Thrive Supplements MLM Review: The Truth Behind the Company

By Roy Goldstein

June 16, 2020
Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Le-Vel Thrive MLM?
  2. How Do Thrive Supplements Review?
  3. Do Thrive MLM Supplements Really Work?
  4. What Is the Thrive MLM Compensation Plan?
  5. Are Thrive MLM Supplements a Good Deal for 2020?
  6. Making Money with Thrive 

With obesity affecting close to 40% of Americans, a weight loss supplement that truly works has the potential to sell like crazy. The Thrive MLM not only offers to help people lose weight, it also promises a great income, plus extravagant vacations and luxury cars.

But how well do these claims hold up? Are Thrive MLM supplements any good? How well do they do what they say they’re going to do? I wanted to find out the truth, and I’m here to get to the bottom of the claims that the company Le-Vel makes about Thrive MLM.

What Is Le-Vel Thrive MLM?

Le-Vel Thrive is a company that was originally founded in 2012. It sells a health and wellness plan that is very centered around supplements. The “THRIVE Experience” is marketed as an 8-week plan with supplements that promise to help people achieve their peak mental and physical performance.

Le-Vel Thrive MLM at a Glance

  • Founded in 2012
  • Founders: Paul Gravette and Jason Camper
  • Based in Texas
  • Industry: Health & Wellness
  • Competition: Herbalife, QuiAri, Forever Living

In addition to selling this ‘experience’ for a better overall lifestyle, this plan also functions as Thrive MLM. By selling the plan to friends and family, or even more importantly, by recruiting new salespeople, Thrive promises good incomes and much more. I’m here to let you know how true all of these claims are.

How Do Thrive Supplements Review?

Well, the central question here is do Thrive Supplements really work? And to understand that it’s important to know what Thrive is promising its customers. Overall it would almost seem easier to go over what Thrive is not promising, as the supposed results are so encompassing and broad. However, Thrive sells numerous individual products that each make their own claims.

What Are Thrive’s Main Products

On of the most popular products that Thrive offers is the Thrive Patch. This is applied directly to the skin and is marketed to aid with weight loss. In addition to the original patch, the company also offers Thrive Ultra Patch and Black Label Patch.

In addition to the patches, the company offers The Thrive Experience. The 8-week plan includes a diet and fitness regime but specifies that it is designed for all bodies at all levels of health and fitness.



 Additionally, the company offers numerous other supplements, including lines specifically for men and women. It also offers shakes that are meant to help with dietary control. The company offers numerous lines of products, all with different claims.

What Are Some of the Claims Le-Vel Thrive Makes?

For the Thrive Experience, the company is promising nothing less than “peak mental and physical performance.” That is a pretty tall order, and many of the other supplements and products make equally broad claims. The Patch promises weight loss as well as additional physical and mental benefits, while the shakes are for helping with weight management and providing nutritional supplements.

How Much Do Thrive MLM Supplements Cost?

The Supplements cost from $100-$300/month on a renewing monthly subscription plan.

 Overall the products review quite well online. In my research I found many a Thrive supplements review that sang the praises of the product and how incredibly effective it was. However, when I dug a bit deeper I soon discovered that many and likely most of these positive reviews were coming from the company’s affiliates, or brand promoters, as Le-Vel refers to them.

Do Thrive MLM Supplements Really Work?

With all of the untrustworthy reviews online it’s hard to get a straight answer on this. However, I was able to find several complaints against the company. Perhaps most troubling, the FDA has had over 16 reports of adverse health events in regards to Thrive products since its founding. Three of those included a visit to the hospital or the emergency room.

Additionally, there are no unbiased clinical trials that back up any of the claims of the company. The company isn’t even legal in the UK, where it was found to violate advertising laws with health claims. Plus, looking through the ingredients, they are primarily what you can find over the counter in any drug store for a tiny fraction of the monthly cost of hundreds of dollars. 


What Is the Thrive MLM Compensation Plan?

Of course Thrive isn’t just a supplements company, it’s also an MLM. But is it a good way to make money or just a scammy pyramid scheme. One of the best ways to get to know an MLM is to take a look at the compensation plan, and unfortunately it is quite troubling.

First off, the company does not publicly disclose the income that the promoters receive. The vagueness in the compensation plan doesn’t end there. The plan is riddled with confusing terms and acronyms that are unclear, such as “BV.” That’s a huge red flag right there, but let’s take a closer look at the compensation plan nonetheless.

There are 11 Ways to Get Paid with the Thrive Compensation Plan

  • Retail Sales: Brand promoters can earn up to 20% on the ‘BV’ of customer sales. The compensation is not fully clear what the BV is.
  • Vanishing Auto-Ship: Free products when a brand promoter has two or more customers on auto-ship
  • Infinity Fast Start: When a brand promoter signs up more promoters they receive $5-$140
  • Infinity Fast Start Match: Receiving a cut from the sales of promoters you’ve signed up
  • Infinity Fast Start Match Accelerator: Similar to above but with a larger payout for brand promoters who’ve achieved a higher tier.
  • Go VIP Bonus: Brand promoters receive between $400-$800 for achieving certain goals in the first 2 weeks of being a promoter.
  • iPad Mini Bonus: Bonus to purchase an iPad mini after achieving certain goals in first 30 days of being a promoter.
  • Uni-Level Team Commissions: Commissions on sales of sponsored brand promoters, up to 8 levels deep
  • VIP Auto Bonus: Monthly bonuses for auto-sales of $800 or $1600
  • Lifestyle Getaways: Luxury vacations. Destinations include Italy, Alaska, Napa and more.

Are Thrive MLM Supplements a Good Deal for 2020?

Based on all of the red flags in the compensation plan, I’d say you have to consider carefully whether the Thrive MLM is for you. If it were me looking for a good MLM to invest my time and money for 2020, I’d keep looking based on that compensation plan alone.

However, there are some things in favor of the Thrive MLM. First off, because it’s been around since 2012, you know it’s not some fly by night operation. It’s had real staying power and has developed some good brand recognition. If you create a strong base, several levels deep, it’s not as likely to just suddenly disappear overnight with a track record.

Additionally, it’s really cleaned up its act with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It used to have an F grade but currenly holds an A+. While it only has an overall average 3-star review, that’s still an excellent rating from the BBB.

The Pros of a Thrive MLM

  • Extensive track record
  • Many good reviews online
  • Good brand recognition
  • High BBB rating

The Cons of a Thrive MLM

  • The good reviews are suspicious
  • The health claims are dubious and have been problematic
  • The compensation plan raises red flags
  • No income disclosure


Making Money with Thrive?:

Look, if you really want to join Thrive to earn money, i’m sure you’ll be able to make some money. 

Thousands per month? Probably not… but if you want to make 4 to 5 figures per month consistently I would try out lead flipping.

MLM can be pretty destructive to your public image because MLM’s are notorious for being ruthlessly deceptive.

When you start calling your co-workers and high school friends trying to pitch them on a $500/mo product package, red flags will go up.

It’s not that making money with MLM isn’t possible, but in my opinion if you care about providing real value to others and making money at the same time then MLM is not for you.

I’m sure if you’re anything like me you’ve probably had shiny object syndrome at one point or another.

You desperately want to make money online and try out every possible opportunity that comes your way.

Then a few weeks later, you jump to some other online business because you haven’t made thousands of dollars yet.

Shiny objects syndrome will get you nowhere. 

Money is given to people who provide value in today’s economy. You earn money when you provide others with value or in simpler terms…

You make money if you can make other people money.

Look, EVERYONE wants to be RICH…

Look around though, people aren’t willing to put in the hard work and make the sacrifices necessary to become rich.

Face those challenges head on and push past the obstacles that millions of people never get past.

This is the only way you’ll guarantee yourself a shot of making 4 to 5 figures per month online.

I’ve learned the hard way that you need to buckle down, put in the hours to learn a high-value skill like generating leads with online billboards and grow wealthier as a result.

This is how it works:

For myself, going through this training has allowed me to live the life I want. Whatever your desired lifestyle may be, try it out. 

Stop bouncing around from one online business to another and learn the skills needed to truly take your life to the next level.

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