Zrii MLM Review: Pyramid Scheme or Real Opportunity?

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Last updated Jun 22, 2022

Have you ever wondered if Zrii is a scam or legit? Is it a good multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity or a pyramid scheme? Throughout this review, you’ll see the truth about Zrii MLM and learn what you need to know before joining.


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What is Zrii MLM?

Zrii is a network marketing company that sells juices, vitamins, and anti-aging products. It was founded by Bill Farley and got their start as an MLM company in 2007. Zrii gets its name from the Sanskrit word for ‘life force energy’.

Since their founding they have expanded into other areas of wellness including skincare, weight management, sleep, and women’s health products.

Who is Bill Farley?

who is bill Farley?

Bill Farley had been working with his father to develop health products since 1996. After trying out different things they decided that nutraceuticals were the best fit for them. It took them nearly 5 years to get the first version of their antioxidant drink ready for market.

They finally came up with something they thought was worth selling in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2007 that they actually sold anything under the Zrii brand name.

The Zrii MLM Product Line

Zrii’s products include skincare, supplements and wellness items

Zrii’s skincare products are composed of natural botanicals and essential oils. The botanicals come from the fruit of the plant Emblica Officinalis (Amalaki), grown in India.

Amalaki fruit’s antioxidant properties are said to allow it to protect against free radicals and enhance cellular function. The extracts from this fruit contain vitamin C and E, which work together to protect against UV rays and pollution damage.

The product range includes face creams, eye creams, oils, day and night moisturizers, toners, exfoliators, serums and body lotions.

On another note, Zrii’s wellness products are composed of herbs known to improve health and well-being through their metabolic properties. This product range includes weight loss supplements, detox blends, immune supportive blends, antioxidant blends and flexibility blends.

Are Zrii products FDA approved?

Now, this is a really important question. And the answer is no. Zrii MLM’s products are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, nor will they ever be.

The reason the FDA doesn’t approve natural health products is that they are produced using natural ingredients, and cannot be proven to be safe or effective through scientific studies.


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How can you make money with Zrii MLM?

make money zrii

One of the best ways to make money with a multilevel marketing business is by selling the company’s products.

Zrii has a wide range of products available I’ve mentioned above, and they’re affordable. In order to get your retail sales commissions, you’ll need to sell a minimum of $100 monthly.

In addition to this, you can also earn a pass up commission by recruiting other members. The more people you recruit and the more people those recruits recruit, the more money you can make.

You can also recruit others for your team and earn bonuses based on their sales and recruiting efforts. If they achieve certain goals, you can receive even higher bonuses.

Zrii Compensation Plan Overview

The Zrii’s compensation plan has 3 different levels of earning: Immediate, Residual and Leadership.

Immediate Income Level

The first category of Zrii compensation plan is the Immediate Income level. This is where you start when you join Zrii. There is a total of 6 levels within this level, which are as follows:

· Fast Start Commission
· Double Fast Start Commission
· Star Commission
· Star Maker Commission
· Tablet Commission
· Four Weeks to 4-star Commision

Residual Income Level

Zrii’s residual income level comes with 5 ways to earn:

– Team commissions (15%-25%)
– Matching bonuses (7%-10%)
– Customer bonus (7%-10%)
– Customer performance bonus (5%-10%)
– Loyalty rewards (2%-5%)

All of these income streams are residual in nature, meaning the more people you bring into the business or get to upgrade their current position, the more you stand to make.

Leadership Income Level

Leadership Income Level

In the leadership income level, there are five additional ways to earn money.

-LifeStyle Bonus
-The Leadership Academy Bonus
-The Achievement Bonus
-The RSA Elite Club
-The Global Leadership Pool

The Leadership Academy Bonus is the top performance bonus of the Zrii’s compensation plan.

This bonus is intended to reward you for achieving success within the compensation plan, and consists of two components: one paid on Business Volume (BV) generated by sponsoring new distributors into the company, and another paid on Personal Volume (PV) generated by personally selling products to retail customers.

Pros of the Zrii MLM

There are some positive things about the Zrii MLM company, such as:

Well-established company

Zrii’s business opportunity has been around since 2007. It’s a well established company that has quickly grown to be one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in the world. With over 30 countries and millions of people, Zrii is a household name globally.

Zrii’s product line is actually pretty good.

The products are decent quality, healthy, and they even have a great weight loss program. You can make good money selling this stuff.

Cons of the Zrii MLM

Here’s what I don’t like about this company:

Complex compensation plan

The reason for this is because the compensation structure of the Zrii MLM opportunity is based on a matrix. The more people you refer and that join under you (and your team), the more levels you will move up and make money.

Cons Of Higher Path Ventures

Zrii pays out more than 5 levels in their compensation plan. This is a HUGE red flag and means that over 50% of all participants in the company will make no money at all, and lose what they spend to join upfront.

It’s all about recruitment

Too much emphasis on recruitment is another red flag. If you can make more money recruiting people than by selling products, the company has set things up so that you make more money by recruiting others than by selling products to people outside the network.

That shouldn’t happen in a legitimate MLM business.

If most of your income comes from bonuses and overrides instead of commissions on products sold, there’s a problem.

You shouldn’t be able to make most of your income from bonuses and overrides unless you’re at or near the top of a pyramid scheme with millions of members and billions in sales revenue.

Legal controversies

While the Zrii MLM business opportunity is well-known, the Zrii company has been involved in a series of high-profile lawsuits that could indicate problems with the company’s business practices.

For example, one case was filed by Suja Life LLC, which accused Zrii of copying its compensation plan. In 2012, the companies agreed to settle the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.

Is Zrii a pyramid scheme or not?

A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that relies on recruiting an ever-increasing number of people into the program.

The hallmark of these schemes is that no real value is created for the users of the product or service, but those at the top of the pyramid reap most of the benefits.

In my opinion the Zrii MLM company doesn’t fit this description as they do have a product line associated with their business, as such they cannot be defined as a pyramid scheme.

However, if you’re looking to join them, check their compensation plan twice!

Is Zrii a scam?

Zrii is a legit company with a long track record, and its products are fairly popular. However, it can be challenging to succeed in this business opportunity due its compensation plan that favors those who build their teams quickly.

If you’re not cut out for the work required of this kind of venture, you’ll be better off investing your time and energy elsewhere.

Zrii MLM Review: Final Thoughts

Zrii’s business opportunity is legit, but its recruitment strategy is suspicious. The company has an inflexible compensation plan that makes it difficult to earn meaningful income.

What are your thoughts on Zrii?

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