United Success Network – Scam Or Legit MLM?

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Last updated Jan 5, 2022

So you want to join the United Success Network?

Well, we’ve all seen plenty of programs come and go, taking people’s hard earned money with them. So when people are talking about the United Success Network, it makes sense to be curious to know whether or not it is legit.

In today’s review, you’ll learn:

  • What is the United Success Network
  • How it works
  • How you can make money with it
  • And whether you should stay away from this company or jump in for the ride

Let’s get started!


What is the United Success Network?

United Success Network is a new, online MLM program. It’s based on the crowdfunding niche as a way to make money through network building and referring people that join under you.

They don’t sell anything. It’s a platform for members to earn money, gain knowledge and build relationships.

Now, their whole system is based on what they call the “Flip 50” strategy. Here’s how it works:

finding motivated seller

How does United Success Network work?

Step 1 – Give $50 to members.

In this step, apart from gaining a deeper understanding of what the business is about, you will be asked to “donate” a small amount of $50 to each one of your team members.

Step 2 – Share the deal

The United Success Network will then help you introduce your team members to the concept of recruiting- which is a critical part of any MLM business.

If you think about it, a downline is your team. That’s how you get paid.

Step 3 – Empower

So, for this third step, you want to make sure your team members understand the opportunity and encourage them to start their own recruiting efforts.

(That way, each one of them will also get $50)

50 dollar

Step 4 – Reap the Rewards

Once you’ve recruited eight members, you then get to step 4 and become eligible to receive $400… which is what you paid for those eight new recruits.

Anyway, that would turn you into a Matrix 1 affiliate. (More on that later.)

From this step on, your main goal should be to climb the ladder and make it to the top of the United Success Network.

Bonus: 7-Day Challenge

United Success Network will put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that your network of members never stops growing. They’ll tell you ALL the time how essential it is for your downline to expand and find new members.

(The more recruits, the more money you earn)

That’s why they came up with this 7-day challenge. You’ll have to ask your downline to recruit 2 new members within that period.

United Success Network’s Compensation Plan

As I mentioned above, once you get 8 new members, you’ll enter Matrix 1 (and get $400 back).

Here’s what I meant:

The United Success Network’s compensation plan is designed to allow members to earn from the work of other members beneath them, as well as from their own direct recruitments.

The 2×3 matrix cylinder illustrates this concept well.

A member at the top of the pyramid has two members beneath him, who have two each beneath them, and so on down to the bottom level where four people are listed.


These four people represent a total of 8 legs in the matrix cylinder under this one member’s account.

That gives this one member eight chances to earn commissions off of his personal efforts and another seven chances off of the efforts of his first leg’s duplicates underneath him in his second leg.

Here’s a rough outline of the rest of their compensation plan:

Matrix 2: You’ll earn $800 from 2 new matrixes.

Matrix 3: You’ll earn $2,000 from 3 new matrixes.

Matrix 4: You’ll earn $4,000 from 4 new matrixes.

Matrix 5: You’ll earn $8,000 from 5 new matrixes.

Can You Make Money With United Success Network?

The way I see it, you can’t make real money with the United Success Network.

Just take another look at the first level of their compensation plan. What’s the reward you get after working your ass off to get 8 new members? $400

Since you’ve had to spend that same amount just to stay in the company, I can’t see how they’re doing you any favors.

Also, it will be really hard to get to the top of their system. Think that you’ll need a huge network (that means, either a massive social following or spending time and money building one), and a lot of money (the United Success Network system works only if you first donate $50 to your team members).

Pros & Cons Of United Success Network


I’m going to be honest:

I’ve been investigating United Success Network for a week or so now, and so far I haven’t found anything good about the course that would make me want to join.

I’ve gone through their website and former real student’s reviews, and I have no idea why anyone would sign up for this.


Let me cut to the chase:

Their compensation plan is fraudulent. The United Success Network’s cash gifting system is inherently fraudulent because there are no goods or services being sold, therefore there are no earnings that can be used to pay commissions to participants. There is simply a constant cycle of recruiting new people and getting them to pay money to join.

compensation plan is fraudulent

They act like a pyramid scheme. In a Ponzi scheme, the people who benefit most are the ones who promote the scheme -in this case, whoever is behind the United Success Network.

Usually there is no product or service involved at all – it’s just a way for the promoters to make money. In this case, the emphasis is on recruiting other members to invest.

Members are encouraged to bring in new members, and then they are paid for their efforts from those new members’ investments rather than from any legitimate business activity.

Is United Success Network A Scam?

The United Success Network is a scam -I’m not sure if it’s also a complete pyramid scheme, but on the verge.

To join this MLM, you have to pay a fee each time you recruit a new member. And the money you’ll get for them won’t be enough to make a living in the long-term, even though that’s what the United Success Network won’t stop telling you.

As they don’t have any products or services, all your income will depend on whether you’re capable of keeping your network growing or not.

Most of the time, that means spending a lot of money in building up some kind of sales funnel, and honestly; I don’t think it’s worth it.

So, if you’re looking for a way to build a sustainable income with a legit business model, why not try one of the many online opportunities I’ve written about? You’ll find much more value in any of them than in the United Success Network.

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