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Tony Robbins’ UPW Virtual Event Review: Here’s My Honest Opinion…

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Last updated Aug 13, 2022

Unleash the power within you, they say. This is what Tony Robbins’ UPW virtual event aims to do — unleash your potential in order to build the life you’ve always wanted. 

To face the chaos we’re surrounded by, overcome it and find success…

It all sounds good, but does it deliver? 


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I’ll be reviewing Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power virtual event from my own experience, and give you solid facts that will help you make an educated decision about if this event is for you.

Let’s get started.

What is Unleash The Power Within (UPW)?

If you’ve never heard of Tony Robbins, he’s been in the self-help industry for decades, and he’s sold millions of books and run live events around the world. 

This year because of the pandemic, he decided to go completely virtual with his signature event Unleash The Power Within (UPW).

This is a four-day interactive experience that aims to be your ultimate guide to unlocking the potential inside of you—the same strategies Tony has taught world leaders, celebrities, Olympic athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs for more than 40 years.

What to Expect At Tony Robbins’ UPW Virtual Event…

But what does UPW really offer? 

You can expect 4 days of Tony Robbins motivation seminars and workshops that are designed to help you with:

1) Leadership: It will teach you how to lead yourself and others with confidence and clarity so that you can maximize every opportunity for growth in every area of your life.

2) Wealth: It will teach you how to tap into your full financial potential and leverage your resources so that you can create more wealth.

3) Health & fitness: It will teach you how to master your health and fitness so that you can look and feel better than ever before.

4) Relationships & family life: It will teach you how to build stronger relationships with your partner, family members, friends, colleagues, and any one in your life.

Key benefits & drawbacks of the UPW Virtual event


  • You can experience the full UPW content from the comfort of your home.

With this new virtual access, you won’t miss a minute of Tony’s signature “in the room” content. You’ll be able to:

– Watch Tony’s most popular videos on demand

– Access special bonus materials and curated playlists

– Live stream all sessions from your laptop, tablet or phone

– Connect with other participants through live chat rooms, as well as social media interaction on Facebook and Twitter.

  • It’s well-structure and helps you get laser-focused on what you really want

It’s pretty hard to know what to do without a clear vision and a good plan, right? You need both to achieve your goals. 

At the UPW Virtual event, you will learn how to get laser-focused on what you really want in life, using Tony Robbins’ proven Life Plan Methodology.


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He has helped millions of people all over the world improve their lives by mastering this powerful process.

  • You can access exclusive online resources and apply the learnings long after you complete the Virtual event.

The Unleash The Power Within (UPW) Virtual event is a powerful transformational experience, but it’s not the end of your journey.

You can access exclusive online resources and apply the learnings long after you complete the Virtual event.

These include:

  • The UPW Virtual Event Workbook – A guide for applying the lessons learned during your UPW experience into your life. 
  • The UPW Virtual Event Community – A private Facebook Group where you can connect with others who are also committed to growing their businesses and expanding their impact. Here you will find inspiration, support, insight and accountability as you take action on what you’ve learned at UPW.
  • Small group coaching sessions with Tony Robbins and his team of coaches.

These small groups are where the magic happens—where you get to ask questions directly, get specific coaching on how to overcome any obstacle that may be keeping you from achieving your goals, and where you will receive feedback on how you can take immediate action in transforming your current reality into your future vision


  • Great content but not for everyone. 

Tony’s style isn’t for everybody and he is known to use the shock factor to get your attention. 

If you are easily offended or cannot handle criticism, this might not be a suitable event for you.

  • High-ticket price

The price varies depending on where you purchase your ticket or how early you book it but it can cost between $300-$2K per person depending on where you live in the world. 

How much does UPW virtual cost?

There are three ticket options to choose from, ranging in price from $395 to $1,795.

  • The first, General Admission, will cost you $395. 
  • Executive Admission is a step up at $895. It includes the Tony Robbins Personal Power II audio program, lunch with all the guest speakers, and access to the post-UPW Implementation Mastermind. 
  • The Diamond Admission option is the most expensive at $1,795. In addition to all of the bonuses included in the two lower-priced tiers, you’ll also get a free Diamond floor ticket to a future in-person UPW event, as well as access to Tony’s Ultimate Advantage program.

Who should attend the Unleash The Power Within virtual event?

If you’re the type of person who daydreams about doing something amazing with your life, but can’t seem to break out of your own way and get there—or if you’ve gotten stuck partway through a project or initiative that you know will change the course of your life, Unleash The Power Within is where you are going to find what you need to get yourself moving.


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UPW is for anyone who wants to improve their physical, emotional, and professional lives—no matter where they’re starting from. 

UPW is for anyone who wants to feel more responsible and powerful in their own lives. It’s for anyone who knows they can be more but may not know exactly how. 

If that sounds familiar, then this event was made for you!

Tony Robbins UPW Virtual: Is there any value behind it?

So, should you attend? If you’re going to take this seriously and make a commitment to change, yes. 

In my opinion, the people that can really benefit from the experience are those who know in the depths of their soul that something needs to change in their lives but just haven’t been able to do it on their own yet. 

If Tony Robbins can knock some sense into ya, wonderful. 

Who knows — maybe he will! But if you already feel like everything is in order, then my advice would be not to bother with this event.

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