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Last updated Jan 4, 2022

Most people have a hard time sticking to a diet and getting through a workout regime. This is why they turn to different health supplements that claim to offer everything from added energy to weight loss.

What they are really doing is turning to MLM companies like Zurvita for health supplements. So, in theory, there’s a lot of money to be made there.

However, is the company really legit? Can you make money with them? In this review, you’ll find out everything about this Zurvita MLM by taking a deeper look into their products, compensation plan, and important factors you should consider before joining.

Zurvita MLM: An Overview

Zurvita is a network marketing company, which means they partially rely on the work of its distributors. They offer health supplements to help improve the quality of life and vitality of customers. Zurvita has been active in the market since 2008, was founded by Mark Jarvis and Tracy Jarvis, and it is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

The company’s website features an online store where customers can buy nutritional products such as vitamins, minerals, and dried fruits. Customers can also consult professionals who specialize in nutrition and fitness for guidance on how to take nutritional supplements to achieve their desired results.


Zurvita Product Line

Zurvita’s core business is comprised of six segments:

  • Health and Wellness,
  • Healthy Foods,
  • Coffee,
  • Water Products,
  • Energy Drinks, and
  • LifeStyle Plus includes gift cards and superfoods.

Zurvita claims to be the leader in “nutrient & vitamin-enhanced” healthy snacks. Their healthy snacks are known for their nutritional value, freshness, and ability to maximize overall health.

Their products are selected based on their expert knowledge of health. Besides vitamins, Zurvita’s products also carry protein formulas to promote muscle growth, weight loss supplements, and other health products. In fact, they have a line designed specifically for bodybuilders and people who are into exercise and fitness.


The company also offers its consultant’s protection plans against failing businesses or expired policies which can be found under their LifeStyle Plus segment.

How to become a Zurvita distributor

To become a distributor, you must enroll with a current distributor or preferred customer. Becoming a distributor costs $35, and it comes with a “Welcome Kit” that includes everything you need to get going, such as samples, promotional materials, and contact information for your sponsor.

Zurvita MLM: Compensation Plan

So, this is how you can make money with the Zurvita MLM:

There are two sections on the Zurvita International MLM compensation plan; the Retail Profit Sharing plan and the Leadership Bonus pool. Each ingredient purchased will make you eligible for an incentive on Zurvita products (RPS).

You get a 20% commission on product sales and the company will pay you to recruit members. They’ll even kick in extra cash for promotional rings and other perks.

Each new member will recruit other people who are interested in earning residual income by helping to sell the company’s products.

Each time a member sells one of their products, they earn a commission that is typically anywhere from 30% – 50% of the product cost. And each person who is recruited by your affiliate receives a percentage of their sales profits entering them into the same cycle of residual income.


Can you make money with the Zurvita MLM?

Well, I think that’s definitely possible. There are actually seven ways that you can get paid in Zurvita.

As I mentioned above, you can get a 20% commission when you sell directly to your own customers. If you build a team of builders, each of them can earn $50-$100 per starter pack sold. If you enroll 5 new customers within the first 30 days and earn $250. If you achieve 3,000 TVB (overall) in the first 30 days with your soldiers, you will qualify for an additional $800 bonus.

Zurvita MLM Pricing Details

It costs $35 to become a consultant. But then you will get a kit encouraging you to buy a starter pack. There are four packs available ranging in price from $100-$600.

Also, in order to keep working as a distributor for them and receive all the bonuses, you must sell $70 PBV per month -$100 worth of Zurvanita’s products per month. If you do not have enough customers buying your product, you will need to purchase your own.

Good things about the Zurvita MLM

I love the company for several reasons:

1. The compensation plan is simple and easy to understand.
2. Zurvita is a legitimate business opportunity and they pay their members.
3. The products are good and the prices are ok. I’ve been using some of their products for more than a year now and I had never had any issues with them so far.
4. It’s a home-based business so you can work anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Bad things about the Zurvita MLM

If you think that you can make a lot of money with Zurvita, you are wrong. I am not saying that they don’t pay well but if you want to make more than $300 per month, it’s better to look for another business opportunity where you can make much more cash.

Is Zurvita a scam?

Zurvita is definitely NOT a scam, but it is not an easy business to get into. If you are looking for something that you can get started with little effort, this is NOT the opportunity for you. To make money with Zurvita, you must be willing to consistently work hard and give yourself over to the company.

The main problem is that the compensation plan is not great for new distributors. It does pay very well if you are able to build up a large downline, but getting there is very time-consuming and difficult if you don’t already know how to network or market yourself effectively.

Should you join the Zurvita MLM?

I know you may find a lot of negative things about Zurvita online, but it’s up to you to believe them or not. I’ve done my research and laid out everything I’ve found about this MLM so you make a more informed decision; however, the best way to see if Zurvita is for you is to try it out yourself and experience it firsthand!

I know that getting into Zurvita can be a little scary especially when there are so many people out there who are quick to tell others how bad this company is, but please do your own research and don’t just take what you hear at face value! Avoid jumping to conclusions and forming opinions before getting all the facts.

Zurvita is a real way to make money online, but the only way to make this happen for you is if you take action today.

Let me know how it goes!

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