Vasayo MLM Review: What You Need to Know Before Signing Up for Vasayo MLM

by | May 29, 2020

Table of Contents:

  1. Who is The Company Behind The Vasayo MLM?
  2. The Story of Vasayo’s Predecessor
  3. Is Vasayo FDA Approved?
  4. Vasayo MLM Products
  5. The Science of Vasayo Products
  6. What Are the Vasayo Products?
  7. Is Vasayo a Scam?
  8. How the Vasayo MLM Compensation Plan Works
  9. Getting Started as an Affiliate
  10. Direct Payments
  11. Income and Bonus Payments
  12. Vasayo FAQs
  13. Vasayo Review
  14. Vasayo Pros and Cons
  15. My Final Thoughts

Vasayo is a company that sells a myriad of products, including skin care, but with a focus on supplements. The company also presents itself as a business opportunity, allowing people to sign up to become “coaches” and brand partners in order to sell their product.

So the question remains, is it just a vast Vasayo MLM scheme or does the Vasayo compensation plan make this a legitimate way to make money. After combing Vasayo reviews 2020 specific, I feel I have a good idea about how effective the company is, both within the supplements and skincare industries and as Vasayo MLM.

I invite you to join me for my Vasayo review to find out what I’ve learned about the company and the potential success of taking advantage of its MLM. And of course Vasayo reviews need to answer the question about whether this is all just a giant Vasayo scam.

Who Is The Company Behind The Vasayo MLM?

Vasayo is a company founded in Utah in 2016 by Darrin and Karree Larsen. Previously they had founded MonaVie, which was another MLM that sold juice supplements.

It’s definitely worth noting that MonaVie went under before the Larsens founded Vasayo. Whenever an MLM goes under you have to wonder about who got rich and who lost so much time and money and never saw those residual commissions . . .

I digress. Or maybe not, because once you’ve founded one failed MLM it does not necessarily bode well for the success of future MLMs. So for that reason I think of the story of MonaVie as quite relevant to Vasayo.

The Story of Vasayo‘s Predecessor: MonaVie

MonaVie was a multi level marketing company that made and sold fruit juice concentrates, purees and powders. There were a great deal of health claims regarding the fruit juice supplements.

The company weathered several controversies, including being labelled a pyramid scheme by Forbes magazine. But after defaulting on a $182 million dollar loan in 2015 the company went into foreclosure. It sounds like Forbes had it right and MonaVie did turn out to be a pyramid scheme after all.

But even though many who invested a lot into trying to make their own business with MonaVie lost everything, Darrin and Karee Larsen came away alright, founding Vasayo the very next year.


There is one controversy with MonaVie that is especially worth paying attention to, as it is particularly relevant to answering the question, is Vasayo a scam?

That’s the controversy involving health claims. Several journalists opened investigations to misleading health claims that MonaVie distributors were making about the products. It was serious enough that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) became involved, sending warning letters.

Additionally, before founding MonaVie, Darrin Larsen worked as a senior executive at another MLM that sold fruit juice called Dynamic Essentials. That company was entirely shut down by the FDA for making false health claims.

Vasayo is not really a fruit juice company, but the Vasayo supplements it sells means it operates in a similar sphere as the Larsen’s previous business ventures. One has to wonder if history is going to repeat itself with Vasayo and the company will fall foul of the FDA.

Is Vasayo FDA Approved?

That Vasayo could run into problems for making health claims should be a real concern for those interested in selling the product. It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as Vasayo FDA approved products. Rather any claims that the company or their brand representatives make have to follow the FDA laws and guidelines.

To find out more about the likelihood of Vasayo products running into problems with the FDA let’s take a closer look at the products as well as Vasayo product reviews.

Vasayo Multi-Level-Marketing Products

Vasayo sells numerous products ranging from skincare products that are applied topically to Vasayo supplements, which are taken orally. Vasayo products come in several different lines, which are meant to address different ailments and issues. The Vasayo supplements are definitely an area where the company could run into trouble because products are not from Vasayo FDA approved.


The Science of Vasayo Products

According to the company, Vasayo stands apart from the competition by offering a “advanced delivery technology.” The company promises to deliver more of the product more efficiently by using enzymes.

This is also accomplished by something the company refers to as the liposome advantage. This creates a double layer of bubbles around the desired nutrients in the Vasayo supplements that is supposed to aid in the fast and efficient absorption of the good stuff.

That’s their claim, but even on their website they have to make clear that the FDA has not evaluated that statement. So for that reason it’s impossible to be sure if it is true.

What is certain is that the company has to be very careful with the claims it makes, as do all of the brand representatives, or they could find themselves in very hot water. In fact, that was exactly how Darrin Larsen put it when he described the problems with the FDA that MonaVie was having.

He described how his sales team could get him into hot water with the Feds and that it was next to impossible to control what brand representatives claimed. There’s no reason why Vasayo might not run into similar problems.

In fact on the Vasayo website there is currently a warning asking sales representatives not to make claims regarding Covid-19 and other health claims. This vulnerability of Vasayo supplements would make me very nervous to invest in the MLM.


What Are the Vasayo Products?

There are several main categories and lines of Vasayo products.

  • Beléza by VasayoThis is the skincare line, and includes a rejuvenating cream,. serum and hydrating mist.
  • Renew: This dietary supplement promises to “restart” the body and is supposed to help with joint health.
  • V3: This is also known as Vasayo energy. This product uses coconut juice powder, green tea, maca and an adaptogenic herb blend to give the user energy. It’s consumed by mixing a packet with a glass of water.
  • V-Tox: This is meant to aid with the body’s natural cleansing and to act as a detox.
  • Sleep: This is supposed to aid in getting a good night’s deep sleep.
  • Core Complete: This is one of two nutritional Vasayo supplements that is supposed to aid with diet and metabolism. However this one also acts as a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • V-Slim: This dietary supplement is specifically for weight loss. It’s supposed to operate on several levels including reducing cravings and managing blood sugar.
  • Neuro: This is for enhancing brain function.

In addition to these products, Vasayo has launched a CBD oil called CBDOne. In looking through Vasayo CBD reviews, I found several negative ones, including one Vasayo customer review who complained the oil had gone rancid and they had been unable to receive a refund.

Another Vasayo product review complained that CBD oil does have a patent when it is advertised that it does.

This brings us back to the question, is it all just a giant Vasayo pyramid scheme?


Is Vasayo a Scam?

In order to get to the bottom of this question it’s necessary to take a close look at the Vasayo compensation plan.


How the Vasayo Multi-Level-Marketing Compensation Plan Works

The Vasayo compensation plan operates on a binary system. In order to really make money it’s necessary to keep maintain two recruited active affiliates as well as one customer. Failing to do this will make an affiliate inactive.

The commission rate on the Vasayo compensation plan goes up to 20%. To be honest, this seems a bit low to me compared to competitor MLMs.

There are 18 different ranks within the Vasayo compensation plan, as well as the opportunity to earn numerous bonuses. Let’s break it all down.

Getting Started as an Affiliate with Vasayo Products

To begin as an affiliate requires purchasing a package of products. These introductory packages range from $239 to $1500 for a Founder’s Package. Many people who choose to sell with the Vasayo MLM opt for the Founder’s Package.

Direct Payments in the Vasayo MLM Compensation Plan

For direct personal recruits there is an introductory payment of 10-20%.

Because the compensation plan operates on a binary system, there are two legs. An affiliate is also entitled to residuals on the lesser leg. Residual payments are capped at $27,500 per week, but numbers this good are not really realistic with this MLM.

Income and Bonus Payments in the Vasayo Compensation Plan

There are numerous types of bonus payments in the Vasayo compensation plan:

  • Binary Team Commissions: This is the main way to make money in the Vasayo compensation plan. It uses the binary model outlined above. The ‘top’ affiliate can only have two affiliates directly below them, but the levels add up without limit.
  • Product Introduction Bonus: This is most like a direct payment in other compensation plans. When an affiliate brings in a new brand partner they receive 20% of their first order.
  • Customer Sales Bonus: Remember, the commission for retail sales is only 20%. There are, however, monthly bonuses of $50-$150 that affiliates can earn based on those retail sales volumes.
  • Team Commission Matching Bonus: This is not calculated on the binary model, but in the unilevel one, allowing teams to earn commissions over several generations. The percentage of this bonus commission is dependent on the rank the affiliate has achieved.
  • Global Leadership Bonus: This is actually a really good type of bonus for an MLM. In order to get it an affiliate must have achieved gold status. They then got a share of commission of all the company’s sales. This is like owning shares in a company, and something to look for in an MLM.
  • Rank Advancement Bonus: These are large payments made when an affiliate achieves the highest ranks. They are paid in ten monthly chunks. The bonuses range from $100,000 for a Black Diamond Level to $1,000,000 for the Triple Crown Blue Diamond Level.

There are additional rewards, such as Lifestyle Trips which are all expenses paid trips for those who have achieved the highest ranks. These trips are an opportunity to network within the company. Additionally, there is another bonus related to expanded business opportunities for those who have achieved the highest ranks.

After maintaining Black Diamond status for four consecutive weeks, affiliates are eligible for another business center, giving them more opportunities for sales and to recruit.

Before giving my final verdict on Vasayo, here are some questions answered that you may have.


Vasayo FAQs

Q: Are Vasayo products popular?

A: Yes, there are many Vasayo products that are extremely popular. This includes Vasayo energy as well as V-Slim and V-Tox. Additionally, despite some negative Vasayo CBD reviews, CBDOne has become a very popular new product for the company.

Q: How much do Vasayo products cost?

A: There are a range of prices for Vasayo products, but some examples are that the Beléza line runs from $69 to $149 for individual products, but offers a one month supply of the entire line for $305, also available as a recurring order. Most individual supplements cost around $60, with a product like V-Slim costing over $100/month.

Q: What is the direct payment commission offered in the Vasayo compensation plan?

A: There is only a 20% commission for direct retail sales.

Q: How much does it cost to become a Vasayo affiliate?

A: Introductory packages range from $239 to $1500. This is a pretty high starting figure, both for the started package, as well as the deluxe “Founder’s package.”

Q: What brand name are Vasayo products sold under?

A: Vasayo products are sold under the name MicroLife Nutritionals.

Q: How are Vasayo product reviews?

A: It depends on which Vasayo product review you are reading. They run the gamut, with some negative, but Amazon has many positive Vasayo product reviews.

Q: What are the main complaints about Vasayo products?

A: A lot of the complaints centered around the company not honoring their 30-day money back guarantee. One Vasayo customer review after another that was unhappy with the product described problems getting their money back.

Vasayo Review: The Final Verdict

In considering the question of is Vasayo a scam, I came to the conclusion that there was no definitive proof of a big Vasayo scam.

The products do sell (for now, more on that), so it’s not an MLM based solely on recruiting. The products seem to have taken some development.

Additionally the MLM has numerous bonuses, including one that is like having shares in the company. The company is definitely real, having been around since 2016 and having its headquarters in Utah.

That being said, just because it’s not necessarily a scam doesn’t mean that it’s a good opportunity for making money. I have several concerns about the Vasayo MLM, not the least of which why the commission is so low for direct retail sales.

My biggest concern about Vasayo though has to do with the FDA and the company’s founders’ history. It almost seems like a ticking time bomb just waiting until an affiliate makes the wrong claims and a whole set of problems is created with the FDA.

This should be a very serious concern for anyone interested in joining the Vasayo MLM. A major FDA investigation can shut a company down and even require the destruction of all products. In fact, at Dynamic Essentials, the supplement company where Vasayo founder Darrin Larsen was a senior executive, when it was shut down by the FDA, it was required to officially destroy all the product.

Imagine if after investing so much time and money into an MLM you not only lost all future revenue and residuals but had to actually destroy the product. For that reason I just wouldn’t feel confident committing to their MLM model, even if I don’t think it’s a total Vasayo pyramid scheme.

Vasayo MLM Pros

  • They have robust bonus program in their compensation plan
  • They offer a pretty popular product, with opportunity for good sales
  • The company invests in developing their product
  • They have been around since 2016

Vasayo MLM Cons

  • The commission from direct retail sales is only 20%
  • They could be shut down by the FDA at any time


My Final Thoughts

So there are certainly a ton of MLM’s you can be a part of if that is something you really want to do.

I have a feeling since you are reading this right now, your main goal is to find the best way to earn money online and enable yourself to live a better life.

MLM is not likely going to get you there. Generally, most people involved in MLM don’t really end up making much money in their networks. You certainly can, but most do not.

What I suggest is lead flipping. With lead flipping, you don’t have to put a strain on personal relationships by selling a product or subscription to your friends and family that they don’t need or even want.

With online billboards, you can show local businesses that you can send paying customers their way. Once you can prove this to a business it is a no brainer to them to pay you each and every month to keep sending leads their way.

Since the leads sell themselves, you can generate money almost instantly once everything is set up. One of the best benefits of lead flipping is also once you get everything set up, there is little to no maintenance to perform leaving you lots of time to either focus on a new business to target or relax and go on vacation while still earning money.

There are almost countless niches you can focus on and the only costs you incur are the ad costs which are nothing compared to your payouts.

This lead flipping program will show you how you can pick out the niches that are best for you and is what I used to finally have some success in the online marketing world.

If you want to quit your 9-5 for good and stop earning money for yourself vs someone else, check it out. You won’t regret it, I promise.