by | Jun 18, 2020

My Journey to Becoming Self Sufficient With Internet Marketing

Welcome, I’m Roy Goldstein.


See that picture above? 

That’s me next to a drawing I made on the ground by myself for an art competition in 2.5 days

…I slept less than 6 hours that weekend. 

You might be wondering, “ok.. and?”

Let me explain.

I joined an art competition that happens one weekend out of the year in my hometown.

Over 100 professional artists did the same.

The prize up for grabs?

$700 dollars

That’s right… for 42 hours of pain, blood, sweat, and tears… anyone could win $700!

Would you take the challenge? I was beyond determined to win so I spent almost 42 hours drawing nearly non-stop…

Finally when the winner was being chosen on that sunny Sunday afternoon…

I stood tall with every bone and muscle in my body aching, only to find out…

… I didn’t win a prize.

Not the $700 prize… not even the 3 separate $300 awards…


My friends and family were proud, but I was disappointed I didn’t win that money.

It wasn’t about winning…

There was a bigger problem…

I was broke in that picture. 

I spent 12 years of my life getting as good as possible at drawing and realized it was extremely difficult to make a living being an artist.

I had a few hundred dollars in my bank account..

 living with my parents..

 hated school.. 

..and confused about what I wanted to do with my life. 

I went from being completely lost making $0 online…

…to earning a living, supporting myself and living by myself on my own terms in a city I always dreamed of (Miami, Florida) 

I even have a really comfortable computer setup at home with a great view so I can work from home (with a great view)

And best of all, I still get to do what I love during my free time!

Which is usually drawing.

Here’s a painting I recently finished

And a drawing I made for my mom on her birthday! (she loved it)

Ok last one…. I even had time to compete in a local coffee shop art competition recently  and won free coffee for a year! (this is the cup that I made on a tuesday afternoon)

Look, I’m not crazy rich…


But, at 24 years old, I’m doing pretty well for myself and I know there aremillions of people who wish they could be in the position I’m in.

My bills are paid, my savings go up every month, and I get to spend time working on what I love. 

I’m not here to tell you that I make six figures a month while sipping pina coladas on a beach with my laptop… 

Or that you can go get my “free training” if you want to be like me...


I’m here to tell you the truth.

I failed to make money online before now, and I’m sure you have before too if you’re reading this.

But I had an epiphany one day...

That epiphany allowed me to build new professional relationships with people who WERE making 6-figures per month!

200k…..300k…..900k every single month like clockwork! (per month, a month, probably change up the wording here)

It took me months to gain traction trying to find a business I could build online

I watched YouTube videos, read blog posts, purchased courses… I did EVERYTHING.


And back in 2014 when I was in high school, I used to scour forums for ways to make money online.

Hundreds and hundreds of different threads about “how to make money online”

I tried plenty of different methods of making money online and I failed at nearly all of them

I realized after all of these failures that any form of internet marketing has one MAJOR thing in common…

They were all old ways of internet marketing (things move extremely fast in the world of I.M.)


Here’s what the old ways of making money online look like

  • Create some product/service from nothing
  • Spend months or years of time on research
  • File tons of forms with the government
  • Taking out loans or burning through your savings to setup a physical product business or storefront
  • Launch your business and pray everything goes well so you can earn back the thousands and thousands of dollars you invested.


Sounds terrible right?


Probably why you haven’t gone down that route yet. It’s WAY too complicated.  Not to mention it can take literally DECADES to make a substantial profit…


But here’s what’s working RIGHT NOW. it’s called “lead flipping” 


  • Work from your computer exclusively (no physical products)
  • Click a few buttons and create tiny little “online billboards” for an already existing business
  • Someone clicks on your “online billboard” ad and calls the already existing business.
  • The business sends you a payment every month for making their phones ring.
  • Rinse and repeat

How Did I Find Out About This?


You know how sometimes you’ll hear something and it doesn’t really make any sense at first, but then after some time has passed it finally starts to click?




I found about lead flipping over a year ago, but was too blind to see its potential.


My business partner however, has been doing this for YEARS and makes millions of dollars.


So… that begs the question


“Roy, if your business partner makes millions doing this, why aren’t you making millions?”


Great question. 


The truth is i’m just getting started with this journey and I want to share my progress with you every step of the way.


I went from $0 to around 50k/year just a few months ago and I’m only going up.. Exponentially.


Look, if you don’t believe me, just go check it out and see for yourself.