AdEspresso Review 2020 – Everything You Need To Know

by | Jan 7, 2021

AdEspresso Review 2020 – Everything You Need To Know


When you’re running Facebook ads, you have three options. 

The first option is to make them natively, using the options Facebook gives you.

You can boost posts, you can make ads, you can dig for settings you use, and all that. 

It’s messy, it’s inefficient, and there are better ways. 

The second way is to use Facebook’s Power Editor, which provides a few new options and rearranges existing options to be better displayed and easier to use. 

It’s the general Best Option if you’re not willing to spend money on managing your ads, but it is not without drawbacks. 

For one thing, it only works in Chrome, so if you’re not using Chrome you’re out of luck.

The third option is to use a third party system, and that’s where AdEspresso comes in. 

AdEspresso is a tool designed for small and mid-sized businesses, with an eye towards managing Facebook ad campaigns in an easy and intuitive way. 

Even large businesses can use it, of course, but most of them just outsource to an agency.

AdEspresso co-opts the place of Power Editor or the native ads manager. 

Everything relating to your ads, from design to testing to analysis, is all done inside the app.

You’ll get to know it very well if you choose to adopt it which, after this post, I suspect you probably will. 

However, I’d like you to keep in mind that working with Facebook Ads means you won’t get 100% of your profits. 

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I’ll tell you more about it later on, but first, let’s dive into this review!

Features of AdEspresso

AdEspresso essentially has four main features. 

These are ad creation, split testing, analysis, and optimization. 

Let’s talk about the first three:

Ad creation 

This is great. 

It has all of the features you would get out of the Power Editor and then some. 

It especially shines when you look into audience targeting. 

One of the coolest features of AdEspresso is the ability to target intersections between two audiences, which is difficult or impossible to do natively within Facebook. 

You don’t have those options available to you though the normal ad manager, and you need to finagle some workarounds if you want to mimic it through Power Editor.


This is where a lot of the benefits of AdEspresso really come into play. 

You can quickly, easily, and effortlessly create variations on any ad, in bulk or one at a time. 

What was a tedious process with Power Editor becomes the work of a few minutes in AdEspresso. 

They even allow you to create buyer personas and keep them on file, so you can segment your ads by persona before you segment them by other splits for testing.

When I say it’s easy to create variations, I really mean it. 

It’s a matter of a literal three clicks to create hundreds of variations, which you can vary manually or use their smart robot to design. 


The analysis side is ridiculously robust. 

I mean, AdEspresso keeps so much data they can publish posts like this just based on their examples gallery.

 It’s crazy how much data you can harvest, how easily you can compare it, and how well it blows Insights out of the water.

For one thing, it’s amazingly visual. 

They don’t try to limit themselves to the bland blue and gray color scheme Facebook uses with Insights, and honestly, that alone is almost enough to get me to buy the app. 

Too many brands sacrifice usability for branded style, while AdEspresso is here proving you can have both.

If you’ve used Google Analytics custom dashboards and reports, you’ll have some idea of some of the things you can do with AdEspresso analytics. 

For one thing, they make it easy to compare the performance of entire campaigns, as opposed to the performance of just ads within a campaign or performance you need to export to compare. 

They can also break down performance on an hourly basis throughout the week, which of course is very helpful when you want to get into dayparting.

In case that wasn’t enough, you also have the ability to add tags to your ads or campaigns so you can see aggregated statistics for tags as a whole. 

Maybe you have five different Christmas-themed campaigns running with different targeting and different options; that’s cool, tag them all as Christmas and you can see their performance overall. It’s incredibly useful.

How much does it cost?

There are three tiers of pricing, and no, there’s no limited free version. 


You have the ability to claim a 14-day free trial, but that’s the limit of the free usage of the app.

For the most part, the only difference between the plans is the ad spend it allows you to process.

 If you’re a large business with a huge amount of ad spend, you won’t be able to use the cheap plans.

The Starter  plan costs $49 per month and allows up to $1,000 monthly in ad spend.

The Plus plan costs $99 per month and ups the spend limit to… unlimited!

The Enterprise plan costs $259 per month, also with an unlimited ad spend. 

All plans also come with the Facebook pixel integration, personalized optimization suggestions, data imports and exports, advanced options, Google Analytics integration, templates, and notifications.

Of these, the Starter plan is generally ideal unless you have a very low ad spend and don’t need a team to help manage your ads.

Of course, which plan you go for will depend entirely on your ad spend, so it’s not up to the features list to decide for you.


The Down Side

So what possible downsides are there to using AdEspresso? 

Frankly, there isn’t much. 

I’ve already mentioned how easy it is to go out of control with different split tests, so that’s something to watch out for.

It’s far too easy to just go off the rails and end up with too many tests. 

Keep in mind the general advice that you avoid testing more than one variable at once.

The way AdEspresso handles variable matrices is helpful, but you can still take things out of hand if you try to test too much.

The other problem is that, as a beginner’s tool, it’s overkill.

Paying $49 per month for a tool when you might not even be making that much profit out of Facebook ads is difficult. 

If your weekly spending with Facebook ads is under $100, you might not need such an advanced tool.

 You really need the budget to support so much testing.

The analytics are great, but it’s a lot to take in all at once.

 If you’re not familiar with how different detailed analytics suites work, you might be overwhelmed or not know quite what data you want to follow. 

Thankfully, AdEspresso itself has a pretty robust knowledge engine that offers personalized suggestions to further optimize your spending.

The biggest gripe I have with it, though, is that it only works with Facebook ads.

I would love it if AdEspresso made a version that worked with AdSense or some third party ad providers. 

What do you think of AdEspresso? Let us know in the comments below!

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