Top 100 MLM Companies of 2020

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Last updated Jan 8, 2022

Top 100 MLM Companies of 2020

Looking to join one of the best multilevel companies (MLM)?


These people would eat you to join them.

They see money in you.

They want you to be their bf.

And by bf I mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill.

Some will want to win with you, and others will want to win at your expense.

MLM businesses generate income from the direct sale of the business’s products, but also from the sale of vendors that make up their affiliate networks.

Which means that:

NO CONTACTS = No clients = No affiliates = No money

That’s what Network Marketing is about, and it’s more complicated than it seems.

Making money shouldn’t be that difficult (that’s what the hell we call “9-to-5 job” is there for)

When the opportunity is already out there, everything’s easier.

Think of it this way:

There are many businesses out there that aren’t going anywhere …

… Unless they don’t get sales.

Businesses willing to pay a fortune for advertising just to get leads.

For me, it was like adding 2 + 2.

I grabbed my laptop, my phone, and got in touch with a few of them. And that was it.

My first client is still paying me for an online billboard that took me an afternoon to make!

Generating leads with ads, I went from $0 to $7k in a couple of months. How could this not be my top recommendation?

If you still think MLM is your thing, I suppose you’re eager to know if your shot is in the top 100 or not.

Let ‘s find out!


Top 100 MLM Companies of 2020

Rank Company Head Quarters Revenue (USD)
1 Amway USA


8.80 Billion
2 Avon United Kingdom


5.70 Billion
3 Herbalife USA


4.50 Billion
4 Natura Brazil 4.4 Billion
5 Vorwerk Germany


4.20 Billion
6 Mary Kay USA


3.50 Billion
7 Infinitus China

(Hong Kong)

3.41 Billion
8 Perfect China

(Guangdong Province)

3.06 Billion
9 Quanjian China


2.89 Billion
10 Forever Living USA


2.6 Billion
11 Pola Japan


2.44 Billion
12 Nu Skin USA


2.28 Billion
13 Tupperware USA


2.26 Billion
14 Melaleuca USA


2 Billion
15 Primerica USA


1.69 Billion
16 Oriflame Switzerland


1.6 Billion
17 Young Living USA


1.5 Billion
18 Rodan and Fields USA


1.5 Billion
19 Lyoness Austria


1.39 Billion
20 New Era China


1.16 Billion
21 DXN Malaysia

(Alor Setar)

1.10 Billion
22 Ambit Energy USA


1.1 Billion
23 Belcorp Peru


1.09 Billion


1.04 Billion
25 Le-Vel USA


1 Billion
26 SUN HOPE China, Indonesia & Taiwan


0.94 Billion
27 Isagenix USA


0.92 Billion
28 Yanbal Peru


0.92 Billion
29 Koyo-Sha Japan


0.91 Billion
30 Gano Excel Malaysia


0.890 Billion
31 WorldVentures USA


0.88 Billion
32 Team Beachbody USA


0.863 Billion
33 Shaklee USA


0.84 Billion
34 Market America USA

(North Carolina)

0.820 Billion

(North Carolina)

0.750 Billion
36 Nefful USA


0.75 Billion
37 Yandi China


0.740 Billion
38 Stream USA


0.737 Billion
39 Captain tortue UK


0.71 Billion
40 YOFOTO China

(Zhejiang Province)

0.696 Billion
41 Vision International People Group Cyprus


0.69 Billion
42 It Works! USA


0.686 Billion
43 Arbonne USA


0.600 Billion
44 Plexus Worldwide USA


0.562 Billion
45 AnRan China


0.222 Billions
46 Miki Japan


0.535 Billion
47 Advocare USA


0.472 Billion
48 Scentsy USA


0.46 Billion
49 Rolmex China

(Liaoning Province)

0.459 Billion
50 LegalShield USA


0.450 Billion
51 QNet Hong Kong

(Kwun Tong District)

0.415 Billion
52 For Days Japan


0.38 Billion
53 Nature’s Sunshine USA


0.342 Billion
54 Sisel International USA,Switzerland(HQ)


0.34 Billion
55 4Life Research USA


0.316 Billion
56 LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH Germany


0.301 Billion
57 Stella & Dot USA

(San francisco)

0.300 Billion
58 Alphay International China


0.252 Billion
59 Cutco Cutlery USA


0.222 Billion
60 Take Shape For Life(Optavia) USA


0.22 Billion
61 Southwestern Advantage USA


0.218 Billion
62 LifeVantage USA


0.207 Billion
63 Vestige Marketing India

(New Delhi)

0.200 Billion
64 Pampered Chef USA


0.20 Billion
65 NHT Global Japan


0.198 Billion
66 ForeverGreen USA


0.184 Billion
67 Princess House USA


0.178 Billion


0.178 Billion
69 Mannatech USA


0.176 Billion
70 World Global Network USA


71 Kannaway USA


0.15 Billion
72 Naris cosmetics Japan


0.144 Billion
73 Youngevity USA


0.142 Billion
74 Fuxion Peru


0.141 Billion
75 Tiens/Tianshi China


0.118 Billion
76 Golden Sun USA


0.103 Billion
77 Immunotec Canada


0.102 Billion
78 Zurvita USA


0.100 Billion
79 DubLi Network USA


0.032 Billion
80 Jewels by Park Lane USA


$0.150 Billion


$0.178 Billion
82 Mistine Thailand


$0.407 Billion
83 PartyLite USA

(New England)

$0.273 Billion


$0.070 Billion
85 bHip Global USA


$0.74 Billion
86 FM Group United Kingdom


$0.110 Billion
87 Kang Ting China


$0.348 Billion
88 Opulence Global(Global Wealth Trade) Canada


89 Javita USA


90 Kyani USA


$0.100 Billion
91 Morinda USA


$0.225 Billion
92 Organo Gold USA


$0.214 Billion
93 Shopping Sherlock Canada


94 Bode-Pro USA


$0.010 Billion
95 Nucerity International USA


$0.035 Billion
96 Stampin Up USA


$0.124 Billion
97 Zrii USA


$0.021 Billion
98 Send Out Cards USA


$0.006 Billion
99 31Gifts USA


$0.516 Billion
100 Unicity International USA


$0.265 Billion


When you look closely at the rankings, you can see that it’s mostly the MLM companies with a lot of experience which are among the first.

My advice:

Use this ranking to prospect (new clients and future distributors). Seniority is a safety factor.

Just so you see, I’m going to detail the companies in the top 3 positions Amway, Herbalife, and Avon.



I start with the No. 1 of 2019 Amway.

Amway overview

This company consecutively tops the list of the best multilevel companies in the world


Amway in data:

  • 8.4 billion dollars in 2019
  • 3 million partners worldwide
  • 19,000 employees
  • 3 main brands: Amway Home (cleaning products), Nutrilite (the world’s leading brand of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements), Artistry (within the world’s top 5 in the beauty range).

Amway is recognized for its 60 years of history, distributing a wide range of unique and ecological products.



Avon Products Inc is ranked number two, with a sales gross of $4.76 billion.

avon overview

Which shows that it remains the leading direct sales company in cosmetics, perfumes, among other beauty and personal care products.


They have presence in more than 130 countries and 6 million distributors.


It’s surely one of the oldest with its 130 years old.



Herbalife overview

In third place we find Herbalife Nutrition, with a fairly noticeable difference in income compared to Amway.

A 40% difference.

Herbalife was created in 1980, and since its inception they’ve been dedicated to the production and sale of nutritional supplements.


They have more than 3 million distributors and are based in California, United States.


What’s a reality is that this list of the top 100 MLM companies is represented by companies from 21 countries but more than half (53%) are US companies.

If we only take into account the top 10, only 4 are not from the US.

We have 1 German company, 1 Chinese company, 1 Brazilian company, and 1 from Korea.


If we talk about millions of dollars, the abyss grows larger:


6 American companies add $25,857 million compared to $14,480 million of the 4 companies that are not American.


More than 11,000 million dollars of difference.

Almost nothing.


When comparing the list of the best MLM companies of 2020 with those of the previous years, we can see that the MLM industry is constantly growing.

It can be a good option if you wanna create your business and earn your financial freedom.

financial freedom

But, it may not be the best.


Pros and Cons of Working In MLM

Multilevel businesses are well known as network marketing.


They’re (for some people) a profitable business that consists of selling products and services, which allows building a network of distributors and increasing profits.


For each product sold, you get a commission.


Everything usually depends on the level of the skills and abilities of the seller to attract new distributors.

Thanks to the Internet, these businesses have become massive.

You can use web pages, blogs, social networks to reach more and more customers with your products.


And at the same time, you get other new distributors that expand the network.


  • You can generate a passive income if you have a WIDE network of important distributors.
  • To start, you don’t need to invest that much.


  • You may come across supposed profitable MLM businesses that promise you very low investment and immediate profits. The thing is, these pyramid models don’t make you earn anything and only lead you to invest more
  • The time it takes to get the desired results it’s crazy. Also, you’ll need to have a good sales skill set to raise some money.
  • It’s usually not enough to put a lot of effort into selling the products, you’ll also need to attract more workers. So, again, it will take a lot of time.


You don’t want to go door to door crawling for money, do you?


Nor wait to retire to go to the Maldives.

You want money now, and you don’t want to trade your free time for it, right?


The best way to create an online business that generates BIG profits is to generate leads with ads.

It has nothing to do with MLM: you’re the only link in the chain.


You generate leads for businesses that are hungry for more business, without crazy investments of time or money.


Sounds easy?


That’s because it is!



The market for MLM companies is a booming sector, I won’t deny that.


It’s perfect if what you want is to get into the world of hierarchies and networking.


If you really have the money and time to do it.

‘Cause not everyone can.


I couldn’t have both if it weren’t for the fact that after trying everything, I decided on lead generation.

It’s the only business model capable of fattening my pockets while I work less than 4 hours a week.

Could I say the same if I were working in MLM?



Think of it this way:


There are an infinite number of companies out there that can help you create an online empire.

Any owner of his own business on the Internet, be it an online store or, for example, a blog, will want to get potential customers.


Today they have to know who enters their website, what that person is like and what they want.

They need to turn that anonymous visitor into a person with a first and last name and the card ready to burn down the store.


And that’s where you come in.

By creating for them online billboards with ads, you can become their main customer provider …


… And make them earn money that they will double on you as long as you keep doing the same.

Click here if you want to know the online business model that will allow you to work from home and reach a 7 figures income in just a couple of months.

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