Vasayo MLM Review: What You Need to Know Before Signing Up for Vasayo MLM

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Last updated Jan 23, 2022

Vasayo MLM Review: What You Need to Know Before Signing Up for Vasayo MLM


If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about becoming a Vasayo distributor.

But, Vasayo is an MLM company. And is there any legit MLM company?

In this review, I’ll show you what Vasayo is all about, how the opportunity works, and what it takes to become a reseller.

Disclaimer: Lead generation with ads (my top recommendation!) has been the only online business model capable of doubling my sad employee salary and giving me financial freedom. I’ve done my research with Vasayo, but if you want 100% facts, then lead gen is for you.

Time to dive into the review!


What is Vasayo?

vasayo overview

Vasayo is a network marketing company (also known as multi-level marketing or MLM) that specializes in health and wellness products.

The company was founded by Dallin and Karree Larsen in 2016, shortly after leaving MonaVie, a similar (and now defunct) MLM company founded by Dallin Larsen in 2005.

This is what the Vasayo website says about their products and business opportunities …

“While our innovative delivery systems produce superior products, our opportunity offers freedom for individuals seeking greater autonomy to balance their work and personal life”

These are some pretty bold claims, and like all MLM companies, they claim to have the best of the best.

So it’s important to dig deeper to see if this is really the case.

And as with any MLM company, a good place to start is with the products.


What products does Vasayo sell?


Vasayo products consist of CBD oils, detox capsules, weight loss powders, and other wellness products.

All of which fall under the branded “Microlife Nutritionals.”

Apparently, the company uses “proprietary technology” to provide “superior absorption utilizing the power of liposomes and enzymes.”

In other words, what makes these products unique is how the ingredients within the products are delivered to your cells.

There’s definitely science behind some of the claims they’re making.

For example, Liposomes apparently increase the absorption and bioavailability of nutritional supplements, which would logically make these products more effective.

But it’s worth proceeding with caution here.

Because what I’ve found is that many MLM companies claim that their products are unique, when they’re often simply expensive “snake oil”.

I guess the best way to find out for yourself is to test the products, before committing to promoting them.

This way, you know first-hand if these are products that you can really support and build a business around.


How the Vasayo business opportunity works

The Vasayo business opportunity works on the MLM marketing business model.

Which means that you can earn by promoting the products and referring others to the business opportunity itself.

By doing so, you can earn commissions when your referrals make sales, as well as when you make sales.

The way this works is that when you recruit someone, they enter your “downline.”

And every time they recruit someone, they enter their downline and so on.

The end result is a pyramid-shaped organization.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people believe that companies like Vasayo are a scam or a pyramid scheme.

In some cases that’s correct, but not all MLM companies are pyramid schemes.

One of the most important factors in determining whether a given MLM company is legitimate is the emphasis that’s placed on product sales, compared to mass recruiting.

If all you’re doing is recruiting people who are recruiting, and the majority of product sales are coming from distributors who just want to “qualify” for commissions, you may be part of a pyramid scheme.

I personally don’t think Vasayo is such a scheme.

Because they focus on product sales as opposed to mass recruiting and the compensation plan reinforces it.

Pros and cons  


  • Their compensation plan comes with many different ways of making money. 
  • There’s scientific evidence behind some of their products. 
  • It’s not expensive to get started with them. 
  • You can get juicy monthly bonuses. 


  • You can’t join them directly through their website. 
  • This company won’t make you rich overnight. 

How can you join Vasayo MLM?

To become a Vasayo distributor (AKA “Brand Partner”), you must first find a reseller website.

You can’t actually join by visiting the main company website.

Everything runs through ‘replicated websites’ that are coded for individual distributors.

This is to ensure that the person who drove you to Vasayo in the first place gets the credit.

An easy way to find such a website is to contact the person who originally brought Vasayo to your attention.

They must be willing to point you in the right direction, as it’s best for them to do so.

But if you come across this company on your own, you can try Googling “join Vasayo”.

Which will eventually lead you to a replicated reseller site that you can join.

In any case, once you are on the join page, you must first select your country and then add a “Enrollment Kit” to your cart for $49.95.

Once you select your enrollment kit, you’ll be taken to the product order page where you can select the products you want to buy.

You don’t have to buy any products if you don’t want to, but it makes sense if you want to make money as a distributor.

Because you’ll have to personally buy or sell 80BV (turnover) of the product each month to qualify as an “Active Brand Partner”.

Which works out to a little over $100, depending on the products you buy.

To complete the registration process, you will need to complete the form, agree to the terms, and pay for the registration kit and (optionally) your product.

At this point, you’re now a Vasayo brand partner.

From here, you will need to familiarize yourself with your back office and marketing tools to start building your business.


It might also be worth reaching out to whoever you’ve joined to help you get started.


The Vasayo Compensation Plan

The Vasayo Compensation Plan (AKA Rewards Plan) describes how you can get started as an affiliate, the various ways you can earn money, and how much you can earn.

And since this is a network marketing company, you can earn both by selling the products and by building your team.

In this section, I’ll break all of this down so you know how it works in detail …

  • Starting

Getting started is as simple as choosing a product bundle that ranges from $239 to $899, and as of this writing, they are offering a ‘founders pack’ for $1,495.

To be considered “qualified” to earn commissions, affiliates must have at least 2 active Brand Partners below them within the binary downline system.

To be active, affiliates must accumulate 80 PV (personal retail sales volume) or more per month, and have at least 1 customer.

  • Ways you can earn money

There are 8 different sources of income available depending on the rank and performance of your affiliate.

  • Customer Sales Bonus (CSB)

This pays a 20% commission on retail sales made by an affiliate’s personal customers.

Within a given 4 week cycle, affiliates also earn a bonus of $50 to $150 depending on their sales volume.

  • Product Introduction Bonus (GDP)

When an affiliate sponsors a new brand partner, they will earn a 20% bonus on their first order.

  • Binary Team Commissions (TC)

This is the meat and potatoes of the compensation plan.

The way it works is based on a “binary” downline model, which means you can only have 2 people directly below you, and so on, infinitely deep.

In other words, you only have 2 legs and so do everyone else in your downline.

And each week, the total CV (commission volume) of your binary downline is automatically calculated for the left and right legs.

One leg will be “weaker” and another will be “stronger” depending on the CV of each one.

So when these two binary legs reach 240CV (weakest leg) and 480CV (strongest leg) a ‘cycle’ is earned, which pays $25.

The number of cycles an affiliate earns is limited by range (see table then).


  • Matching Bonus Team Commission (TCM)

With this income stream, you actually have a separate downline structure that all of your same referrals refer to in addition to the downline I just explained.

This time, the model is known as ‘unilevel’.

There’s no limit to the number of affiliates you can have directly under you with this downline model.

Anyway, the way you get paid with this is based on the concept of generations.

Each generation stops and a new generation begins wherever a “bronze” ranked affiliate is in your downline.

For example, there could be 153 affiliates at ONE stage of your unilevel downline between you and the next bronze ranked affiliate.

This is your first generation.

So, imagine there are 27 affiliates between that bronze affiliate and the next bronze affiliate, that’s your second generation.

This continues.

Commission payout percentages are based on your referrals’ earnings in a given generation, based on what they earned in binary team commissions.

These are the commissions that I explained earlier.

For example, imagine that your first generation earned a total of $4,000 in “Binary Team Commissions” and you yourself are a silver ranked affiliate.

You would earn 10% of this, or $400.

Basically, the better your rank, the bigger your downline and the more your downline will earn, the higher the commission for you.

Your rank determines in which generations you are paid and in what percentage the payment is applied.

How much you ultimately earn depends on your rank, the generation itself, and how much that generation has earned in binary team commissions.

  • Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB)

Quite simply, when an affiliate advances in rank, they will earn a ‘black diamond’ bonus and upwards.

This pays out $100,000 for a Black Diamond affiliate, and goes up to $1 million for Triple Crown Blue Diamond affiliates.

Payments are divided into 10 monthly portions.

  • Global Leadership Bonus (GLB)

This bonus is paid in ‘shares’ to Gold affiliates and above, and is made up of 3% of the companies’ total global CV.

The value of each share depends on the global income of the company at that time and the number of affiliates who share the bonus.

Either way, the higher your rank, the more shares you will receive and the more money you will earn as a result.

  • Lifestyle Travel (LT)

Lifestyle trips are awarded to Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Black Diamond and Crown Blue Diamond affiliates upon reaching that rank.

These are all paid travel expenses to various destinations around the world, and are a mix of business and pleasure.

  • Multiple Business Centers

Any Black Diamond affiliate who maintains this rank for 4 consecutive weeks is eligible for an additional business center.

Which, of course, means higher earning potential.

Yes, there are many ways to earn money!

But the thing is, sometimes you don’t need that many.

Especially if they entirely depend on your ability to sell like a devil.

The best way to make money online is (and I don’t mind being repetitive if it’s for your good) generating leads with ads.

Companies invest A LOT of money in what seems profitable to them, and bringing them clients willing to burn their bank accounts is MORE than profitable, right?



Vasayo is a network marketing company that gives Independent Distributors (Brand Partners) the ability to sell their nutritional products and to refer others to the business opportunity.

The products appear to be legitimate and the compensation plan is reasonable.

There’s also a good focus on genuine product sales, which means this opportunity is more sustainable than what you would find with a network marketing company focused on chain recruitment.

So there is definitely money to be made here.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll make tons of money as a distributor …

Unfortunately, most of the people who join a network marketing company like this fail.

They sign up, talk to everyone they know, make a few sales at best, and then end up buying products every month to stay “qualified”, without their business growing.

To be successful, you really want to learn how to expand beyond this.

Why focus on selling to family and friends when businesses are crying right now for lack of customers?

Why not use lead generation with ads to get them business and earn BIG money?

‘Cause, one thing’s sure:

If you can give business to a business, they’ll pay what it takes.

Click here to discover how to generate leads and become the best money-machine for businesses.

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