Thrive Supplements MLM Review: The Truth Behind the Company

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Last updated Jan 23, 2022

Thrive Supplements MLM Review: The Truth Behind the Company


So, you’ve been approached by one of Thrive MLM’s brand promoters? And now you’re thinking about upping your sales game, right?

Hold a sec.

If what they said were true, 99% of those who get into MLM companies wouldn’t end up leaving in less than two months because they didn’t make ANY money.


I work generating leads with ads for business owners..

Lead generation with ads will always be my top recommendation if you wanna get rid of your job and join the rich club.

But if you’re still seriously considering joining Le-Vel Thrive, here are a couple of things you should know about the company.


What is Le-Vel Thrive?

Le-Vel is a wellness company that markets itself as a “premium lifestyle company.”

It’s the name behind Thrive Supplements.

Its flagship product is “Experience THRIVE”, a 3-step regimen that consists of:

  • Premium Lifestyle Capsules
  • Ultramicronized Shake Drink
  • Premium Thrive Lifestyle DFT

Which are essentially adhesives designed to “stick to the skin with a”premium and unique THRIVE lifestyle formula.”

Le-Vel Thrive sells its products through its “Brand Promoters” who earn a commission from the sale of products.


What products do they sell?


Le-Vel has a wide range of products:

Thrive PLUS – Claims to deliver great results in areas such as weight management, immune support, energy and performance, mental clarity, and relaxation support.

Thrive FIT – A powdered blend containing a BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) formula that claims to be the “perfect pre-workout warm-up tool”

Thrive FIT BUILD – A blend of whey and casein proteins

Thrive FIT RECOVER – A post-workout recovery formula containing a blend of protein and carbohydrates.

Thrive SKIN – A 3-step system known as “Peel, Shrink, Restore” that is enriched with CBD oil.

Thrive PATCH – This is Le-Vel’s flagship product. It’s a weight loss aid that’s applied to the skin.

It’s sold as part of a lifestyle plan that aims to help people “experiment and reach peak physical and mental levels.”

Sounds awesome, right?

I guess it is…

…If you have $300 to buy it.


Do Le-Vel Thrive products work?

LeVel Thrive makes some pretty impressive claims about its products.

These guys say they are perfect for helping with weight management, enhancing cognitive performance or providing digestive and immune support.


Is there any scientific evidence to support these claims?


According to Healthline, there isn’t a single study that has evaluated the effectiveness of Thrive patches for weight loss.

This doesn’t mean they’re lying.

It just means that you shouldn’t blindly trust everything they say

6 reasons to avoid

  • There are no tests or studies on their products. 
  • It has a shady past and a bad reputation. 
  • Their company has a huge lack of transparency.
  • Their products are expensive. 
  • Their compensation plan is over complicated 
  • They don’t provide a solid way to make money.


How much does it cost to join?

Now is the time to spend money!

There are several options:

  • Social Seller: $135
  • Meat & Dairy Free: $135
  • Business Builder: $265
  • Business Builder Plus: $499
  • Promoter: $400
  • VIP: $800


But, how can you become a Le-Vel Thrive promoter?

First, try their products!

There are many positive reviews…

…But they’ve had some troubles with misleading advertising.

I’m not saying it, but the Internet.

When you’ve already tried them, this is what you have to do:

Step 1: Sign up

You must register as a promoter of the brand.

You got different packages to choose from, known as category promotion.

To be active instantly this is what you need to do.

Otherwise, you’ll have to accumulate individual orders.

Step 2: Qualify

Once you achieve the “qualified” status, then you can start operating as a promoter.

It takes longer than you expected, right?

Well, you’ve seen nothing.

You can only get the status by selling a product for at least 100 PV (Person Volume) after signing up.

And to keep being active, you’ve got to sell at least 100 PV a month.

When you’ve already registered and are a promoter, you should start referring clients and register promoters to your team.

This is the way you get to do real money.

You should help them boost their sales to get their commissions to increase.

Thus, your profits would be greater.

Keep in mind that all what I’m saying here is an assumption.

According to all MLM, that’s the way you get rich.


It ‘s not that easy.

Unless you have friends even in hell, generating income can take a lot of time and money.

Lead generation is a thousand times better.

Not because you don’t need to invest as much, or look for people willing to join you under the stones.

But because creating online billboards for businesses, the benefits are ONLY for you.

Your income doesn’t come from commissions.

But from the pockets of business owners happy to pay you more than you’ll ever get with Le-Vel Thrive.

What’s their compensation plan?

Le-Vel is a multi-level marketing company and has a compensation plan similar to many MLM companies.

There are 10 ways you can earn money and other rewards as a promoter:

  • Retail Sales

Brand Promoters can earn 20% on direct selling of products to their customers.

Additionally, active and qualified brand promoters can also earn commissions on orders placed by the promoters they sponsored.

  • Autoship on the run

When a Brand Promoter has 2 or more customers in the Autoship program, they become eligible to receive free products.

  • Infinity Fast Start

It is a bonus system that rewards Brand Promoters who enroll new Brand Promoters.

Bonus payouts range from $5 to $140.

  • Infinity Fast Start Match

This is a bonus system that pays brand promoters 10% of the Infinity Fast Start bonus that their personally sponsored brand promoters receive.

  • Infinity Fast Start Match Accelerator

Similar to Infinity Fast Start Match, but requires Brand Promoters to have a minimum of 8 personally sponsored Promoters.

And achieve the rank of 4k VIP or higher!

  • Go VIP Bonus

Allows brand promoters to earn between $400 to $800 plus THRIVE credit.

All you have to do is meet certain sponsorship and sales goals in your first 14 days.


  • IPad Mini Bonus

This one lets you get an iPad mini after meeting certain requirements in your first 30 days as a Brand Promoter.

Some of the requirements are:

4,000 PV, 4 personally sponsored Brand Promoters, and 4 Autoship customers.

  • Single Level Team Commissions

With this, you get the ability to earn commissions on the sales of your personally sponsored Brand Promoters, up to 8 levels deep.

  • VIP Auto Bonus

Automatic monthly bonus of $800 or $1,600…

…To buy the type of car you want.

  • Lifestyle Travel

Paid vacations to destinations like Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Italy, and Alaska.

Sound confusing to you?

Don’t worry, it sounds confusing to me too.

From my experience, this seems to be a hallmark of many multi-level marketing companies.

You know, confusing terminology that only Holmes would decipher.


How much money can you earn with Le-Vel Thrive?

According to the compensation plan above, it seems you have a lot of ways of making good money with Le-Vel Thrive.

But, even after doing an exhaustive research, I couldn’t find a Le-Vel statement of typical earnings for each distributor.

At least, they have a good number of positive reviews on the BBB.

Side note:

A lot of the positive reviews seem to come from the Le-Vel brand promoters…


…So, can we trust they’re unbiased reviews?


Is Le-Vel Thrive a pyramid scheme?

The answer to that is no.

Pyramid schemes are illegal and Le-Vel Thrive isn’t a pyramid scheme.


They have really legitimate products that are sold to the public.

And if you become a promoter, you can earn free products and different rewards!


Final Thoughts – The Truth

Le-Vel Thrive is a baby sheep in a market full of companies that have been doing DECADES better than it.

Adding the fact that their prices aren’t cheap, and their products not very original …

… There’s a great risk.

Things can go wrong, for real.

Also, you should know that Le-Vel Thrive has a very bad reputation.

No refunds, leaving clients to auto-deliver, ignoring their requests…

Do you know what this means?

Bad reputation = 0 clients

And if you don’t have clients.


You won’t have money either.

Something that you should also take into account is credibility.

Yes, it has products that sound very scientific.

But there’s a lot of mystery surrounding what the process is like, what kind of tech they use and what makes them “work”.

And above all, there’s a great lack of reliable sources.

There are no tests or studies on the products, so the descriptions they made aren’t based on reality

They’re fancy and give the feeling of wanting you to mistake a monkey for a princess.

Maybe you don’t care at all, but…

What about your clients?



Le-Vel’s products are good, the reviews on the Internet about the company are very positive, and they have a well-worked compensation plan.

But their reputation is not that good.

And they still have a long way to go if they want to become a solid and profitable business.

Is it worth getting involved with Le-Vel?

I’d say no, ‘cause there are better ways to earn money.

Lead generation is not only the best way to get a decent income stream, but the best way to ensure your financial freedom without depending on friends, family, or strangers wanting to buy a nutritional supplement.

And believe me, I’ve been there!

No more selling or suffering with the laziness of your team (If they don’t sell = they don’t get money= you don’t get money).

With lead generation, you’re in command.

You’re the only one who can control the situation.

If you want to learn how I did it, click here and forget about being the co-pilot of your financial life.

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