Amazing Selling Machine Review 2020: Is it Worth Your Money?

By Roy Goldstein

November 26, 2020

Amazing Selling Machine Review 2020: Is it Worth Your Money?




 How long have you been dreaming of creating your own boutique?

A lot, right?

But times have been changing, and today open a physical store, buy inventory, maintain local expenses, employees, taxes …


I’m not gonna keep telling you about it, you can imagine that hell, right?

For this reason, selling on the internet has become the answer for many.

And ensuring that they can teach you the best way to do it, there’s the Amazon Selling Machine.

If you’ve heard about them but aren’t sure if it’s worth it or not …

You have come to the right place.

Since I decided to quit my disgusting 9 to 5 job (many years ago), I’ve tried countless ways to earn money online.

For a while, I thought that starting my own online store might be the best idea.

But I was wrong.

What really worked for me (the zeros in my bank account can confirm this) was lead generation, my first way-to-go business.

It’s the best online business model if you want to achieve financial freedom.

But if you’re still not sure, don’t worry.

Keep reading and you’ll come to your own conclusions.

Let’s start!


What is Amazing Selling Machine?



It is a teaching platform to create Internet businesses from the approach of marketing through “Amazon Fulfillment” of “white label” products manufactured in China or another country in Asia.

It’s a very interesting model that allows you to catch up with any renowned brand. 


Who is it for?


Anyone who wants to start a business seriously. 

This is not a platform for those who want to waste their time, because they are physical products. 

In other words, there are inventories that you must move, and investments that you must recover. 

Obviously, if you plan to start a business seriously, one of the important points that you should consider is start-up capital.

Because the initial order of the merchandise that you want to put on sale you must pay in advance and later apply all the strategies that are taught so that you can sell it quickly. 

If you don’t have approximately $1,000 to invest, it isn’t a viable option for you.

But, hey!

I know a better and cheaper way to get to that dreamed financial freedom of yours. 

I’m talking about lead generation

Investing what you’d do in a taco (yeah, around $10), you can start getting the necessary skill to get to a 7-figure monthly salary – just like me!

What are you waiting for?


Training and tools


The training is extremely detailed. 

They take you from understanding concepts to their application with each of the strategies they show you. 

It’s actually a cooking recipe that doesn’t fail, as long as you follow it to the letter.



Obviously the time it will take you to obtain the promised great results.

 It largely depends on the product you have selected to market.



As there is a community of users, you have a lot of support and support both from them and from the administrators and owners. 

They are ready to support you with any specific situation you may have. 

Its objective is to teach you how to earn a lot of money, and if possible.



They recently did pricing restructure, which is not so good for new users. 

You can either do one payment of $4,997 or split it into 6 payments of $997 each…

Yeah, that means that if you go for the second option you’ll end up paying an extra $985.

So, it doesn’t really matter how you look at it:

If you don’t have enough capital, this program isn’t for you. 




Therefore the price of the platform is now quite reasonable considering the profit potential that you can access.

 In reality, the highest price won’t be paid with the membership but with the inventory purchases that you must supply. 

Because it is important to keep in mind that before stocking inventory you must request product samples to see if it is indeed what you are looking for, and all this takes time and money. 

Once you authorize the product, then you’ll make the first inventory purchase that can range from $800 to $1,200 depending on the price of the product and the conditions of the minimum purchase of your supplier. 

Therefore, if you don’t have money to invest, it isn’t the ideal model for you.



  • The training covers absolutely all the necessary aspects so that you can start your business through the Internet.
  • Its platform is divided into modules, you cannot access a next module if you have not finished a previous one and have not shown proof of having done so. In this way they force you to comply with each step and only then do you guarantee that neither side is wasting time.
  • They teach you to take advantage of and integrate different platforms on the Internet, to obtain the best results.
  • No matter your country of origin, they show you all the necessary process so that even if you do not live in the US, you can use the platform without problems.
  • You rely on the Amazon Fulfillment plan and in this way all logistics are paid by Amazon
  • It has a very robust teaching platform that is constantly growing
  • They offer interactive seminars frequently
  • They show you the latest strategies to take advantage of Amazon’s new plans
  • If you run your training well, you can displace big brands already known in sales.
  • This platform has been recommended by Richard Branson (Virgin), Robert Kiyosaki, and other business gurus.
  • If you can create a brand strong enough, you can sell it for millions of dollars.
  • It has a network of users, entrepreneurs who support each other.
  • You have the option to try the platform for free for 30 days with access to all its content, although you must give your bank details before you can test it. After 30 days, if you do not cancel your membership, you will be charged $ 9.00 USD per month.



  • By focusing on physical products, it requires extra investment beyond membership
  • If you do not live in the US, you will need to take more steps to use the platform, but you can always use it, regardless of your country of origin or residence.
  • The execution time in many cases is out of your hands, since you depend on the times of the provider you have chosen for your product.
  • Being a business of physical products, you first need to make sure that the product you have chosen meets what you are looking for, and if it does not comply, you will have to start over by selecting another product and / or supplier.
  • Depending on the conditions of your provider, your initial order may involve a minimum investment of $ 800.00 USD or more.
  • It does not have an affiliate program, in case you are interested in receiving commissions


Final Thoughts

It’s a formidable plan as long as you have the capital to place your first inventory order from your supplier in the Asian country you’ve chosen. 

They take you by the hand step by step, it does not matter if you don’t  have previous business experience, they will show you what you need to know to obtain good results.

I give it a rating of 8.5 out of 10

The reason I don’t give you the full 10 is simply because of the nature of the business model. 

Being physical products implies much more logistical control than when it comes to digital products. 

If you have no problem dealing with suppliers from other countries, and solve any type of problem that involves handling physical products (including customer complaints for possible failures in some units, etc.) then this platform is for you and you can safely consider it as a 10.

But if you want to avoid headaches and problems …

Then you have to look for something better.

And the answer is in lead generation.

Like me, you can create a couple of online billboards for customer-hungry businesses, and drive traffic to them 24/7 even without actively working.

They will pay you double what you charge at your 9 to 5 job!

And, believe me, that freedom you dream of you can have in less than a year.

Do you want to prove it?

Click here now! 





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