Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas

By Roy Goldstein

January 7, 2021

Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas



If you live in a rural area, it can be hard to think of business ideas.

Many markets available in the big cities aren’t the same in remote communities. 

There are also unique problems these communities face.

However, starting your own business online is always an option to consider.

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Anyways, with these different markets and unique problems, there are some great potential business ideas for these rural areas that can be started full time or on the side. 

So if you’re living in a place like that, don’t worry. 

You still get a chance to achieve financial freedom. 

Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas


1. Horse walking service

You may have heard of a dog walking service, but what about a horse walking service? 

In many rural areas, you’ll find farms and properties that have horses. 

And sometimes, the owners don’t have enough time to make sure the horses get enough exercise.

If you’re a horse lover, this would be a great rural business idea that you can start. 

You can begin by going around to your neighbors that have horses, and seeing if they would be interested in your service. 

Using their equipment, you could save money on expensive horse equipment and also charge them a lower rate so you’re both happy.

 2. Local composting removal service

Many rural properties use composts in their yards to get rid of food scraps.

This is a great way for homeowners to lower their garbage that they need to dispose of, and also a great way to create new soil for planting season.

However, a major issue that some homeowners in rural areas have is that they don’t have places to dispose of their compost or a way to get rid of the extra dirt.

This service would cater to that problem by providing people a way to remove old compost and extra dirt they have for free, instead of them dealing with it themselves. 

You could then sell the extra dirt you get or set up an area to dump all the collected composts so you can create a new healthy dirt to sell back to the community.

 3. Internet infrastructure development company

The internet infrastructure, especially in rural areas, needs some serious upgrades and maintenance to get to the level it should be with speed and connectivity.

To help with this problem, many governments and organizations are offering funding to companies that will help address this issue.


If you’re skilled in internet infrastructure or construction, this may be a great company for you to get involved in. 

You could begin by assessing the areas in the community that are in the most need of improved internet infrastructure.

From there, see if there are any grants or programs that will help fund your new business, or if they have proposals for areas that need improvements too.

 4. Chicken coops setup company

There may be people who need help with building custom chicken coops for their property. 

It can be an integral part of a farm or a great way for a family to provide a food source (eggs) for neighbors and themselves.

Some remote areas even have industrial sized chicken coops, which presents growth opportunities for this idea too.

This company could be started by putting together three to five different plans for chicken coops and then going door to door to sell them in your rural neighborhood. 

After a consultation, you could customize the plans you have to fit the exact needs of the client. 

There are two potential business models for this idea. 

Charging a fee for the plans if the landowner wanted to build it themselves, or charge a more comprehensive fee and build the whole thing with you or your team.

5. Everything Corner Store

In many rural areas there isn’t enough population to have a wide variety of services and product offerings from many different stores. 

This causes many people to travel into the big cities to get the variety of goods and services they need to fulfill their needs.

The Everything Corner Store company would provide all the varieties of products and a few high-demand services to people living in the rural areas, saving them considerable amounts of time and effort when commuting into the city.

To start this retail business idea, start by surveying your neighbors in the rural areas to see what the high demand products and services are. 

Then you can begin by stocking up a small shop with those goods. 

You could even sell these items and services from the comfort of your home if you have space and want to save on rent.


6. Yard cleanup service

Yards in rural areas can be massive, spanning a few acres in some instances. 

This rural business idea would be a Yard Cleanup Service, specializing in cleaning large yard areas, and differentiates your business from competitors that do smaller yard cleanups and landscaping. 

Many rural homeowners may find this handy because managing such large properties is a lot of work, and a break once and while is needed.

If you have access to a ride-on lawnmower and any other power-operated yard tools as available resources, this could be a great company to consider. 

Of course, since you are working with larger areas that need cleanup, you can charge much more for your services.

7. Farm equipment maintenance

Many rural areas are dependent on farm equipment to maintain the crops and their land. 

And like any machine, it will need regular maintenance and sometimes emergency repair, which is where this company can come in.

If you have a friend who is a heavy-duty mechanic or you have those skills yourself, you could easily start this company with little start-up costs. 

The big expense may be tools that you need to operate the business. 

If you could partner with farm equipment manufacturers and dealers to get in contact with their client base, you could easily access great leads for your business that have the equipment and many need emergency repair or maintenance after the regular warranty is over.


8. Rural shipping warehouse and operations center

This rural business idea would help the people that live in those farther regions and love their online shopping, as it can save a lot of time rather than going to a big mall in a nearby city. 

In many of those communities it’s expensive to get items shipped because the companies that operate the regular shipping routes cannot afford to drive out to those farm or rural areas.

By setting up a warehouse and operations center, you could partner with large shipping companies so they can pay you a fee to use your warehouse and center to manage their shipments to the rural areas. 

Ultimately helping them expand their reach and help lower costs for the online shopping lovers.


9. Small-scale infrastructure repair Company

Similar to the shipping issues in the rural areas touched on above, there is also a problem with the general infrastructure in these parts. 

This is because they lack the support from the municipality or region to fix broken roads, which is where this rural business idea comes in.

To begin, you can approach the organizations that manage these regions and see if they have any budget or support to fix these things, which they usually will. 

Then you can work with them to get these jobs secured to fix pieces of the road that are broken, fallen trees in important areas, etc.

10. Lead generation 





Running an online business can be great if you live in a rural area because you don’t need access to big city resources to be successful. 

Generating leads with online billboards is by far the greatest opportunity for any regular person to make serious money online and be able to quit working for someone else forever.

The main advantages of generating leads with online billboards is that you don’t have to sacrifice your time and money.

You provide real value to businesses, and you can scale your business much further than with any other business model.

This is because you’re essentially replacing entire marketing teams for businesses and charging them a premium to send business their way.

It’s better to provide real value than sell an overhyped product that someone else is making a majority of the profit for.

So if you want something that can help you finally quit your job, I recommend doing this.

The amount of niches you can choose to start your online billboard business is incredibly big. 

There’s some niches out there that are almost completely untapped.

This business model will survive for decades to come. Businesses always need more customers.

Once you get a steady stream of leads being generated, businesses will pay you month after month for years.


The overhead is super cheap and all the money you make for sending the leads to businesses is pretty much straight profit. 

I started back in 2019, and I’m still making a 6-figure income just from 1 business… and they’ve been paying me month after month for the last year.


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