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Is Vector Marketing a Scam or not? Here’s The Truth (2022 Review)

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Last updated Jul 2, 2022

If anyone’s ever said that you possess the gift of the gab, or you’re a social butterfly, then Vector Marketing is looking for like-minded sales people to join the team.

While looking for a new job opportunity, you might have stumbled upon them. But, what exactly can you expect?

Is Vector Marketing legit or a scam? I’ll give you all the information you need and then some more- because I believe you should have a choice when it


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What’s Vector Marketing?

what is vector marketing?

If you’re not familiar with Vector Marketing, know that it’s a direct sales marketing company that was started in 1948 in Olean, New York. It specializes in selling kitchen sets and knives.

And that’s exactly what you will do if you decide to work for them. Your job is to entice people into purchasing knives and other kitchen supplies

As a Vector Marketing distributor, you will either go door-to-door or call people on the phone to set up meetings with prospective buyers.

You’ll have a 3-day training period where you will be taught about the company, the products and how to sell them, and that’s a requirement before you can become a distributor. After this, you’ll lend the knives set from Vector Marketing, and you start selling.

There’s also no need for any previous experience in the area. All you need is the will to work and be a minimum of 18 years old. After a job interview at the company, you have a chance to start making money.

It all sounds interesting- so where’s the catch, if there is any?

Keep reading, I’ll get to that in a sec.

Vector Marketing Review-What Are They Products?

Vector Marketing has a wide variety of good quality products, but their best products by far are their knife block sets – the most popular.

The other 2 best-selling but less popular sets are:

  • The Ultimate Set is the most expensive option. It comes with 32 good quality pieces equipped with ergonomic handles made out of thermo-resin, which ensures that they neither chip, nor crack, nor lose their design.
  • The Homemaker Set. This set of knives contains 10 pieces of high carbon stainless steel, which is stronger than standard stainless steel, to help you cut the strongest food.

These sets come with an unlimited warranty and can be sharpened for free.

How Can You Make Money With Vector Marketing?

Although it’s possible to make money with Vector Marketing, don’t expect to get rich, not even to quit your current job.

Once inside, you will be asked to make a list of about 100 family, friends, and acquaintances; in other words, people that you know well enough to ask them to watch a demonstration of the product.


The good news is that you get paid $17 for each demonstration you do, and each one has to last approximately 45 minutes. You can work whenever you want. You can also make your own schedule, as long as you stick to the plan.

You’ll get a commission of 10% of the sales you make, and this can go up to a possible 30% (or so they say.)

You can make money with Vector Marketing. But you have to really want to. The average employee makes $350 per month, so, again, I doubt this is an easy way to get rich.


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How Can You Join Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing is completely free to join.

You must complete your training to become a sales representative, then you will be loaned a Cutco sample set.

Vector Marketing is interested in investing time and money in training you. Then they’ll see if you’re able to use the skills you learned while selling Cutco’s wide range of ingenious kitchen gadgets.

Good & Bad Things about Vector Marketing

The Good

Most of the advantages of working with this company come with the satisfaction that you’re selling a good quality product instead of ripping people off their money for some worthless stuff.

Moreover, you should also know that:

  • Your potential customers will be guaranteed a forever satisfaction guarantee, which might make them keener to buy from you.
  • Vector Marketing has an A+ rating with full accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Now, some drawback to consider when deciding to work with them include:

The Bad

  • Price of things you will have to sell

One of the most questionable things about this work is the fact that the knives you will most probably sell have a price range of $286- $1212. That’s quite expensive for a knife set- and many Vector Marketing reviews suggest they are requiring constant sharpening.

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  • Too many alternatives for your potential clients

This company was started over 70 years ago. Our world has changed drastically since then- including the way customers buy and look for things. Besides a local shopping mall offering a variety of kitchen equipment, there are also places like Amazon or eBay, where anyone can find cheaper alternatives for almost anything. That’s why you might have a tough time convincing someone to buy a $1000 knife from you.

  • Your payment depends on commission.

While there is some basic salary that Vector Marketing will provide you with, most of the money you’re expected to make is based on the commission you get from sold things. If you don’t have luck, you might find this job highly unrewarding- as opposed to some more comfortable alternatives.

Is Vector Marketing a Scam?

The business opportunity, as well as the products themselves, are not scams.

Vector Marketing is a legitimate direct sales company that offers genuine products and truly does pay their sales representatives for selling those products.

But you should ask yourself this question: “Am I really sure I’m going to build a business selling knives door-to-door for a 10% commission?”

This might only be a good option for you if you are looking for a career in sales or just want some experience. Or it may also be a right fit if you are looking for a small extra income to make ends meet.

But there’s no way you’ll get a sustainable, highly-profitable source of income for the long-term with Vector Marketing.

Final Thoughts: Do I recommend Vector Marketing?

I’m going to be honest with you- it’s hard to imagine anyone under 50 years old buying it this way.

With your first set of knives loaned from the company and with a 3-day training experience, you need to go out there and find someone interested in what you’re trying to sell…

Look, eCommerce is a constant choice for customers, and it’s hard to consider door-to-door selling a better alternative.

Add to this the fact that this job isn’t the nicest one, as you will need to get used to people slamming their door in your face and potential frustration from not being able to sell your knives.

All of that together makes me think that this isn’t something I would recommend as a perfect job opportunity- as opposed to lead generation.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section!

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