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Zero Up Review 2021

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

Is Zero Up a High Ticket Scam? Zero Up Review 2021


Nowadays, starting a business online even without buying any products to sell is possible, thanks to dropshipping and affiliate marketing!

While these two are often confused as the same thing, in reality dropshipping and affiliate marketing are completely different models:

With affiliate marketing, you are earning money through commission.

It works by promoting a product on your website or social media using an affiliate link and when a visitor buys the “offer” using your link, you’ll earn a percentage for the converted sale.

In case of dropshipping you can literally have your online store through Shopify or even WordPress platforms and have your customers buy products from you at retail price.

You, in turn, will buy those products at wholesale price and have your supplier ship merchandise directly to your customer.

From my experience, I can tell you that even if both business models can be profitable to a certain point…

They can bring you a lot of problems.

Think about suppliers, clients, investment and overall logistics.

You thought you could achieve your dreamed financial freedom

But you end up working until midnight, with a headache, looking at how much money you earn that month so you can spend it all again in your “business”.

Believe me, ‘cause that was my life.

Until I found the best online business model out there: lead generation.

It has become my way-to-go business since I found out I could sleep more than 10 hours a day and keep engrossing my pockets.

I earn a 7-figure monthly salary and I don’t work more than 4 hours a week, so…

Anyway, if you’re planning to start dropshipping, you may have heard of a few programs that will teach you how to make money out of it, such as Zero Up.

The questions are:

Can this online course really help you earn a massive amount with dropshipping?

Is Zero Up a scam or a legit program?

Is Fred Lam’s online course the real deal or just overhyped?

Everything you need to know — the good, the bad — exposed in this Zero Up review!

Let’s dive in!


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What Is Zero Up About?

Zero Up is an online training course created by a reputable entrepreneur named Fred Lam.

Aside from the training program, it also includes software that will help you grow your dropshipping business online.

The cool thing about this program is that the sales funnel is simple and there are no “coding skills” required.

You can use the system easily to generate traffic, as a “funnel builder”, and a “profit multiplier” and build a “100% compliant online store” that you can use to market your products effectively.

Basically, the business model used to earn profit from this method is called “dropshipping”.

As mentioned above, you can set your own price and earn profit from it by subtracting your rate to the wholesale price of the item.

You don’t need to keep any inventory; in fact, there’s no need to purchase and keep the product you are selling at all.

Who Is Fred Lam?


According to his website, Fred Lam was a dishwasher who later turned into a “serial entrepreneur”.

He has created software and online courses that helped his students earn a six-figure income.

As of now, he’s one of the most reputable marketers who has proven success in the world of eCommerce.

He’s an expert when it comes to using paid ads, especially in dropshipping, which he has shared to his training programs.


Who should Join Zero Up ?

Zero up is for anyone who has a strong interest in the drop shipping business.

I would say it is good for both beginners and people who have marketing/Ecommerce experience because it covers a huge range of questions related to dropshipping business.

If you’re serious about starting dropshipping business then Zero UP is a great program to invest in and get immediately into action of building your business.

I personally learned that it’s better to invest in a good education rather than searching online for bits and pieces trying to figure out what is right and what’s the best approach to use.

But, again, if you can invest little money in the best education …

Why invest in Zero Up?

Zero Up Training Tools/Support

Zero Up has 8 modules offered, including:

  • Module 1: Store Creation
  • Module 2: Inventory Arbitrage
  • Module 3: Kitting Out Your Store
  • Module 4: Crafting A Sales Funnel
  • Module 5: Taking Your Store To Market
  • Module 6: Manage Your Store
  • Module 7: Traffic Strategies
  • Module 8: Scale-Up


Zero Up is a high-ticket online training program that will require you to pay $597 for three months.


However, you can get it at a discounted price of $1,497 when you choose to pay it one time, in full amount.

The payment includes not one, not two, but 5 bonuses, including:

  • Bonus #1: Instant Access to Zero Up Lab (Value $3,997.00 USD)
  • Bonus #2: Top 100 Fastest Selling Products (Value $797.00 USD)
  • Bonus #3: Traffic Genius: Blueprint To Attracting Buyers (Value $6,591.00 USD)
  • Bonus #4: Starting From Zero Bootcamp (Value $7,988.00 USD)
  • Bonus #5: The Concierge Program: Personal Coaching (Value $1,997.00 USD)
  • Added Bonus For Platinum Members: Zero Up Network (Value $3,997.00 USD)



  • Legit Business Model With A Comprehensive Training

Zero Up is a legit program that uses a legal business model called dropshipping.

It comes with thorough training that will help you understand the nature of dropshipping and how it works.

Fred Lam is a master of traffic generation and he has fairly shared all the techniques he has used to become successful in this eCommerce.

However, if you’re a beginner, there may be technical terms you’re not familiar with.

Therefore, you’ll need to spend extra time learning about it on your own.

Nonetheless, Fred has made it somehow easier for newbies and advanced marketers to understand.

  • You Can Choose Your Own Niche

Fred Lam’s program isn’t limited to one niche; in fact, you can choose any product that interests you.

You can even use the training for almost any types of business online.

  • No Need For Inventory

Like affiliate marketing, you can earn a commission by selling products without even purchasing them.

There’s no need to worry about inventory and logistics, and you can earn a good amount of cash as long as you’ve mastered the techniques of dropshipping.


  • Beginners Might Get Confused

Dropshipping is more than just creating a website and selling products; it’s also about dealing with manufacturers and customer complaints, creating traffic, and setting up paid ads.

If you’re a newbie, these things can be pretty overwhelming especially when you have an issue with manufacturers, may it be local or foreign.

Therefore, if you enroll yourself in this course, don’t expect that things will get easy no matter how good the training is.

You’ll still need a lot of time learning about the program and the business itself.

Therefore, lead generation for local businesses is much better.

You only need to learn a single skill, and when you’ve done that, you won’t have to deal with vendors or customers.

Only with business-hungry businesses willing to pay you A LOT of money for your skill’s worth:

Drive traffic to your sites 24/7 without the need to be actively working.

  • Very Expensive

Not everyone has the privilege to spend more than a thousand dollars for a training platform and even if you’re an advanced marketer, this is a huge cost.

On top of this, you’ll be paying for ads to generate traffic to your website.

While Zero Up offers valuable training you can use on almost all online business models, you can still find informative training videos and materials online which are offered for free.


Is Zero Up A Scam?

And now you might be wondering, is there Zero up Scam that Fred Lam is not disclosing?


Zero Up is not a scam, to begin with, and unlike other low-quality products, it doesn’t have many bold claims on their website.

It’s founder, Fred Lam, is a real person who has revealed his true identity and he has successfully made a name in the world of advertising.

When it comes to the efficiency of his training, Fred has done a good job in providing a comprehensive course that will help you set up, develop, and maintain a successful eCommerce business.

However, while the program comes with its own set of strengths, it has some weaknesses, too.

For one, it’s a high-ticket course that can be too expensive especially if you’re just a beginner.

There are a lot of training courses online intended for dropshipping which you can get for free.

And if you’re looking for a valuable program that can help you earn online without breaking your pocket, you can check out my top recommended program.


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Being a marketer myself, I find Fred Lam as one of the most inspiring advertisers who has worked his way up using legit methods online.

Also, I like how he created his sales page; unlike other programs I have reviewed which are created by well-known marketers, too, it hasn’t used fake scarcity, fake testimonials, or any bold claims.

There are two things I don’t like about it.

First, the price of Zero Up.

It’s very expensive knowing that you can get free training materials online.

It may not be as valuable as this program but still, it can give you enough information about dropshipping and how to make it work.

But then, I believe that you’re not just paying for the course itself but also, for the experience and proven methods shared by Fred Lam.

And second, that it’s all about dropshipping.

As I mentioned above, there are better online business models to try if what you want to do is earn huge amounts of money while living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The best one is local lead generation.


Well, what do you want me to say about it if it’s the one that makes me live a laptop lifestyle while the zeros grow in my bank account?

It just takes an afternoon to set up an online billboard for a business.

And then?

Then you can do whatever you want, even not working. You’re gonna still get the money you deserve!

Isn’t this what financial FREEDOM really means?

If this is what you’re looking for, take action today!

Just click here and go for the life of your dreams.

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