NuMedia Review: Scam or Real? The Truth Behind NuMedia Streaming

by | May 29, 2020

My NuMedia Review: What You Need to Know

When I first heard about NuMedia TV, it sounded too good to be true. First off, it would finally let me cut the cord, saving close to $1,000 every year from the cable bill while still providing my family with hundreds of channels. And at the same time it would bring in a revenue stream. NuMedia Global LLC offers a compensation plan to those who sign up others for their streaming services.

To understand how the MLM works, the service costs $49.95, much lower than traditional premium cable plans. And it would be a premium plan indeed, promising 1,500 NuMedia channels and 8,000 on demand videos. But with the compensation plan, all those NuMedia channels can be available for an even lower price.

For every person you sign up for NuMedia IPTV, you receive $10. The idea is, after signing up five people, you’ve earned yourself entirely free cable. And then for every subsequent person you sign up you’re actually earning money.

The truth is, when I was signing up for the free trial, I was most interested in getting all those channels for a great low price. I wasn’t thinking about whether I could make any real money from NuMedia Global. But after signing up I started wondering if this was even legal. I looked up NuMedia reviews and found out about all sorts of complaints, both by people using NuMedia as well as of the lawsuit variety!

After trying out the service and doing a lot of research I thought it was worthwhile to share my experience with NuMedia Global and what I’ve learned. Here is my NuMedia review so that you can decide for yourself if it’s a service you’d like to sign up for, or if it’s a scam you’d prefer to have nothing to do with.

To understand what NuMedia is, and isn’t, it’s important to understand what it is they are offering. NuMedia is offering customers two things. One is a set of offers from their television services.


What NuMedia TV Offers

According to their website, NuMedia TV offers:

  • Over 300 channels from the United States
  • 48 premium movie channels
  • Over 10,000 movies available as video-on-demand at no extra cost
  • Over 1,600 international channels
  • Over 60 sports channels, including MLB, NFL and NBA
  • Loads of children’s content

And all of this for just $49.95. That’s just a fraction of the cost of services like DirectTV and broadband cable. And plus, NuMedia promises to deliver all this without any long-term contract or credit checks. You just sign up for that 15-day free trial and you’ll be good to go. But that’s not all NuMedia promises.

What NuMedia Global LLC Offers for a Compensation Plan

On top of television services, NuMedia Global is offering subscribers a way to not only cut their already low cable bill but to actually make money with a compensation plan. And as mentioned above, while they offer $10 for every referral who signs up, those using NuMedia can make even more when those referrals go on to sign up people in the future.

That’s where the possibility to make some real work-from-home income comes from. When you sign up one person, you get $10, but if that person goes on to sign up several more people, you get a commission from each of those new people, and if each of those people goes on to sign up more, then you get a commission from all the new people!

Overall the idea is a multi-level marketing scheme, where people have opportunities to earn income through NuMedia on several different levels.

The Different Levels of NuMedia’s Compensation Plan

  1. Direct Commissions: This is the $10 that marketing affiliates receive from a direct referral.

2. Recruitment Commissions: There are higher level programs people can sign up for, including at the $250 and $1250 levels. Marketing affiliates can earn $100 and $350 for referrals to these programs.

 3. Residual Commissions: This can be one of the big money earners for marketing affiliates, especially as it accrues over time, and can continue to bring money in. It is operated under a fairly complex star system.

That can add up to a lot of money! And if you really invest some time in signing people up and using social media to your advantage, it sounds like it could be a real financial opportunity. The problem is that it all sounds a bit too good to be true, and you know what they say about that!

How Is This Even Legal? The History of NuMedia Global

In my research I found out that the company NuMedia was originally known as TVizion. Offered through a company called 247 Smartlife, TVizion offered  pretty much the exact same things that NuMedia says they offer today. What’s the difference?

Well as far as I can tell, the big difference is that TVizion got enmeshed in a lawsuit with Dish Network. That’s when NuMedia stepped in. Or rather that’s when they seem to have been created. This is when my Spidey Sense for a scam started tingling. It seemed like NuMedia Global LLC was basically created as a shell company to bail out TVizion from a pesky lawsuit.

The lawsuit, by the way, was for piracy. Which likely is a big concern for people using NuMedia. While you may not be worried about pirating cable, if you plan on really investing some time and energy into making income from NuMedia Global, you want to make sure they’ll be sticking around so you can take full advantage of that compensation plan.

Rather than deal with the lawsuit, TVizion was “acquired” by NuMedia in the spring of 2018. NuMedia has no record of existing prior to June of that year, making the whole set up look a bit like a shell corporation. Regardless, and despite claims of piracy, NuMedia has stuck around since 2018 and is delivering live TV and streaming services.


What Is NuMedia IPTV?

IPTV is how NuMedia operates in a gray area when it comes to pirating laws. IPTV stands for internet protocol television. It means that television is delivered over internet protocol networks. It is different from both satellite and cable and doesn’t require any downloading. In other words it allows for streaming television.

As to whether it’s legal or something that people are getting away with for now is a question that still needs to play out in the courts.

Is NuMedia TV Any Good?

If you’re thinking of signing up for the NuMedia free trial likely yout first concern is like mine. How’s the television? Let’s take a closer look.

First thing you should know about NuMedia streaming is that you’ll basically need a Firestick. NuMedia won’t function with a Roku and it’s not built for Apple TV. So while there are workarounds  by using the NuMedia app, I recommend having the Firestick if you’re going to really use NuMedia TV regularly.


In reading lots of NuMedia TV reviews it soon became clear there was another big difference between TVizion and NuMediaTV. TVizion offered much better content. From fresh new movies, to premium cable channels, to all of the television shows you actually want on demand, it seems like TVizion delivered. And I’ve got to tell you NuMedia TV falls short.

Sure there are still loads and loads of streaming live channels. And one possible advantage to NuMedia TV is how many international channels. You can seriously watch TV from all over the world streaming live. When I signed up it said there were over 1,600 global channels streaming, which is more than I’ll ever be able to watch in a lifetime.

So if all you want to do is stream live TV from around the world, then maybe NuMedia TV is a good fit, but besides that I found that some of the basic premium channels were missing, the television series available to stream on demand were completely random, and while there were quite a few great movies to choose from as videos on demand, they were nothing like the still in the theaters movies you have access to with cable or satellite video on demand.

One huge bonus for me with NuMedia TV was all of the access to sports. I loved being able to see whatever games I wanted, live, without having to sign up for seperate packages and without having to worry about blackouts. That aspect of streaming TV was another huge plus for me.

Is the NuMedia Free Trial Worth It?

So for just the streaming services is it worth it? Well right now if you’re looking to cut the cord but haven’t found the right set-up to commit to, it’s worth a try. And here was my experience with NuMedia streaming. I actually really loved being able to stream live TV, and not having to bother with cable contracts anymore was a big plus for me. It always just seemed like that bill was going up.

After paying for cable, paying just $50 a month felt like a great deal on its own, even if the services weren’t exactly what I was expecting. All-in-all, it may not replace the best cable and satellite plans, but if you have a Firestick I’d recommend giving the free trial a spin. For me, I decided to stick with a live TV streaming service, but one that skipped the whole MLM side of things. It’s called NuCable and the other advantage to the streaming service I chose? It’s half the price.

What is NuCable?

NuCable is a streaming service that operates much like NuMedia TV. But while NuCable only promises 400 channels, the ones they do offer are the exact ones I want to watch, from the premium cable channels to sports to a real selection of videos on demand that really reflects the newest stuff in theaters.

And while there is no MLM plan to make it free, at just $25 a month it’s truly a bargain compared to cable. And just like NuMedia, NuCable doesn’t require any contract or long-term committment.

I bet after all of this, you’d probably think that my opinion of NuMedia Global LLC is that it’s a real scam. But that’s not actually the case. First of all they do put out a product of some value. I’d even argue that for some it’s easily worth $50. But in terms of the MLM situation, do I think it’s a scam?

It may surprise you that the simple answer is, no I don’t. While in my research I did find some whispers of complaints against the company about paying residuals, overall the plan does have potential to make real money. Now does that mean I think that you should sign on as an affiliate? My advice there would also be no. Let’s take a closer look at why.


Is NuMedia Global LLC’s Compsensation Plan a Scam?

In order to understand how it might be possible to make some real money with NuMedia Global, it’s necessary to understand how the compensation plan functions on different levels. At first glance the system seems quite simple. Sign someone up and you get $10.

This means you’d have to sign five people up a month just to pay for your cable. This would be a laborious process that would be unlikely to yield any real income. However, there is more to the compensation plan than just that first referral level.

In order to make full use of the money-making potential of NuMedia Global, it’s necessary to take full advantage of the other two levels of marketing. And that means understanding the somewhat complex 4-star system that NuMedia has in place.

NuMedia associates earn money based on how many people they’ve recruited, as well as by teams they are able to assemble. One thing they don’t tell you in the beginning, when everything is presented as $0 investment to join, is that you’ll begin making money faster if you do invest, and if you’re able to talk others into similarly investing.


These are the recruitment commissions, which allow associates to earn hundreds of dollars at a time. But additionally by buying in to these programs, an associates star level is raised, allowing them to earn more money through residual commissions.

While being able to bring in $350 at a time might seem like a big deal, it’s actually the residual commissions which allow for the really big money making. In NuMedia Global’s system, you create teams based on the associates you bring in. Then based on how well each of the teams below you do, you’ll make more money. You’ll also be able to rise in star levels so that your earning a larger percentage.

NuMedia Global’s 4-Star Multi-Level Compensation Plan

The percentage earned by each star level at NuMedia Global LLC is as follows:

Star Level 1: 10%

Star Level 2: 20%

Star Level 3: 30%

Star Level 4: 40%

This means that once you’ve achieved Star Level 4, you’re earning 40% of commission paid.

For every subscription sold, NuMedia is paying a whole $25 out in referral fees. That’s $10 to the original referrer, plus the additional $15 which gets split up to all of the people who came before. If you’re at the top of the chain, receiving a piece of everyone’s commission, then it really can add up. That’s why NuMedia Global isn’t a total scam. If you’re great at marketing with the right software and can put together the right team to really move subscriptions then it’s possible to make this work to generate real income.

But remember, to have success with any MLM takes real marketing know-how. A free trial alone is not enough to move product.

FAQs About NuMedia Global

What Is NuMedia TV?

NuMedia TV is an IPTV service. It allows customers to stream thousands of NuMedia channels of live TV, as well as streaming videos on demand.

Is it a popular choice?

NuMedia TV reviews are mixed. Overall the company probably oversells itself.

Is it legal?

The verdict seems to still be out on this. Currently, the company is still functioning, but they have had lawsuit problems in the past with piracy complaints.

Is it a scam?

NuMedia functions like any other MLM, and with the right marketing know-how it’s possible to make money. . . so long as NuMedia Global LLC remains operational. And that brings me to my final point.

My Final Verdict: Is NuMedia Global Worth It?

Nope. Just like I’ve found a better streaming service, there are better MLMs. If you’re going to invest in putting together a team and marketing a product to lead to residual commissions, you want to make sure that the product will stick around. The past legal troubles that NuMedia has had in its previous incarnation as TVizion just goes to show that this is not the right company to be betting on its sticking around.


Why Flipping Leads is Better Than Numedia

For anyone that is looking to make serious money online and break the chains of working for some else, lead flipping is the most definitely the way to with the amount of opportunity it provides.

MLM is good to a point but it is pretty difficult to scale and you can often ruin your reputation with family and friends by selling them products or services they likely don’t want or need.

The opportunity is so great for lead flipping as small businesses can take advantage of your services far cheaper than hiring an entire internal marketing team.

With lead flipping, you are providing your own service that has real value vs selling some overhyped but underwhelming product for someone else with MLM. 

Lead flipping is great because the number of niches you can focus on is almost endless and you are sure to find at least something you genuinely enjoy. You won’t have to worry about what happens with the economy as businesses always need customers.

The hard work is done all upfront, once you have successful marketing campaigns generating steady leads for your local businesses, there is only minor upkeep each month. This maximizes the return on your time and you are free to set up more campaigns growing your income or choose to see the world while still earning money.

One of the best benefits of lead flipping is there is not a whole lot of overhead costs as well. The amount you pay for generating the leads is a small fraction of what you will earn for selling the leads.

Check out this highly recommended lead generating program if you would like to learn more about this business model. You will definitely be glad you did.