The Prosperity Warrior Review – A Marc Wilson Scam?

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Last updated Nov 12, 2021

The following is a review of Prosperity Warrior.

How does Marc Wilson teach you to make money online? Is this a scam or a legitimate opportunity to earn a living?

During my analysis of The Prosperity Warrior, I found some questionable tactics. Here is everything I found, as well as alternatives.

I usually see these promises and sales funnels when reviewing similar programs, so what I found was mostly expected. But many things made me decide not to buy or recommend it.

I will explain shortly.

I am sure I have seen at least one or two more websites trying to sell the same thing. I think one was called Warrior Blueprint, and there’s one more.

What does that mean?

It means that they are simply trying to earn indirect affiliate commissions by selling the same product. Additionally, it means they’ve signed up for an MLM scheme, and the only way to get their money back is to get more people to join.

Who is Marc Wilson?

Marc owns and runs this online scheme. Is he a real person? There are no references to him online. Most likely, you’re dealing with an online scammer. However, he claims to be a seven-figure coach. It is not clear what his coaching entails.

According to Mark, he worked in direct sales for more than four years. His monthly earnings soon exceeded six figures. For him, it was the perfect way for him to earn without the hassle of commuting. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and, in general, just smelling the roses.

The coaching you receive from him pertains to high ticket affiliate marketing. This requires you to purchase his products for at least $3000.

I am amazed.

You get taken into a “mystery high ticket program” that has no name. So, you have been asked to spend as much as $10,000 on an anonymous program.

Quite absurd. Let me give you a few reasons why I find their products ridiculous but first, let’s look at the cost.

How much does the Prosperity Warrior Cost?

You must pay a $3000 upfront fee along with a $247 admin fee to enroll in this program. It’s unclear what the administration fee is used for. If you’re paying $3247 upfront, what do you get in return? Membership?
All you will get is the hosting as well as a website similar to Marc’s. You only need to give a little information about yourself and your personal information. You won’t achieve much by copying this since it is not a good-looking website.

I have no problem spending three thousand dollars or even ten thousand dollars if the program can provide some value in return. This program hardly gives any value.

Platinum is the second level, which requires spending nearly $7500. The platinum level makes you eligible to earn higher commissions. Shockingly, they are calling this pyramid scheme a high-ticket affiliate program.
All the items in the Gold package plus 15 PLR products are included in the level 2 package. Several topics are addressed there, such as email marketing, WordPress website setup, and Twitter marketing.

Diamond is the third one you can join for approximately $15,000. You get a 70% commission for every sale you refer.

Lastly, the royal level will cost you $21887.

That’s a lot.

The only thing they teach you in return is how to promote it to others. They will surely benefit from that, regardless of whether it is profitable for you or not.

This package contains nine items. Their courses cover topics such as selling high-ticket products, increasing conversions, using email marketing, and starting a video marketing campaign.

The prices and profit levels increase based on what level you purchase.

What does The Prosperity Warrior teach?

That’s a mystery I wasn’t able to solve.

Rather than joining the Prosperity Warrior, you become an affiliate for a high ticket program called The Warrior Blueprint.

There is no mention of Warrior Blueprint anywhere. This information came from the URL. Other than the website name, there are no other aspects of the site using this name. This is one of the many things I found strange.

A few videos are given on the landing pages, revealing what you get when you sign up for one of the above levels.

  • Organizational and mindset training
  • Training on things like email list building and other Internet marketing techniques
  • The topic of internet security
  • Other training materials

But none of this makes sense. Most of the content they offer as “training” can be purchased for under $50 on Amazon. PLR content usually isn’t high quality and is often outdated.

Things I don’t like about the course:

  • You pay thousands of dollars for access to products that would be worth much less if they weren’t part of the program.
  • It costs at least $3500 to join this make money online scheme. There is no point. I wouldn’t recommend it even if it were $99. It is never profitable to invest money in pyramid schemes. Business models like this can’t last.
  • It looks like the owner hired actors or freelance gig providers for many of the testimonials.
  • You will promote low-quality offers if you join this program. Many PLR eBooks, videos, and software tools are available for less than $30 at websites like Amazon. Private Label Rights products are outdated and certainly not worth thousands of dollars, even if they’re bundled together.
  • I don’t like how expensive it is. I believe that it is not worth less than half of that amount. It doesn’t even consider all the extra money you’ll spend on paid ads to get the sales for your affiliate promotions.

How much money can you make from this program?

Different levels offer different earning potential:

Purchasing Gold-level access presents you with the possibility to make $1,500 per sale.
Platinum membership lets you earn $3,500 per sale.
Diamond-level membership can result in earning potential of $7,000 per sale.
And lastly, buying the Royal level could enable you to earn $10,500 per sale.

The Prosperity Warrior – Final Verdict:

These are impressive numbers, but there’s no chance of getting a sale unless you are exceptionally good at luring people into buying something useless for thousands of dollars.

The sales page is nothing but hyperbole. The program offered is of low quality. Everything here is designed to make you think about how generating income online can change your life.

In sales, this process is called a sales funnel. Its purpose is to generate interest in Marc Wilson’s high ticket product and influence that audience to buy the high ticket item.

You can earn commissions by referring others to the system and promoting it if you decide to buy the program.

The entire funnel may take you hours to navigate before you get to the sales call where Matt’s “Marketing Blueprint” will be pitched to you. A lot of money will also be required of you in advance for a program that wouldn’t be of any help.

A lot of marketing hype, little value, and risk is associated with this investment.

Those uncomfortable spending so much money upfront may find other, more suitable, and cheaper alternatives.

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