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Traffic And Funnels Review: Chris And Taylor Program (Here’s What I Think About It)

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

Traffic and Funnels – My Honest Review [2021]


Are you looking for the best way to convert your traffic into sales?

Traffic and Funnels is a series of webinars that will give you a valuable look into how to increase both your site’s traffic and the payout you get for doing it.

This review will not only let you know whether the Traffic & Funnels 2021 program by Chris Evans and Taylor Welch is worth your money but also help you determine if it’s a good fit for your business.

Let ‘s get into it.


What Is Traffic And Funnels?

Traffic and Funnels is a course that takes you through the process of building a sales funnel and optimizing it to convert more leads into actual customers.

The program differs from the rest basically for two things:

  1. It’s designed to help you create a sales funnel based on services through webinars (i.e online courses)
  2. They place special emphasis on defining your goal and your customer persona.

This will allow you to effectively measure both the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and the effectiveness of the tactics you use.

Once you have a goal in mind (which can be as simple as “I wish to have 10 visitors today”) it is much easier to analyze which activities will help or hinder your goal.


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The Founders: Chris Evans & Taylor Welch


You know those guys that always put forth effort in everything they do?

Well, those are the founders of Traffic and Funnels.

The brains behind Traffic and Funnels are Chris Evans and Taylor Welch. In 2015, they launched their site and started helping people optimize their traffic acquisition and sales process.

Since then, they’ve helped more than 400,000 people get off the ground with their lead generation efforts, making them one of the most popular sales funnel training programs in the US.

Their mission is simple: help entrepreneurs by giving them the tools they need to grow their businesses

According to their site, they’ve already made a few clients who started with absolutely nothing into millionaires.

It’s not hard to believe- it’s no secret that traffic and marketing can get you far in life.


Traffic and Funnels Module-per-Module Breakdown

Module 1. Choosing Your (Single) Product

In this first module, Chris and Taylor help you pick one specific thing to offer as a high-ticket purchase.

What you gain from doing this is a much clearer picture of what the goal of your business is and what, if any, money you need to achieve that goal.

Also, you want your landing page to convert effectively, and one way you do that is by focusing on one product that really stands out from the rest.

Tip: This is something that can be done very simply by studying your competition and picking out things that they do that are similar to what you want to deliver.

If you do this correctly, you’ll have the chance to get more clients and leads without having to spend a lot of time making the copy or creating content.

Module 2: Defining Your Target Audience

This is a tour de force of data-driven marketing.

In this module, you will learn all about your potential customer. This includes where they come from, why they are there, and what they want.

You’ll start defining your target audience. It will take you from identifying audience demographics to discovering what they care about, targeting them with relevant content, and stopping them from exiting your site.

Module 3: Building Your Sales Funnels

During this module, you will learn a lot about how to set up a successful sales funnel.

Setting up your funnel isn’t as hard as it looks. Traffic and Funnels put it this way:

The first mistake people make when creating sales funnels is they try to do too much.

They try to do it all: create multiple pages for each channel (email, phone, social), add all the necessary features for multiple channels and mix in personalization.

This will result in a lot of time spent on features that are unnecessary and only serve to complicate the process of selling your product or service.

That’s why Taylor will cover 3 basic ways to make your sales funnel more effective: (1) creating better product-based examples, (2) focusing on converting through three pages instead of having multiple landing pages, and (3) encouraging your audience to act now rather than wait until later.

He’ll also share some of the mistakes newbies do that can severely limit their success in creating a successful sales funnel.

Module 4: Using FB Ads to Get Traffic

This section explains how to use Facebook Ads to get traffic to your pages.

  • The first parts cover all about how to run Facebook Ads.
  • The second teaches you what types of people you should target with your ads and how to get them to take action.

By the end of this process, you should have a solid strategy for creating and running Facebook Ads for your business. No outsourcing is necessary!

Module 5: Automation

In this final module, Chris and Taylor talk about how they grew their business and some of the basics of the business that they would have done differently if they had known at the time.


Traffic and Funnels Pricing Plan

Traffic & Funnels pricing plan is definitely one of the most convenient ways for beginners to get access to a sales-funnel training program, at an affordable price.

It costs $49


Who Is Traffic and Funnels For?

Who is this course designed for? It’s for businesses who are already running but are struggling to get more clients.

Using their unique knowledge and expertise, Chris and Taylor will guide you through the entire process of running a successful online business

They’ll cover everything from finding clients to growing your company, including growing your site traffic and sales through innovative marketing strategies.


What I Liked About Traffic and Funnels

Valuable Training

For $49, I think Traffic and Funnels has one of the best traffic and funnel training programs out there!

They help you identify high-quality leads and follow up with these leads until they decide to do business with you.

They are constantly pushing people to succeed past their limits, both through live webinars and a Facebook group where they can call to action more advanced topics.

It’s also a really easy avenue for finding other experienced online marketers who will help you succeed.

Community and Networking

Traffic and Funnels has a FB Group I’d use for finding and building relationships with great people.

It’s a place where you can network with other online marketers and business owners, just like you. By sharing your thoughts, opinions, successes, struggles, etc., you’re participating in a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to help one another succeed in their online endeavors.


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What I Didn’t Like About Traffic and Funnels

Bad User Experience

The whole point of this type of course is to create an enjoyable experience for their students.

But right after signing up, things get overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin.

You see random posts and quizzes, and all you want to do is click through. But there is nothing in the way of an effective walkthrough guiding you through each step.

This is frustrating as hell.

Cons Of Higher Path Ventures

Upsells everywhere

You know how often you’ll see someone ask for a $25 extra just to upgrade to the next level?

Look, I found this course to be very interesting and is definitely going to be a staple in my education toolkit.

But I don’t enjoy being sold products. It’s not my nature.

I like to find products that fulfill a need, and if the seller boasts some feature that makes the product more appealing (and more money coming in) than another option that’s a better value, then I’m going to look into that.


Conclusion – Should You Get The Course?

Traffic and Funnels have a plethora of free information and tons of free webinars anyone from anywhere can go and see what steps need to be done to get their business off onto the right foot.

But, obviously, there’ll come a point where you’d be encouraged to buy some training.

So, when is the right time to buy Traffic And Funnels, if ever?

Their content is good, and maybe you can learn a lot about leads.

But studying something not only requires money. It also requires time. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to start studying something and wait years to get results.

Personally, I think there are courses that far exceed this one.


When it comes to getting things done and moving in the right direction, you can go it alone and stumble, you can spend some money and time watching Taylor and Chris’ course, or listen to me and take the lead gen course that’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

The life you have always wanted is within your grasp, all you have to do is reach out and take it.

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