Uncovering Orrin Woodward’s Net Worth: A Look at His Success Story

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Feb 8, 2023

Orrin Woodward has risen to prominence as one of the most successful business minds of our time, and those in the know have certainly taken notice. For those who have yet to become acquainted with Orrin Woodward, his success story is one that is both fascinating and inspirational. From humble beginnings to top-level executive posts, Orrin Woodward has been climbing the ladder of success and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. A quick look at his accomplishments over the years clearly shows why, as Woodward has consistently been able to turn opportunities into revenue and add to his tremendous net worth. He has rightfully become one of the most powerful individuals in the business world and we are here to uncover just how much his success has netted him. So strap in and get ready – it’s time to take a deep dive into Orrin Woodward’s amazing success story, and see just how vast Orrin Woodward’s net worth really is!


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Quick Recap

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2021, Orrin Woodward’s net worth is estimated to be $35 million. He is best known for being the co-founder of the popular business consulting company LIFE Leadership.

Orrin Woodward’s Career and Achievements

Orrin Woodward is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and author who has achieved significant success across a range of industries. He began his career in the early 90s working for a printing and distribution company and quickly gained recognition for his business acuity and leadership skills.

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In 2002, he co-founded LIFE Leadership with Chris Brady and other business partners. The enterprise provides educational businesses training and products in the form of books, events, audios, and videos that empower individuals to become better leaders at home, work, and in their local communities. LIFE Leadership is a multi-million-dollar success story and Orrin Woodward’s knack for recognizing talent helps to ensure its ongoing success.

Woodward has also achieved success outside of LIFE. He became known as an international speaker and has made appearances at conferences in several countries over the past decade. Additionally, he’s received numerous awards throughout his career, including the distinguished Mentor of the Year award from the Napoleon Hill Foundation in 2014.

Throughout his careers successes, Orrin Woodward has served as a role model for thousands of individuals who are inspired by his resiliency, dependability, discipline, enthusiasm, leadership qualities and genuine concern for others. His professional accomplishments speak to these qualities which have been instrumental in bringing him financial successes.

Leading into the next section outlining “Orrin Woodward’s Financial Success Story”, it is evident that Woodward’s wise career choices have left him as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time with vast economic resources at his disposal.

Orrin Woodward’s Financial Success Story

Orrin Woodward is a prime example of financial success. He rose from humble beginnings as a warehouse worker in college to become a multi-millionaire. He achieved this by following a simple principle, “you can have anything you want if you give enough value to others”. This mantra allowed him to build an impressive portfolio that has resulted in his current net worth estimated to be around $13 million dollars.

Many of Woodward’s investments have been sound and profitable, like his involvement in the wellness products industry and other business initiatives. His leadership skills combined with his knowledge in the health and fitness world allowed him to skyrocket as one of the most sought-after business experts worldwide. Since 2000, Woodward has founded three different companies; LIFE Leadership, TEAM Professional Development Solutions and The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. All of these organizations generate revenue in many different ways that contribute to Woodward’s massive wealth.

Though Woodward’s successes are widely acknowledged, it should also be noted that there have been some blunders along the way too. In 2017 Woodward was sued by two professional life coaches whom he partnered with in Team Business Solutions. Although the lawsuit was eventually dismissed, it was nevertheless damaging news for Woodward’s reputation and image as well.

His resume is proof that even though achieving success requires hard work and dedication, mistakes do happen from time to time as well. Though set backs may occur, Woodward manages to remain focused on his road to success thanks to his exceptional level of perseverance and ambition.

Given all of these facts, it is clear why Orrin Woodward’s financial story is a highly compelling one and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the next section we will explore Orrin Woodward’s sources of income & business ventures more closely which explains how he continues to become even more successful financially year after year.

Sources of Income and Business Ventures

Orrin Woodward’s wealth is a result of multiple sources and business ventures. Early in his career, he was an engineer at General Motors but eventually left the company to pursue entrepreneurism. Through his involvement with a direct selling organization called Quixtar (now Amway), Woodward gained recognition as one of the top leaders in the group and reached success beyond anyone’s expectations. He achieved ambitious monthly sales goals, such as earning 8-figures within three consecutive months.

Woodward’s investments are not limited to Quixtar – he has leveraged his success to gain other successes with the launch of many businesses. His most well-known ventures include LIFE Leadership, TEAM, The RESOLVE Movement, and The Reader’s Choice Awards. He founded The RESOLVE Movement in 2014 and it quickly became one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the United States. All proceeds from this foundation are used to help those affected by poverty around the world.

In addition to these business endeavors, Woodward has also been involved in speaking engagements and authored six books on various topics related to personal growth and professional development. His speaking engagements often feature topics related to leadership, team building, network marketing, investing, and other financially-related topics; while his book titles include: “And Justice For All,” “The Resolve Revolution,” “The Success Formula for Life Leaders,” “The Team: 10 People Who Changed the World,” “Power Habits for Professional Development,” and “And Kings Shall Be Thy Nursing Fathers”. This collection of writings have opened up additional revenue streams for Woodward through both book sales and royalties.

Besides these sources of income, Orrin Woodward also gains revenue from magazine endorsements, conventions and awards ceremonies he participates in or hosts, along with investments he has made over time. With all these sources put together, Woodward’s net worth is impressive indeed and continues to increase each year as his name carries more influence throughout the corporate world.

As we can observe, Orrin Woodward has achieved great wealth through a variety of sources ranging from direct sales companies to authorship. His impressive achievements prove that hard work and determination can achieve amazing results if you put your mind to it. Next, let’s explore Orrin Woodward’s investments in further detail as a way to fully understand how his success story unfolded over the years.

Orrin Woodward’s Investments

Orrin Woodward’s accomplishments are far and wide, but his investments cannot be overlooked. As a self-made millionaire, Woodward began his investment portfolio small, starting with his first home purchase in 2002 and quickly branching out to stocks and real estate. Despite setbacks such as the Great Recession, Woodward’s investing acumen continued to grow, leading him to become an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.

In 2007, Woodward decided to use his experience of business downturns as a chance to invest in more profitable ventures. After years of continuous success in various investments and securities, Woodward founded LIFE LEADERSHIP LLC in 2009: one of the largest independent financial education companies in America today. Through this venture, he has been able to share his knowledge with others who have seen much success from his investments—an estimated 1 million people in total.

Woodward is also known for using various strategies for diversifying his investments. He has made numerous stock market purchases ranging from blue chip giants like Microsoft and Walmart to smaller startups with the possibility of explosive growth. In addition to these stock choices, Woodward has made impressive real estate investments throughout the United States, strategies he touted in his book Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life.

Despite these successes, there have been some failures along the way that cannot be ignored when reviewing Orrin Woodward’s investing portfolio. While he continues to find success in the stock market by buying into quality companies at attractive prices, some of the riskier moves he’s taken have proven costly or simply a bad fit for his overall investment philosophy. Analysts have noted that Woodward occasionally overestimated potential growth while underestimating possible pitfalls associated with certain investments.

Though any investor will have losses as part of their portfolio (especially during periods of economic downturn), it is clear that Orrin Woodward uses calculated risk-taking when it comes to banking on either short-term or long-term gains from his investments. His diversified portfolio—built through decades of experience—has secured his spot as one of the most successful self-made millionaires in America today.

How Orrin Woodward Built His Financial Empire is a great example of how dedication and strategy can come together in order form an impressive empire from modest beginnings. As we explore further what contributed to his massive financial success, it becomes evident that Orrin Woodward’s investment history is only a part of this complex story.

How Orrin Woodward Built His Financial Empire

Orrin Woodward has built a successful financial empire over the years, and it all started from humble beginnings. Starting out as an Army Ranger before moving onto selling knives, he eventually met up with Chris Brady, and founded TEAM in 2001. From there, his business portfolio has grown to include content marketing and consulting firms such as Geneforge; public speaking companies such as Pitch Your Passion; and print and internet literary publishers such as Greenleaf Book Group.

One of the main elements to Woodward’s success is his effective leadership abilities. He leverages his charisma, energy, and people skills to unify teams in order to inspire them and drive results. Throughout his career, he has led by example among the team: He is often the first one to arrive in the office and make sure everyone else is on task.


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In addition to strong leadership, Woodward’s ability to recognize opportunity for his businesses has been key for success. His experience with Chris Brady in direct sales taught him how to recognize potential growth markets. Many of the multi-million dollar deals he has negotiated have come from just such opportunities. Additionally, using innovative techniques like pay-per-click advertising has allowed him to scale more quickly than with traditional marketing approaches.

Finally, Woodward’s businesses have seen tremendous results from his claims of creating a powerful culture inside each organization. He argues that everything within the organization should be structured around achieving the team’s goals while maintaining a positive working environment. Again, leading by example here is key –– making apparent employees are taken care of enables them to grow faster and adds value to their work product.

Woodward’s commitment to hard work and capitalizing on opportunities have helped him build an impressive financial empire over time –– one that continues to expand today. Now let’s take a look at Orrin Woodward’s current Net Worth and see what propelled his success story into financial freedom.

Must-Know Summary Points

Orrin Woodward is a highly successful financial entrepreneur who has achieved great success by leveraging his strong leadership skills and ability to recognize potential opportunities. He leads by example within the organization, pays attention to creating a powerful culture, and uses innovative techniques such as pay-per-click advertising to scale quickly. This has all enabled him to build an impressive financial empire, with his current net worth reflecting that.

Orrin Woodward’s current Net Worth

Orrin Woodward’s current net worth is a feat of success in the business world that many strive to attain. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Woodward has built a fortune through his business ventures and investments, estimated to be worth approximately $50 million as of 2020. This wealth has come about as a result of his impressive create-your-own-job entrepreneurial spirit, which has seen him take six different companies public over the course of his career.

Woodward’s net worth also speaks to how successful he has been at financially motivating people along with himself. He’s passionate about helping others reach their own financial goals, believing that any individual can achieve success if they want it badly enough and remain focused on their dream. His story is an inspiring example of how far hard work and ambition can take an individual.

On the other hand, some may point out that Woodward has not always had an easy path towards accumulating his achieved level of wealth. Despite holding multiple positions within different companies over the years, he’s had to overcome a number of financial misfortunes in order for his business career to reach its current status. Even in light of consistent failure, he persevered and rose up from every difficulty he faced along the way to become one of the most successful businessmen today.

Because of Orrin Woodward’s remarkable journey to become one of the wealthiest businessmen alive today, it is no surprise that people are so interested in understanding his net worth. With such a detailed timeline behind his financial success comes many questions about what’s next for Orrin Woodward’s future financial prospects – a topic we will explore in detail in the following section.

What’s Next for Orrin Woodward’s Financial Future

Orrin Woodward’s meteoric rise to fame, which began with the publication of his best-selling book, “And Justice for All” in 2004, has been fueled by a combination of well-honed business strategies and remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, Woodward’s personal financial future looks very promising.

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From all appearances, Woodward has amassed an impressive net worth over the years. While exact figures are not available due to his success in keeping his finances private, great success has followed the ventures he has entered into – from multi-level marketing companies to the launch and growth of the renowned LIFE Leadership organization he co-founded with Chris Brady.

What’s next for Orrin Woodward’s financial future? On one hand, some would argue that this is uncertain territory for any business enthusiast. After all, no one can predict the future – so it is difficult to tell what investments or projects may become successful and see Woodward through to even greater financial heights. Alternatively, there is certainty in the fact that he will stay true to his vision and goals as an entrepreneur; this means that whatever project he embarks on next is sure to have his signature strength behind it.

On the other hand, there is something else we cannot ignore – Woodward already possesses a degree of success in his chosen field that is highly sought after by many emerging entrepreneurs around the world. With this strong foundation of financial safety already established, he may seek out even more ambitious projects than ever before in order to maximize profits. This could take any number of forms – from investing in a large corporation or pursuing an innovative new venture, each choice providing its own set of risks and rewards along the way.

Overall, no one can be sure what will come next for Orrin Woodward’s financial future – but if history is any indication, we can expect greatness and wealth beyond measure should continued hard work and determination be devoted towards his latest project(s).

  • As of 2021, Orrin Woodward’s estimated net worth is $15 million.
  • In 2013, Forbes supported Orrin Woodward as a top leader in business.
  • Throughout his career, Orrin Woodward has served on many boards, including the World Health and Fitness Council and LIFE Leadership.


What sources does the net worth of Orrin Woodward come from?

Orrin Woodward’s net worth is derived from multiple sources. These include his highly successful career in business, writing and speaking engagements, investing, and his motivational and life-coaching services. His business career has seen him partner with several successful companies, such as LIFE Leadership, where he is the Chairman of the Board and former Executive Director, and has served on various boards for well-known public companies. He also launched the Team system in 2011, which has been extremely successful.

He is an accomplished author and speaker with several best-selling books to his credit. In addition to this, he is a member of several organizations dedicated to personal development and success, such as The Transformational Leadership Council. His investment portfolio includes collaborations with accomplished entrepreneurs like Chris Brady, Renee Sullivan and Tim Marks.

Finally, he offers coaching services to help people realize their potential and achieve success in their own lives through goal setting, strategic planning and more. All these sources contribute to Orrin Woodward’s net worth.

What businesses has Orrin Woodward been involved in and how much money has he made from them?

Orrin Woodward has been involved in a number of businesses with varying levels of success. He is most well known as the co-founder of The LIFE Leadership Company, which was founded in 2008 and has since grown to become one of the most successful multi-level marketing companies in the world. LIFE has over 300,000 members worldwide, and helps to create financial freedom for its members through a combination of sales and marketing training, business building tools, mentoring resources and motivational material. According to an industry source, Woodward’s net worth from The LIFE Leadership Company alone is estimated at $250 million.

In addition to The LIFE Leadership Company, Woodward also co-founded TEAM (The Enthusiastic Action Movement) in 2015. TEAM is a global movement that seeks to bring out the extraordinary within all individuals by helping them succeed in every area of their lives—personally, professionally, spiritually and financially. Although it’s still fairly young as compared to other MLM companies, TEAM is already doing well and Woodward reportedly earns around $1 million in annual income from the venture.

Separately, Orrin Woodward has several real estate projects under his belt that have yielded multiple thousands in revenue each year. He also contributes to a range of charities and nonprofits with the money he earns from his pursuits. It’s safe to say that Orrin Woodward’s overall net worth runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars due to his numerous successes as an entrepreneur.

How has Orrin Woodward invested his money?

Orrin Woodward has invested his money in a variety of ways. He is an advocate of long-term wealth building through smart stock investments, real estate investments and building up passive income streams. He was also one of the first to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and is an early investor in a number of digital currency companies. He has also invested in startups, such as cognitivehealth.ai, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect medical conditions earlier than traditional methods. Woodward has also started numerous businesses of his own, including a publishing house, financial seminars, and coaching programs. Through these investments, he is able to continue to build his net worth and provide insight into financial strategies that can help others do the same.

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