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Last updated Nov 12, 2021

One of my absolute favorite things to do is search for new creative ways to make money online.

The Simplest Biz’s main claim is that you can make money just by flipping wooden pallets.

I already knew that you could flip leads and make money doing it (in fact, you can check my experience here), but I had never considered flipping pallets before.

Can you really make good money just flipping pallets? After all, what do you even do with them?

In today’s review, I will be going over The Simplest Biz training, features, price, and a final verdict on whether the program is worth buying or not.

What is The Simplest Biz?

The Simplest Biz is John Charles Wilker’s training course on how to make big money by flipping wooden pallets.

John says there are 2.5 billion pallets in use in the US alone. And if you’re just realizing that your new couch was delivered on a pallet, then you don’t know the full story of these simple bits of wood.

The course is meant to take you from being a total newbie to a full-fledged business owner, teaching you how to find pallets, buy them or even get them for free, and then resell them.

The Simplest Biz also teaches you which tools you need and how to use them, as well as how to find a supplier of wholesale “shipping” products (crates, palles, cardboard boxes, etc)

Who is John Charles Wilker?

He’s the original pallet-flipper. While others are trying to figure it out, John Charles Wilker has been doing this for years and has the tricks of the trade up his sleeve.

He’s also the man behind The Simplest Biz training.

For the past two decades, he’s developed a winner system for pallet-flipping, made huge income from that, built a marketing agency on the side and grown a solid YouTube following.

When you watch Wilker’s videos, he doesn’t just tell you what to do. He actually shows you how it’s done. You can see each step of the process and learn all of his tricks.

John Charles Wilker is showing you exactly how he makes millions buying and selling pallets that others ignore.

So, if that’s something you can find in his YouTube channel for free, think of what you’ll find inside his Simplest Biz training.

Let’s take a look.

What Does The Simplest Biz Teach?

This course provides a great starting point for those looking to get into pallet flipping and start getting a passive income.

The Simplest Biz is an online self-paced course that includes 13 modules plus business plans templates, checklists, and detailed instructions on how to start your own pallet flipping business.

You’ll also have access to the private Simplest Biz Facebook group, where you can ask questions and interact with other like-minded individuals looking to become passive income earners in their area.

The best part about this group is that everyone is there to help each other succeed; both buyers and sellers!

You’ll be able to access other repurposing businesses’ contact information that are willing to purchase your pallets or sell their pallets to you. This will give you an advantage over individuals who try to do it alone.

Why Pallet-Flipping?

The pallet industry is a $40 billion market worldwide. Pallets are everywhere and everything goes on them.

You see them at your local grocery store and warehouse store, and they’re used to ship just about every product you buy online. From plastic toys to sneakers, appliances to frozen foods, pallets are used by every business imaginable.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

You can get pallets for free or low cost and then sell them to businesses who need them to ship items. There’s an entire market for this, and it’s massive.

In many ways, pallet-flipping is the ideal kind of business for a small-scale entrepreneur.

They are easy to stack and transport, which means you can find a plethora of opportunities near you. And you don’t need a lot of capital to get started.

To sum up, there’s a lot of potential here for profit!

How Much Is The Simplest Biz Program?

The cost of the program is $2,797.

If you’re new, the investment may feel steep.

Luckily John has been flipping pallets for over twenty three years and knows all the angles of this business. The course comes with a lot of bonuses and extensive materials to help you get started.

The Simplest Biz Review – The Good & The Bad

The Good

  • It gives beginners a good start into the pallet-flipping business.
  • Even if you are a complete newbie, you will learn how to get started with your first flip.
  • It’s well-laid out.
  • The course is well-structured, and has solid information presented in an easy to understand format.
  • Real-life examples
  • It also contains real examples of how people are making money through pallet-flipping, which makes its content even more valuable.

The Bad

  • Although I love John’s idea of turning “trash” into cash, it’s not easy to find high-quality pallets.
  • You can get pallets from places like Craigslist or KSL, but you often have to sort through a lot of junk to find what you need.
  • Also, if you don’t have a truck to transport them, you might need to hire a moving company or rent a U-Haul -which means, more cost and less profit.

Is The Simplest Biz a Scam Course or Legit?

The Simplest Biz is a very good course, but not the best.

I’ve been in the lead flipping industry for a while and started some dropshipping businesses from the ground up. However, pallet-flipping was a new concept to me. And I was skeptical.

But I’ve found the course very useful and detailed. It covers everything from finding suppliers to selling your pallets. So far I’ve been able to get all the information I need to dive into the pallet-flipping market -although, I’d rather stay where I’m at.

It can be a little overwhelming at times, though. There is so much information to take in and so many different ways you can approach this business.

For example, if your local grocery store needs pallets, you can find them for pennies on the dollar compared to retail price. You can even set up an arrangement with the store to deliver the pallets once a week or month and get a decent paycheck.

You can take those pallets from anywhere. If you spot a business that’s closing, you should be able to get their unwanted merchandise for free or for a very low cost. You can also track down pallets from big-box stores that have been damaged in shipping or have been returned by customers.

And if you’re not into local selling, you can do it online (or directly approach John’s business list.)

Is It Worth Buying? My Final Verdict

Overall, The Simplest Biz training has been really useful, and I think it’s a great value for the price.

If you’re looking into starting a pallets-flipping business, then The Simplest Biz course may be the right fit.

It’s not the best choice on the market -I’m sure there are better and cheaper courses out there for this topic (my opinion), but it does give you the necessary information and tools to get started on your own pallet-flipping business.

(You can also check my #1 top recommendation. Definitely the best business model.)

If you decide to give it a try, please leave some comments below on how it went for you!

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