Monat MLM Reviews – Hair Care Business or Work-from-Home Scam?

By Roy Goldstein

June 16, 2020

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is the Monat MLM?
  2. Monat MLM Products
  3. How Much Does Monat Cost?
  4. Is Monat a Scam?
  5. The Monat Compensation Plan
  6. Negative Reviews and Lawsuits
  7. Pros of the Monat MLM
  8. Cons of the Monat MLM
  9. Bottom Line Review of the Monat MLM

One of the newer players in the MLM marketplace is Monat Global. If you have friends reaching out to you about starting a Monat business, then it’s time to take a closer look at what the company offers. This Monat MLM review will show whether or not this company is a scam or a great work-from-home opportunity.

What Is the Monat MLM

If you have hair and are on social media in 2020, you’ve probably heard of the Monat MLMMonat Global is a Doral, FL company that manufactures and sells luxury hair products. It uses a direct sales model to sell through representatives, called “Market Partners,” rather than through stores.

Monat is a relatively new player in the MLM world, founded just six years ago in 2014. In its first several years of business, Monat had great publicity as its Market Partners gushed over their glowing, full heads of hair.

Hair is at the heart of what Monat offers. Its products are hair care and styling products that Market Partners claim are helpful for restoring and rejuvenating hair.

The shampoo and conditioner are the foundational products, but the company also sells scalp rejuvenation oil, supplements that help encourage healthy hair and topical hair products to help with styling. None of the products are FDA tested or approved, but Monat claims the products natural and safe. All Monat products are free from sulfates.

Monat MLM Products

If you’re considering joining Monat as a Market Partner, you need to be confident in the product you are selling. One of those products is its signature Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive. Monat claims this hair treatment uses plants and essential oils that are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and other nutrients to repair the hair, encourage new hair growth, and reduce stress on the body.

In addition, Monat sells shampoo and conditioner designed to work with the Rejuveniqe. Monat also sells styling products that help people achieve a healthier style without sticky residue. Many products are sold in systems, such as:

  • Volume Treatment System – a shampoo, conditioner and root lifter that adds volume to the hair

  • Body System – Shampoo, conditioner and sculpting taffy to increase body

  • Volume Tame System – Shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray to keep volume at bay

  • Balance Treatment System – Shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and hair mask to restore balance.

  • Men Treatment System – A specialized system for men that includes a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner product

Monat advertises its products as “anti-aging” hair products. It claims that customers found relief from all sorts of complaints, including dandruff, breakage, and thinning. The company also states that its products are “all-natural” and “absolutely safe.”


How Much Does Monat Cost?

Monat products individually are very expensive, ranging from $30 to $60 a bottle. Many people choose to launch a Monat business to get their products at a lower cost. Those who aren’t interested in a business can become VIP customers to get a discount through the company’s auto-ship process.

To start a business you will need to purchase a business starter pack, which is $99. This pack comes with samples of Monat‘s products and the setup for the MLM, including the back office and selling website. Monat offers three additional levels of starter packs that come with full-sized products. These are priced at $299, $399 and $649.




In addition, in order to remain an active partner, you must have 200 PV in personal purchases every month. If you don’t buy enough product, you will no longer be a Market Partner and earn income with Monat. Also, every year you will need to pay a $49.99 annual fee to keep your business running.

Is Monat a Scam or Legit?

If you’re considering Monat as an option to make money, you’re probably wondering if Monat is a scam or a legit business. For something to be a scam, it needs to make money off of people without having a genuine product to sell. Based on this definition, Monat is not a scam.

Monat distributors sell hair care products. People who sign up with them will receive a physical product. In this way, it is not a scam.

That said, making money with Monat is not guaranteed. In fact, it can be challenging to earn an income with this company. If you’re considering becoming a Monat distributor, then you need to take a close look at the company’s compensation plan.

The Monat Compensation Plan

Like many MLMs, the Monat compensation plan is a bit complex with many levels of achievement. Market Partners can make money in one of five ways. This includes:

  • Bringing on VIP customers

  • Achieving advancement bonuses

  • Smart Start bonuses

  • Sponsor and developing new Market Partners

  • Retail sales commissions

All new sellers start as Market Partners who earn commissions on the products they buy and the products they sell. Market Partners will also strive to recruit new Market Partners. These actions help them get to the next rank.

Every step up on the rank ladder with Monat brings bonuses and higher commissions. Market Partners rank up by adding new personally referred Market Partners, increasing the total sales for their team, and building a successful downline. Each level has minimum monthly requirements for sales both on the personal level and the team level.

Making Money with Monat

So with the compensation plan in mind, is it possible to make money with Monat? The answer depends on your ability to sell expensive hair care products and recruit new team members.

Even though Monat has five ways to earn, the biggest bonuses and benefits come from recruiting new sellers. This is common with all MLMs, and Monat is no exception.

Income disclosure statements for Monat are hard to find, but in 2018 the majority of those in Monat, 94% to be exact, where Market Partners. They earned an average annual income of $183.

Income levels jump significantly with increases in rank, and Managing Market Partners earn $2,301 per year. To make a livable wage of $38,630 per year, a seller must make it to Market Mentor, a rank only 0.22% of the company achieves and the seventh level up in the company.


Monat MLM Negative Reviews and Lawsuits

Unfortunately, Monat is not a perfect product, and the company has had a large number of complaints from unhappy customers. The Better Business Bureau has nearly 1,000 complaints about the product, as an example. In addition, several class-action lawsuits are on record against Monat Global.

The lawsuits filed against Monat claim that the products caused painful and sometimes permanent damage to customers’ hair and scalp. While this does not happen to all users and Monat has many satisfied customers, it is still a risk. The lawsuits claim little support from the company when reactions occur.

Other customers complain that they could not get their money back when requested after suffering a reaction to Monat. Some express frustration about the auto-ship, claiming they did not know they were signing up for monthly orders and charges.

Pros of the Monat MLM

Now that you’ve read about the details of the compensation plan and the products, it’s time to take a closer look at the benefits of selling through the Monat MLM.

Quality Products for Many

First, Monat offers a product that many people like using for their hair. It’s not a scam, because there is a true product sold. While the product is costly, it does clean and style hair like advertised.

Relatively New Player

One benefit of selling Monat is the fact that the company is relatively new. This means there is still a large, untapped market for potential buyers. Those who start selling now can position themselves to rank high as their teams grow.

Rapid Expansion

Monat is growing quickly. In just six years it has already expanded throughout the entire United States as well as Canada and Europe. Fast expansion often means a high-demand product.


Cons of the Monat MLM

Like most MLMs, Monat has its drawbacks. This Monat review would not be complete without addressing some of them. These include:

Problems with the Products for Some

Some people report severe adverse reactions to Monat products. This includes hair loss and scalp irritation. The reactions have been so bad that some have filed lawsuits against Monat.

Poor Customer Service when Refunds Are Wanted

Based on Monat MLM reviews, getting a refund if you’re unhappy with the products is difficult. Many former Market Partners claim they cannot get an answer about their money if they request a refund. Those who do get refunds find it takes several months to get them.

Difficult to Cancel Membership

Market Partners who decide to stop selling Monat often find that it’s difficult to cancel their memberships. This can lead to recurring charges and auto-ship deliveries that aren’t wanted.

No FDA Approval

Unlike other hair care products, Monat is not FDA-approved. The company claims this is because the products are such high quality that the FDA continues to block approval, but lack of FDA-approval means the products could have dangerous or harmful ingredients.

Pay-to-Play Structure

Because Monat requires its Market Partners to have 200 PV orders each month, staying with the company can get costly. Making that monthly order eats up profits for the Market Partner. Even if the Market Partner has a month with no sales to earn commissions from, they must make a personal order to stay active.

Success Is Rare

While you can make a lot of money with Monat, that is rare. The top tier earners can earn as much as $20,000 a month in commissions, but most stay at the Market Partner level. The average annual income for Market Partners is $183, which is about $15 a month.

Products Are Cheaper Elsewhere

One of the biggest problems with Monat is the fact that the products cost a lot, so people are always looking to find a bargain price. Many Monat products are for sale on Amazon and eBay, which gives potential customers a route to find a discount. This can hurt your profits as you try to sell.

Here’s Why MLM’s Are Not Worth Your Time and How You Can Earn 6 Figures Online In 2020 Flipping Leads to Businesses.

So what’s the bottom line? The Monat MLM is a valid company with a true product, so it is not a scam. However, it is riddled with problems.

See, I’ve been in your shoes before thinking MLM’s were the best way to make money online and ultimately live “good life.” 

I got invited to an MLM meeting back in 2014 right when the business was just starting.

I sat in the room for about 10 minutes before I realized, I do not want to do grimey manipulation to get people to buy into this obscure MLM.

I wasn’t thrilled with the product and I wasn’t especially thrilled about having to call friends and family to get money out of them. (MLM’s ruin relationships)

Thinking back on it, I knew people making a ton of money with MLM and I realized they weren’t doing two things

Generating leads instantly via Google and Facebook ads
Using the internet to spread their presence across the country

I wasn’t built for the MLM scene, but I did learn something extremely valuable.

I learned that I needed to figure out how to do internet marketing FAST. I was learning all about SEO and how to rank websites and get free traffic, but who has the time for that when there’s a 10x faster way to generate the same money.

Online billboards.

My mentors were making tens of thousands of dollars per month by running ads on Google and Facebook flipping leads to businesses.

This convinced me to join a mentorship program which teaches everything you need to know about running an “online billboard” business.

Check out these screenshots from my business partners “online billboard” agency

That’s ONE client paying $3,450 month after month…. Almost completely automated.

Look, if you’ve had success before with MLM’s, more power to you.

However, learning how to run online ads will not only be an incredibly valuable skill to have in today’s economy, but business owners are desperately needing people who understand online ads…

And they’re willing to pay a lot of money for you to flip leads for them.

Everybody wants to make money easily… especially online, but people fail not because they’re doing something wrong or not working hard, it’s because the core skills of many online businesses need to be built first.

Flipping leads using paid traffic, is one of the most valuable core skills to making money online and it’s not going away anytime soon.

This is how online billboards work in a simplified way.

With paid ads, you get results instantly! You can launch ads and close deals with business owners the same day!

The leads you get from your ads do all the talking.

You have customers ready to buy services, and business owners hungry for business. It’s that simple

What’s awesome about this business is once you learn how to run ads for businesses, you will have a permanent skill that will continue to make money for you for the rest of your career.

Generating leads is heavily in demand.

Small and large businesses aren’t vanishing anytime soon.

Business owners know that spending $5k/mo to make $25k/mo is a great investment. 

Get away from your dull job and just give this business model a try. I promise that once you get through learning the ropes, you’ll see how truly valuable it is.

Hope to see you there!

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