My Tai Lopez Review: Is He A Scammer? (2021)

By Roy Goldstein

Last updated Sep 12, 2021

My Tai Lopez Review: Is He A Scammer? (2021)

A lot of people are asking if Tai Lopez is a scam.

Well, I’ve actually paid for some of his programs and I’ve decided to give my brutally honest review of him.

Let’s get to the facts.

Who is Tai Lopez?

According to his own website, Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, advisor, and mentor to over 20 multi-million-dollar businesses.

He actually started to make a name for himself in 2015, when he started heavily promoting his online programs through paid ads on YouTube.

From his videos, you can see that he projects himself as someone who is rich and successful, owning many luxurious cars and living in a big mansion.

He also shows that he is friendly with a lot of successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities.

In fact, one of his well-known programs, The 67 Steps, is a summary of all the things he has learned from successful people.

Many people are enamored by what Tai Lopez offers, allowing the entrepreneur to amass a huge and loyal fan base.

Based on the number of people following, supporting, and defending him, you can see that Tai Lopez doesn’t really fit the mold and description of a scammer.




Though he does have a lot of followers, Tai also has a lot of critics who are calling him a scam artist and saying that his products and courses are just get-rich-quick schemes.

If you have seen his ads and videos, it’s actually pretty easy to see why he is being labeled a scammer. For one, a lot of his videos are misleading in regards to how rich he really is.

He also makes a lot of statements that he presents as facts that are not really accurate or they’re very misleading.

There are also issues and complaints when it comes to some of the courses that Tai is offering.

I’ll discuss all of these issues that critics are saying in more detail as we progress further in this review.

Tai Lopez’s Background

Before we discuss who Tai Lopez really is, I think I should provide you with a lil’ bit of background about this online entrepreneur.

At the age of 16, Tai learned that he needed guidance and mentorship in order to figure out how to live a good life.

He believed the good life is a balance between health, wealth, love, and happiness.

He first approached his grandfather, a scientist and the wisest person he knew, about the answers to life’s hardest questions to help him understand the complexities of life.

The answer he got, though, was not what he expected, as his grandfather simply said life is too complicated to learn everything from one person.

A week later, his grandfather also sent him eleven books with a note saying he should start here. That’s how he started getting hooked on reading and began his journey of living the good life.

He read books, talked to people, and even lived with the Amish and spent time working at a leper colony of India in his search for a good life.

His journey, though, also included a period where he slept on his mom’s couch because he ran out of money to completely support himself.

His website says that he talked five multi-millionaire entrepreneurs into mentoring him to help him learn the last pillar of the good life, which is wealth.

His site also mentions that he became a Certified Financial Planner and worked in the world of finance before becoming an entrepreneur.

A blogger who did extensive research about Tai Lopez’s life verified this claim and found that Tai did work for GE Capital before becoming a founding partner of LLG Financial Inc.

He also mentioned that this is where Tai likely started earning significant income to help him build his wealth.

As for when his online business started, the research showed that Tai’s first online businesses were dating sites which he likely started in 2010 and operated until 2015.

He also started bursting onto the scene in 2015, using paid ads on YouTube to market his online businesses.

Now, he offers several online courses that are mostly about personal development and entrepreneurship (both online and offline).

Who is Tai Lopez’s target Market?

Though Tai Lopez has several different online businesses, most of these businesses focus on providing mentorship, personal development, entrepreneurship, and online marketing.

His online courses, in particular, are geared more towards providing you with knowledge about entrepreneurship and online marketing.

So his target market is basically people who are looking for ways to learn about starting an online business or making money online.

He also targets people who are looking for mentors in general, who can help them succeed in life and achieve their goals and dreams.

Tai Lopez’s Brand & Products: An Overview

Aside from the online courses, he’s known for, Tai Lopez is the co-owner of a company called MentorBox.

MentorBox is basically a company where you pay a monthly membership fee and you get sent a new book each month.

The book is said to help improve your financial and social life. Aside from getting monthly books, you can also get access to audio lessons, video courses, and workbooks. The site also has cheat sheets.

He also has a business called Sleep Glasses and a podcast called The Tai Lopez Show where he promotes the sponsors he gets.

His other possible source of income would likely include affiliate marketing and one-on-one coaching and consulting. These are basically the known money-making activities that Tai has.

And I think this proves that Tai is an online entrepreneur and does have experience building online businesses, am I wrong?

His main ones, of course, are the online training courses and programs. Those are really the main subject of most of his videos.

Let’s dig deeper:

The 67 Steps Review

The very first course he launched is The 67 Steps, in 2014.

This program is a collection of video lessons that Tai Lopez learned and experienced throughout his journey as an entrepreneur.




67 steps tai lopez

Reviews about this program have been mixed. There are lots of people who like it and those who don’t.

I did notice that some who liked it, only liked it at the start. But after a while, they start to realize the course doesn’t really offer anything significant or of value.

The Social Media Marketing Agency Review

His latest course is the Social Media Marketing Agency. It’s basically a video course that teaches you how you can successfully build a social media marketing agency.

Again, reviews about this course have been mixed, with some people saying it offers great value and information, while others are saying it just teaches you to scam businesses.

One thing that everyone agrees on is that this course is not worth it at its original price of $697.

What I Like About Tai Lopez

Now that we have an idea of who Tai Lopez is and what he is bringing to the table, it’s time to discuss what is good about this internet marketer.

  • One of the things that I like about Tai Lopez is that he really is an experienced internet marketer and online entrepreneur.

It’s good that Tai is not just some person claiming to be a guru or expert as he does have the experience and proof of online business to back up his claims.

The way he markets them may not be the best, but he can claim that he does have online businesses.

  • Another thing I like about Tai Lopez is that he is a real person.

His identity checks out and there is proof that he is who he says he is. Many times, these so-called gurus and experts use fake identities and hire actors to pose as them just to scam people.

So Tai Lopez being a real person is a big plus.

  • I also like the fact that Tai Lopez has a loyal fan base and well-known internet marketers like Neil Patel are defending him.

This is a sign that Tai is genuine about what he is offering and he has helped people. If he was really a scammer, as critics say, there probably wouldn’t be a lot of people defending him or believing in what he offers.

What I Don’t Like About Tai Lopez

Though there are things about Tai Lopez that I like, there are also things about him that I’m not really a fan of, which is what I’ll discuss here.

  • One of the first things that I don’t like about Tai Lopez is the fact that his videos can be misleading and too hyped up.

The way he presents his sports cars would make people think that he owns all of them.

He did say in other videos that certain sports cars were leased or rented, but he also said in other separate videos that he bought them. So this can be very misleading.

Even if he is doing this as a marketing strategy, misleading people is really not the right way to do things.

  • I also don’t like that Tai Lopez puts out statements that he passes out as facts like the average debt of Americans and that GDP goes up every year.

There are also other examples of claims he passes out as facts but have been proven to be false.

You might think that these are just harmless lies, but the fact that he is lying is not good.

This is why some people call him a scammer…

Why Do A Lot Of People Consider Tai Lopez A Scammer?

Though Tai is a legit online entrepreneur, this doesn’t mean that you can completely trust him.

A lot of people call him a scammer and there are actually valid reasons why they say this.

  • No transparency

For one, he seems to lie a lot about how rich he really is. If you look at his videos, he likes to brag about the many sports cars that he supposedly owns or that he has a lot of cash lying around.

However, Tai doesn’t actually own all of these vehicles as some of them are just leased and some he rents.

Now Tai does not hide this fact as he admits it further into the video. Other internet marketers who interviewed him also say that Tai says he leases the cars.

The issue, though, is that the way Tai presents it in his video, you won’t really know which cars are actually owned, which are leased, and which are just rented, it’s just misleading.

As for the cash lying around, it is fake.

A blog that researched Tai Lopez states that internet marketer Neil Patel said in a podcast that Tai mentioned the cash lying around is fake.

Again, you won’t know this from his videos as he doesn’t mention it.

These things mislead people about Tai Lopez’s real wealth and add hype to the courses that he is promoting.

Though I don’t doubt he is really rich and can afford all of these things, he doesn’t have to mislead people just to add hype.

  • False Claims

Another issue about Tai is that he likes to provide statements that he projects as facts when in reality they’re not really true.

Some of the false claims he has made in his video include the “Average American is $225,238 in debt” and “GDP has gone up every single year for the past hundred years”.

These claims are very much inaccurate, and a bit of research will show that he is way off with his figures. These false statements are just a way to add hype and credibility to what he has to say.

Even if you might deem this false statement as harmless, the fact that he is lying in the first place is not really a good sign.

  • Very bad reviews

The last issue with Tai Lopez is that there are people who have complained about the courses he offers. As already mentioned above, the reviews and comments from people about the courses are really mixed.




There are a number of people who liked the course and a number of them who didn’t.

So it’s really hard to gauge whether his courses are really worth it or not.

You can at least be assured that Tai has indeed helped people get rich and it’s very possible that he can also help you with that.

He does have a disclaimer that the success his students mention is not a guarantee and that you shouldn’t expect to get the same result.

His disclaimer also says you could make more, less, or even lose money. So it’s better if you don’t have too high an expectation if you try his courses.

If you really want to try one of his courses, it is advised that you try purchasing them at a discount.

Buying it at full price is a waste of money as Tai always offers a discount so take advantage of it.

He does also offer a refund, but there are conditions that need to be met.

Make sure that you read the fine print first before you make your purchase.

Also, make sure that you understand everything so in case you request a refund, you know what you need to do.

Tai Lopez Review: So, Is He Legit or not?

After learning more about who Tai Lopez really is and learning more about what he’s really offering, I can say that calling him a scammer is a bit of a stretch.

Tai really is an internet marketer and an online entrepreneur and the online courses and programs he offers are legit.

Yes, reviews and comments about them have been mixed, but the fact that there are still people saying positive things about the courses is a sign that they’re not as worthless as some would say.

There’s valuable information and knowledge in the courses he provides.

You can also add the fact that Tai is a real person, and a lot of his backstory is proven to be real which is also an indication that he is not really a scammer only out to steal people’s money.

Conclusion: Should You Trust Tai Lopez?

However, just because I say he isn’t a scammer it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any issues or problems.

The fact that it has already been revealed that Tai misleads or lies in his videos is his biggest negative and the main reason why a lot of people call him a scammer.

This is also why I would have to say that you should not always believe what Tai has to say. Yes, he is not a scammer, but he’s also someone you shouldn’t fully trust.

So when you see his ads, you need to take it with a grain of salt and do some research first before joining or signing up.

See what other people are saying about it, read both the negative and positive comments, and decide for yourself which among them holds more weight.

In this way, you will at least know what you are getting yourself into and not just blindly following all the hype.

What is my recommendation? Well, you already know.

Tai Lopez’s courses may be fine, but none of them have put a dollar into my account.

What allows me to write this post while my pockets are filling is the generation of leads with ads.

Click here to at least take a look and find out what I’m talking about.

It’s going to take less time than looking for more information on Tai Lopez, trust me.

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