online billboard” for business.

People will click on your online billboard, and they will call those businesses.

And these money machines will pay you monthly more than your 9-to-5 job will ever give you.

7. How much does the Modern Millionaires cost?

After joining the program, you have expected to budget for the following items:

$200-300 to get your own agency website made on Upwork.com
$55 for a hosting package + about $35 for domains
$105 pm for your prospecting and email automation technology

The Pros:

Modern Millionaires stands out for how personal it is.

To join, you just have to go to their website and schedule a call with one of the mentors.

They will explain all the details and answer all your questions.

But they will not sell you anything.


We’ve all seen thousands of crazy make-money-from-home pitches trying to eat our heads all over the internet.

But Abdul and Chance know very well that this program isn’t for everyone.

In the conversation, they will find out if:

i. You’re a motivated and dedicated person

This isn’t some kind of “get rich quick” trap; this requires hard work and dedication to hone a skill.

If you aren’t willing to work hard, then this isn’t right for you.

ii. You have enough money to afford it

As I said before, it’s not cheap.

But your iPhone isn’t either and you couldn’t live without it, right?

Quality over quantity.

Is it better to invest in a set of skills that will allow you to create your high-profit online business making a fortune of it…

…Or spend years and a fortune on college?

Think about it

iii. You’re not lazy

modern millionaires is not for lazy people

Most people want the “magic pill”.

This is not the Matrix (sadly)

There are no magic pills that will take you to an ideal reality.

If you’re not willing to do the work, then this isn’t for you.

iv. You don’t mind talking to strangers

You have to pick up the phone if you wanna make money.

What means that you can’t run a business if you don’t want to talk to other people.

People are people, but in this case, they’re also money.

You have to learn to communicate well.

8. Is Modern Millionaires legit?

Look, the way I see it, definitely yes.

You can spend more than $30,000 on a university degree, or search for a MOOC on how to create an online business.

You can try to jump into the pool with the other big fishes, but you’ll have to drown many times before you learn to swim.

Let’s face it:

You can spend months trying to get something original, ask your parents for a loan – and considering that they thought they’d get rid of you years ago, they may not take it very well, right?

Getting the government paperwork not to kill you, and praying to three different religions to keep paying the bills.

Don’t know about you, but it’s not the lifestyle I want for me.


I fully admit that I’m biased towards lead generation.

It’s a scalable, evergreen business model that’s not going away.

It’s also one that continues to work for me and I’ve basically tried ‘em all.

And yes, I know.

Modern Millionaires it’s not cheap.

But in reality, this course should easily be offered for way more.

At $495, this course is a steal for everything you get.

And what do you get?

The opportunity to build a 5-figures business, work from anywhere and pull off a 4-hour work week.

I mean, what else do you need?

These two guys took the step and changed their lives.

There’s no better proof of the success of the program if they teach you themselves.

If they can do it, then you most definitely can!
Click here if you’re ready to scale up your game and meet me at the other side!

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