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Last updated Jan 31, 2022

Paul Mampilly’s Newsletter – A Time Waste or Worth your Time?


The other day, I came across a very sarcastic ad on Instagram that turned intriguing quickly.

Get stock picks from the “World’s Best Investor … Paul Mampilly”. Profits Unlimited for just $4/month.

Now I’m making a 6-figure monthly salary out of what I think it’s the best business model out there: lead generation.

But I’ve been where you are, and that’s why I gave it a try and I’m going to tell you about it.


What is Profits Unlimited?

profit unlimited inside marerial

If you follow the Dork, you know Artificial Intelligence is going to transform the world and generate HUGE returns for its investors.

The tricky part is finding the right stocks.

Unless you have a full research team at your disposal, you’ll have a hard time finding winners and investing money in the right places.

Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s monthly investment newsletter published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

In every issue, Paul Mampilly gives readers his take on the current state of the market, including professional-grade insights and analysis.

Each issue also includes a new strong-buy stock pick that Paul Mampilly breaks down in detail so you’d know before you invest.


Who is Paul Mampilly?

who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is the editor of Profits Unlimited, the financial newsletter for entrepreneurs and investors.

Since 2008, he has been earning record-breaking returns for his clients, putting them ahead of many institutional investors and wealth managers.

During this time, he has been interviewed by media worldwide; appeared on national television; and spoken at conferences around the world.

His articles have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Businessweek, and several others. And he regularly contributes to seminars, conferences, and websites featuring cutting-edge market analysis and commentary.


Paul Mampilly net worth

Paul Mampilly net worth is about $50 million in 2022. 

He co-founded Banyan Hill Publishing which is a conglomerate of financial websites and magazines that are focused on delivering information to people who are interested in making money from the stock market. 

Paul Mampilly’s net worth is not as high ($10 million) as some other investment gurus but he has expert financial advice for his readers.

Mampilly got his start in the financial industry working as a stockbroker, but he quickly realized that there was more money to be made investing in companies instead of trading stocks. 

When he started making real money, he decided to go independent and began publishing newsletters that would teach his readers how to invest profitably.


Good and Bad


  • Paul Mampilly has proven to be an expert at what he does. 
  • It’s pretty affordable. 
  • It’s always updated. 
  • It offers continuous monitoring of all your assets.
  • 12-month guarantee plan.


  • You need to have enough capital. 

How Does Profits Unlimited Work?

Profits Unlimited is an online platform that enables investors of all sizes to efficiently and profitably access pioneering companies.

Founded by award-winning tech investor Paul Graham, with over 25 years of experience in private equity and venture capital investment, Profits Unlimited provides the most comprehensive resource for investors to gain access to the next generation of high growth public companies.

Think of Netflix, or even Google, right before their boom to success.

You may already know a lot of stock traders like Paul -like Louis Navellier.

However, because most stock trading involves mass amounts of stock moving around in short spurts, it can be difficult to pick individual stocks to invest in when you have this much information to go off of.

So, basically, it helps you avoid the main pitfalls of stock picking – poor research, price speculation, inaccurate predictions, and emotional outbursts.

Paul uses simple rules to identify value stocks that are actually worth buying, and shares the fundamental analysis behind these uniquely valued firms with historical performance, great market segmentation, industry insights and company culture.

This allows investors to understand why profits are being generated in these companies while providing effective ways to utilize their profits in ways that help every investor.


What Does Profits Unlimited Include?

In addition to the usual content Paul puts out in the Profits Unlimited newsletter every month, they’re currently offering a special bonus report you’ll definitely like.

  • Profits Unlimited Monthly Newsletter: The flagship investment research newsletter.
  • Mampilly’s Number One Stock Pick: Bonus Report
  • The Blacklist: Bonus Report
  • Alpha Investor Report: Bonus three-month subscription.
  • Trade Alerts
  • Weekly Webinars
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee


How Much Does Profits Unlimited Cost?

Profits Unlimited comes loaded with a bunch of extras as well.

Premium subscribers get everything detailed above, plus a bunch of in-depth bonus reports for more advice on stocks.

You also get access to the Profits Unlimited portfolio, which contains all the current buy recommendations, current gains, prices, etc.

The Profits Unlimited newsletter is a treasure trove of valuable information for making money from stocks.

Its three bonus reports alone are valued at a price of $467. However, you can get them now for a price of only $79 per year with a Premium Subscription.

It includes all of the special reports, Profits Unlimited portfolio, the newsletters, and more.

Even better, you’ll find that it includes a 12-month guarantee.

Here’s a complete breakdown of everything included with each package:


$47 Standard Subscription

  • One-year digital subscription to Profits Unlimited
  • Bonus Reports: “My No. 1 Stock” and “The Blacklist”
  • Three-month bonus subscription to “Alpha Investor Report”
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Email Trading Alerts
  • Model Portfolio
  • One-Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

$79 Premium Package

  • One-year digital and print subscription to Profits Unlimited
  • Everything Included with the standard package, plus: “3 Stocks to Retire a Multimillionaire,” “How to Make 1,000% in America’s Next Energy Megatrend,” and “How to Ride AI’s 76,000% Surge to Massive Profits.


Profits Unlimited Model Portfolio

This is something I had to tell you about.

Members can access an online portfolio that shows all of the Profits Unlimited stocks, profits, price targets, and other pertinent information.


New subscribers can immediately check in on all of the Profit Unlimited stock picks, including how well they’ve done since the call was initiated.

After a quick look, you would find pretty quickly that these guys know what they’re doing.

The information in the portfolio can be aggregated and used to benefit your overall investment strategy and track your progress over time.

Look: When you start a business, your portfolio becomes your company’s stock portfolio. You need access to it in order to make decisions that are fair to investors and profitable for your business.

The decisions you make in your business can have an enormous impact on the rest of your life. You should make sure you have the resources to do so.

And Profits Unlimited seems a really good one, right?

You would be able to keep track of how well the recommended stocks are doing, so take some time and familiarize yourself first so you’re never confused.

This proves that Profits Unlimited is not a scam because the results are on the table.

In addition, you will also receive trade alerts, which are very much useful if Paul would suggest keeping an eye on a stock or completely exiting.


Is It Worth Buying or Is It a Scam?

Profits Unlimited could be one of the best values in the investor newsletter market.

The education that comes along with this site is solid and easily translatable to anybody who wants to create their own passive income.

Just imagine having the ability to earn money from trading without having to work a single job or put 100% of your effort into it.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not — and if you’re anything like me you’re always looking for effective, easy-to-understand strategies that function and are effective.

I think Profits Unlimited is a really valuable resource. It can teach you how to generate consistent income from trading in a relatively short time period.


$4 a month is very little compared to the profits you can make if you follow his rules of investing and stock recommendations

Also, Profits Unlimited updates its model portfolio every month, so you can see how every pick is performing right away.

That puts a definite end to the “Is Profits Unlimited a scam?” argument.

However, one question remains: all things considered, is it a worthwhile product?

After an extensive review, here’s what I think:


Final Thoughts: Should You Join Profits Unlimited?

If you want to get serious and make money investing, you may need a little guidance to get started on investing in the stock market especially if it’s your first time.

Profits Unlimited is an excellent product that will help you bump up your profits per month.

Don’t get me wrong.

Paul’s marketing is tacky and off-putting and the slough of emails you get from his colleagues is overwhelming.

I’d highly recommend marking those as junk in your email and also logging on the site if you decide and manage the email subscriptions as well.

But he knows what he’s doing.

I hope you give it a shot, but keep in mind the service is definitely not for those who are looking to make money within a few short months.

A lot of Paul’s best stocks he’s owned for years – he looks for stocks that are going to take American industries to the next level and are long-term holds.

If you are looking to truly build your stock portfolio for long-term growth and retirement, I recommend holding onto Profits Unlimited for at least a couple of years to really see the true value.

Now, before going into Profits Unlimited, you obviously need capital.

I’ve personally been doing lead generation for a year and a half and am on my way to a completely passive income stream. There’s legwork at the beginning but if you set your sites upright you’re good to go.

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